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Updated On : February 3, 2023


As its very name suggests, the Indian Law Institute is already a well-known brand that doesn't require much of an introduction. ILI is the perfect institute for students interested in pursuing an LL.M with a research focus (ILI LLM). ILI LLM provides you with a fantastic platform for different exposures in addition to the academic benefits you will receive.

Because it is located directly across from the facility that houses the Supreme Court, the International Legal Institute (ILI) has one of the greatest sites that any law school could hope to have. Here, you will have the opportunity to get experience in the courtroom as well.

Due to the fact that there is a restricted number of seats available, you are advised to concentrate your efforts and plan your preparations in accordance with the pattern. This is because, in addition to legal topics, the entrance exam requires that you pay attention to a variety of other topics as well. The preparation may be done in conjunction with the preparations for other LLM admissions, but if one is set on getting into ILI LLM, additional efforts are required.


The preparation journey might not look all that easy for every student. While some know how to plan their day, few might struggle with small decision-making. 

This article will help you get tips for preparing for the ILI LLM admission test in 2022. You can get information about the admission test's curriculum and how to strategize your preparation.

You can check general advice for the test.

ILI LLM Exam Details 2022

This section of the English Language test is worth 20 marks and focuses on the appropriate use of words in sentences as well as fill-in-the-blank questions. In order to succeed in this section, one must work on expanding their vocabulary.

In addition to current affairs, this section covers general topics as well as events that have occurred all over the world; for help, one can consult reputable general knowledge guides and digests such as Arihant.

The Law, which includes the following topics and accounts for the remaining 100 marks:

  • Constitutional Law
  • Jurisprudence
  • The law of Contracts
  • The Specific Relief Act
  • Sale of Goods
  • Partnership Law
  • The Limitation Act
  • Law of Torts
  • Criminal Law
  • Public International Law
  • Environment Law

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Contemporary legal issues

The subjective component is worth a total of 20 marks, and the division of those marks can either be 5 marks for each of the four questions or 10 marks for each of the two questions, with a word restriction for the responses.

Subjects/Section Topics
English Grammar, Reading Comprehension, Inference-based questions, Vocabulary
General Knowledge Current Events, Science And Technology, Geography, Historical events, etc. 
Legal Aptitude Law of Torts, Law of Limitation, Environmental Law, Jurisprudence, Constitutional Law, IPC, Public International Law, Commercial Law (Contract and Specific Relief Act, Partnership and Sale of Goods Act)
Legal Aspects  Constitutional Issues, Crime and Law Enforcement, Education, Family, and Children's Rights, Legal Theories around various law subjects

Questions come from the legal component of the exam, but you can also ask them about the other topics listed above. One only has to have an accurate understanding of the rules and sufficient experience with the composition of responses.

Because there is no obvious way to divide the total number of questions asked from each topic, each topic bears the same weight and needs to be targeted in a manner that is as specific as possible.

Reading the bare act is essential for any and all topics containing bare provisions.

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Tips for the ILI LLM 2022, Including the English Language and General Knowledge Sections

  • Reading nonstop is the most effective strategy to get yourself ready for this part of the test. Make it a point to read something every day, whether it is a book, a newspaper, or a diary. Not only will it assist in improving one's command of the English language, but it will also keep one abreast of current events.
  • Keep a notebook where you record each day's most important moments or takeaways and scribble them down. An aspiring individual is able to revisit the notes and review the essential material in this manner.
  • Follow the news and always be up to date. Both fluency in the English language and the general knowledge that one possesses can benefit from this activity.
  • Participating in quizzes may be done by downloading software or going to websites online. In this approach, the preparation may be both entertaining and educational.
  • Check through the previous year's question papers and the sample papers to get a sense of the different kinds of questions that could be asked on the ILI LLM 2022 exam.

