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Unlock the Secret Tips to Prepare for Rajasthan Judiciary Exam in One Month

Author : Tanya Kaushal

Updated On : December 14, 2022


The last month is crucial for all the aspirants preparing for the Rajasthan Civil Judge Exam. In the last month of your preparation, you should be brilliant while revising the topics, as the RJS exam has a mix of analytical and theoretical questions.

I hope most of you have already started your revision for the prelims exam. If not, don't panic!

This post shall guide you through how to prepare for RJS Exam in one month, essential topics to focus on, and more.

Prepare for RJS Exam in One Month 2023 - Complete Preparation Strategy 

As well know, the difficulty level of each question varies in the Rajasthan Judicial Services Examination.

Therefore, solving as many questions as possible from the previous year's question papers for the RJS exam is a crucial part of your preparation to enhance your speed and time management skills.

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Suppose you are preparing for 10 hours a day; make sure to allocate at least 2-3 hours for solving the previous questions papers.

Also, avoid learning new topics that might confuse you at the last moment.

How to Divide Your Time to Prepare for RJS Exam in One Month?

The Rajasthan Judiciary  Prelims Exam was scheduled for 30 November 2021. As there are only 30 days left for the exam, most of you might be worried about how to cover all the topics in such a short period.

Well, no need to worry! Check out the table below that will help you understand better what topics should be covered on which day and what must focus issues for the RJS exam:

Subject No. of Days
Indian Penal Code Five days
Constitution of India Five days
Code of Criminal Procedure Five days
Code of Civil Procedure Five days
Indian Evidence Act (IEA) Five days
Indian Contract Act Two days
Transfer of Property Act Two days
Specific Relief Act Two days
Unorthodox Laws (Family Law, Trots Law, Jurisprudence, Public International Law) 1-3 days
General Knowledge Daily
Judgement Writing Daily

Prepare for RJS Exam in One Month - Prelims

It would help if you focused more on topics like the Indian Contract Act, The Code of Criminal Procedure, The Limitation Act, The Rajasthan Rent Control Act, etc., during your last month's preparation.

Most of the questions are asked from these topics in the preliminary examination. 

  • Note down questions on bare acts from the previous year's papers, and make sure to practice those questions as part of your preparation.
  • You can also keep daily targets and try to complete the planned tasks on time.
  • Don't spend too much time on one topic. Try to revise the essential points you have studied earlier from each case.
  • Take at least one Rajasthan Judiciary Mock Test regularly to test your preparation levels and improve in weak areas.

Prepare for RJS Exam in One Month - Mains

The mains exam is given the most weightage in the selection procedure for the Rajasthan Judiciary Exam.

Therefore, following a few preparation tips for the RJS mains exam will help you crack the exam with a high score.

  • For the main examination, you must thoroughly understand different laws, especially local ones.
  • Regularly follow current affairs, historical events, constitution, amendments, polity, and dates.
  • Also, make a habit of revising at least 15 sections from each bare act daily.
  • Develop the habit of writing answers for at least 2 to 3 questions daily from the previous year's papers regularly.
  • The time-bound practice of Answer Writing for the RJS Mains Exam can immensely help your writing speed.
  • Try to prepare model essays on probable topics and practice writing 2-3 essays per week.

Rajasthan judiciary mock test

Rajasthan judiciary mock test

Prepare for Rajasthan Judiciary in One Month - Interview

Personal Interviews offer great scope for the interview board to test your general awareness about recent happenings, Legal developments and your opinion on these.

Here are a few tips to help you crack the Rajasthan Judiciary Interview in one month.

  • Prepare a list of FAQs that are commonly asked and revise them regularly.
  • Understand your strengths and weakness and try to work on them.
  • Practice summarising your knowledge on any law topic in minimum words in advance.
  • Try to give as many mock interviews as possible, as it will help improve your confidence levels.

Frequently Asked Questions

Articles and Determiners, direct & indirect speech, tenses, active voice & passive voice, antonyms, synonyms, and idioms need to be prepared under the English section of the Rajasthan Judiciary Syllabus for the prelims exam.
Focus on what you know best to avoid stress or panic during the exam. Attempt the sections you are confident about and start answering the ones you know the answers to first.
The important Bare Acts for Rajasthan judiciary Exam include Indian Penal Code, Constitution of India, Civil Procedure Code
 and Criminal procedure Code.

Following the expert tips will help you to prepare better for the Rajasthan Judiciary 2021 exam. Begin your preparation by studying from the right books, which cover all the concepts and topics according to the latest exam pattern. Ensure you know the detailed paper pattern and the latest syllabus.

Judicial Services Main Examination Essay in English And Hindi by Anand Prakash Solanki is the best book for preparing for the language paper of the Rajasthan Judiciary pre and mains exam.


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