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How to calculate Percentage in CAT exam 2023 [Check now]

Author : Palak Khanna

Updated On : September 14, 2023


Summary: CAT (Common Admission Test) exam is a widely accepted entrance exam for admission into the Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs). And here’s how to calculate percentage in CAT exam.

Are you looking for ways to calculate percentages for the CAT exam? If so, you have come to the right place!

This article will explain how to calculate percentages for the CAT exam. 

We will outline the basic formula for calculating percentages and provide helpful tips and tricks to make the process easier. 

By the end of this article, you should better understand how to calculate percentages for the CAT exam.

How To Calculate Percentage In CAT Exam 2023

The steps described below are followed to calculate the CAT 2023 overall and sectional percentile scores obtained by a candidate.

While illustrating the percentile score calculation process, QA section is chosen as an example.

A similar process is followed for the overall percentile score calculation and for the other two sections, i.e. DILR and VARC in CAT 2023.

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Step 1

Calculate the total number of candidates (N) who appeared for CAT (i.e., morning, afternoon, and evening sessions).

cat 2023 super-30 course

cat 2023 super-30 course

Step 2

Assign a rank (r) to all candidates who appeared for CAT based on the scaled scores obtained in the QA section.

If two or more candidates obtain identical scaled scores in the QA section, assign identical ranks to all those candidates.

As an illustration, suppose exactly two candidates obtain the highest scaled score in the QA section, and then both candidates are assigned a rank of 1.

Moreover, the candidate(s) obtaining the second highest scaled score in the QA section are assigned a rank of 3.

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Step 3

Calculate the percentile score (P) of a candidate with rank (r) in the QA section as:

 π‘ƒ = (𝑁 − π‘Ÿ) x 100


cat 2023 test series

cat 2023 test series

Step 4

Round off a candidate's calculated percentile score (P) up to two decimal points.

For example, all percentile scores greater than or equal to 99.995 are rounded off to 100; all scores greater than or equal to 99.985 but strictly less than 99.995 are rounded off to 99.99.

A methodology similar to the one described above is used for the computation of the overall CAT percentile scores and for the percentile scores of other sections.

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In conclusion, the calculation of percentages in the CAT exam can be done by using simple mathematics. Knowing the rules and formulas to calculate percentages is essential for success in the CAT exam. The steps outlined in this article provide a basic understanding of how to calculate percentages in the CAT exam. With practice and dedication, you can master the skills required to calculate percentages in the CAT exam.

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