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NID Bangalore Fee Structure 2024

Author : Akash Kumar Singh

Updated On : July 14, 2023


Summary: Choosing the right educational institute is a significant milestone towards a successful design profession. With its rich heritage and commitment to quality, NID Bengaluru provides a perfect platform for budding design professionals. NID Bengaluru's fees and curriculum are frequently wondered by design enthusiasts. In this article we will present you with the most up-to-date information about NID Bengaluru fees, including  

  • tuition fees 
  • hostel fees 
  • other applicable charges, etc. 

Making informed decisions, particularly when it comes to choosing the best educational institution for your career, is the first step towards creating a future. NID Bengaluru is one such renowned design institute. The National Institute of Design Bengaluru is one of India's finest design institutes that provides a range of postgraduate design degree

In order to comprehend NID Bangalore fees, every aspect must be considered properly. The fee structure consists of tuition fees and additional expenses, which vary depending on the student's nationality. However, NID Bangalore offers scholarships and financial aid for eligible students, limiting the financial burden of education. 

NID Bangalore Course Fees 

The fee structure of NID Bangalore varies depending on a number of parameters. These include the course chosen, the duration of the programme, and the facilities provided. The fees cover various aspects, such as tuition fees, library charges, workshop fees, and other academic expenses. 

Master of design (M.Des): This is a two-and-a-half-year postgraduate study that focuses on developing advanced design skills and research capabilities. Tuition for the M.Des. programme is INR 11 lakhs (approximate total for two and a half years).   

NID Bangalore provides a diverse range of postgraduate design courses, including: 

  • Design for Retail Experience 
  • Digital Game Design 
  • Information Design 
  • Interaction Design  
  • Universal Design.   

Candidates considering pursuing an educational programme at NID Bangalore must understand the fee structure in order to organise their finances wisely. 

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The table below lists the various programmes provided by NID Bangalore, as well as their fees: 



Fees (INR)    

Master of Design (M.Des.)   

2.5 Years (30 months)   

11 Lakhs (approx.)  

NOTE: In addition to the tuition fee, students at the NID Bangalore campus are also required to pay a security deposit of INR 10,000. This deposit is refundable at the end of the program, provided that the student has not caused any damage to the hostel or mess. 

 Fee Structure of NID Bangalore Hostel 

  • The NID Bangalore Hostel facility is available to students who want accommodation during the course of their studies. The hostel fee structure is separate from the college fee structure and covers the cost of accommodation as well as additional amenities. 
  • The NID Bangalore hostel fee covers charges for accommodation, meals, energy, water supplies, medical treatment, and so on. It is important to understand the components of the hostel price as well as any other charges that may apply, such as mess fees or security deposits. 
  • The hostel fee usually has to be paid on a semester or annual basis, and students should become familiar with the payment schedule. 


Amount (per semester)   

NID Bangalore Hostel Fee Structure 

INR 17,500 (approx.)  

NOTE: Interested applicants are advised to note that hostel fees are subject to change, and it is recommended to check out the official NID Bangalore website for the latest fee structure. 

Additional Fees at NID Bangalore 

NID Bangalore offers additional expenses that students must consider in addition to college and accommodation fees. These fees have significance for providing necessary resources and maintaining educational excellence. The additional expenses at NID Bangalore include the following: 

  • Admission Fees: Upon admission to NID Bangalore, students must pay an admission fee along with the NID DAT exam form. The exact fee is subject to fluctuation and will be specified in the admittance letter. 
  • Library Fees: The NID Bangalore library is a great resource for students, with a large variety of publications, books, and digital resources. The library fees are included in the overall tuition structure and provide students with access to an extensive amount of design-related knowledge. 
  • Material Fees: Design education frequently requires the use of specialised materials and tools. NID Bangalore charges a material fee to support the expenses of providing students with art supplies, equipment, and workshop access. 
  • Studio Fees: The institute maintains well-equipped design studios where students can work on their projects and experiments. The studio fees covers the operation and maintenance of these facilities, ensuring that students have a favourable setting for their creative endeavours.   
  • Examination Fees: NID Bangalore conducts periodical examinations to examine its students' growth and competencies. Exam fees are collected to cover the administrative and assessment processes involved in administering these exams. 

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Scholarships and Financial Aid at NID Bangalore  

NID Bengaluru provides a number of scholarships and financial help to students who require assistance in paying for their studies. Scholarships are available based on academic achievement, financial need, and other considerations. Financial aid options include loans, grants, and work-study programmes. 

Students must submit an application to NID Bengaluru to be considered for scholarships and financial assistance. The deadline for applications is usually around December. Candidates are advised to visit the NID website for further information. 


Remember that following your dreams and enhancing your creative abilities is an investment in your future. Take the time to thoroughly explore and comprehend NID Bengaluru's expenses, scholarships, and courses. Take the time to thoroughly explore and comprehend the costs, scholarships, and courses provided by NID Bengaluru. With sufficient understanding and commitment, students can begin a rewarding design education at one of India's best design colleges

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