Advice on How to Get Ready for the ILI LLM 2022: Legal Aptitude

  • Create a strategy that addresses all of the significant issues that absolutely have to be addressed.
  • Continuous practice with simulated exams is the best way to improve your accuracy and speed when tackling this part. Additionally, it is useful in gaining an understanding of the significant issues that need additional focus.
  • Get your hands on some reputable books for ILI LLM 2022 and educate yourself on crucial legal concepts and ideas.
  • Make extensive use of the internet and the knowledge it contains. Continue to explore legal websites and keep practicing with online quizzes and simulations.
  • There are a significant number of legal periodicals and journals that can be found on the market. Purchase them and work your way through them. In addition, subscribe to such channels and visit educational and informational websites online to maintain your awareness of the most recent legal developments.

Advice for Getting Ready for the ILI LLM 2022 Exam: Legal Considerations 

  • Take blocks of time out of your preparation timetable and distribute them accordingly so that you may read legal principles, books, and excerpts.
  • By searching the internet, you can learn more about the fundamentals, the ideas, and the application of the law.
  • To do well in this area, you should continue to go through questions from the previous year, sample papers, and practice tests.
  • Make a note of the essential aspects and laws that need to be recalled on several occasions and should be written down.
  • By watching reputable films and reading the appropriate legal texts, you may understand the law's basics and fundamentals.

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Advice on Preparation in General

Here is some general advice for ILI LLM preparation. 

1 - Daily reading of the newspaper 

A candidate for the bar test has to be aware of everything that is going on around him since this is the first and most fundamental stage in the preparation process. This fundamental awareness is absolutely necessary for a candidate since it will be examined in two distinct subcategories: general knowledge and current events. 

Keeping this in mind, you are required to read newspapers on a daily basis. Newspapers are the best source for candidates looking to improve their general knowledge while also brushing up on current events.

2 - Read and watch the following to increase your general knowledge

Second, a candidate can purchase certain books dedicated to publishing content that is entirely about general knowledge and current events. Keeping up with current events may also be accomplished through watching discussions online. By studying in this way, one may properly prepare themselves for discussions on themes relating to current events and general knowledge.

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3 - To increase your communication skills

Read English publications like novels and newspapers. The second most significant subject on a law school admissions exam is English, and the best way to improve your command of the language is to read newspapers. 

The newspaper is an excellent resource for enhancing one's mastery of the language and should not be overlooked. Books written for self-help that give straightforward and straightforward advice for improving one's English might be helpful. 

Reviewing the fundamental concepts with the English textbooks used in primary school might be helpful. A candidate can use these books to review the material and then concurrently utilize the same material to practice what they have learned.

4 - Do your arithmetic homework using elementary school books

It should by now be abundantly clear that preparation for the law entrance test is not limited to law alone. As a result, the next subject that an aspiring law student should study is mathematics, and the questions in this section are based on a variety of subjects that are covered by a student in the tenth grade. 

Practice is the most important thing for arithmetic. In addition, in order to maintain their pace when responding to the questions on the law school entrance exam, applicants should practice answering questions within the allotted amount of time. This will help them prepare for the examination. 

The more you study and practice problems from a wide variety of categories, the more clarity and confidence he will gain in his ability to solve such problems. Questions frequently posed relate to topics such as speed and distance, ratio, and average.

 5 - Constant practice issues pertaining to the logical and analytical area 

The ability to think logically and analytically is another part of the bar exam that needs continual practice. The questions that are asked in this section are different, so you have to prepare for a wide variety of questions by practicing and getting yourself ready for them.

6 - Legal aptitude should be studied, and you should get your notes ready

The clarity in the portion of the law school admissions exam that assesses candidates' legal acumen should be a candidate's first priority when taking the exam. 

In this portion, you are required to study a wide array of topics, including family law, contract law, tort law, intellectual property law, and the Indian Penal Code. The number of questions in each section varies, but a good grasp of the fundamental ideas covered in these areas will be quite beneficial and increase your score. 

Clarification may be achieved by gaining a better grasp of the examples provided and by reading them and taking notes. Therefore, the admissions exam for law school is about much more than simply law; it also covers law. One can succeed in accomplishing this goal by preparing for it in an all-encompassing and exhaustive manner.

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