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JEE Main Paper 2 Topper Interview - Kanika Bahati [AIR 341]

Author : Reeshav Guha

Updated On : July 28, 2023


Summary: This article introduces you to the JEE Main Paper 2 topper Kanika Bahati who will help you with the secret tips to crack the exam! Continue reading to unlock her prep tips! 

Many of you must have considered going into architecture after deciding to study engineering.

However, it can appear to be a game of chance where your ultimate goal is to see if you can pass the JEE MAINS B. Arch exam. 

Lack of direction, inadequate planning, or motivation to take on a challenge can force you to give up your goals. 

Our conversation with Kanika Bahati will help you clear your mind of all these doubts. She is one of the JEE Mains B. Arch 2023 top scorers listed, and we believe her remarks will inspire you to be the next JEE Mains Architecture top scorer. 

About Kanika Bahati

Kanika Bahati, a JEE Mains B. Arch top student, excelled in the NATA and JEE MAINS (ARCHITECTURE) competitive exams.

She completed her high school education at Queens College while still preparing for the JEE Mains exam. She received a great rank in NATA (132 AIR), which is impressive.

She reached another impressive height in JEE Mains, where she placed 314th overall with a 99.3 percentile score. Kanika decided to pursue a B. Arch just out of curiosity in design, but she is now on the path to making a name for herself in architecture.

Conversation with Kanika Bahati 

We had the chance to speak with Kanika, which was a great opportunity.

She was frank with us during this discussion about her B. Arch preparation process.

How she decided to pursue B. Arch as a career. What did she experience during this time? How she organised herself and managed to talk despite intense pressure and a busy schedule.

We could see a few of Kanika's "moments of truth" in passing. We also learned how she confronted each of them.

So, once you've read this blog, you'll have the motivation to succeed in your upcoming JEE MAINS B. Arch 2024.

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Kanika’s Journey as a High Schooler and JEE Mains Architecture Aspirant

Kanika Bahati claims she never intended to pursue a profession in architecture. She first met her contemporaries and several seniors preparing for B.Arch while she was a day scholar in Queen's College's 11th grade PCM (Science Stream) programme. They helped her realise how much she enjoyed the arts and design and that she might soon pursue a career in architecture. She was inspired by these reasons to attempt JEE Mains. It emphasises that you may frequently make a decision by seeking advice from people who have experience in a certain field and your peers.

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How to prepare for JEE Mains Architecture? By taking a drop or not?

No, that's not the solution to this query. Kanika never consumed a sip. She added that I never drank a sip; it was a difficult two years, but the hard effort paid off. According to this claim, a candidate can or cannot take a drop. It depends on what they decide. You needn't take a drop, though, if you follow Kanika's suggestion. Yes, it may sound difficult, but it's rather simple if you have the perfect combination of excellent mentors who can offer helpful advice and a plan that is specifically designed to combine your schoolwork and JEE Mains Architecture preparation at the same time.

Is it possible to prepare for JEE Mains Architecture and 12th Board simultaneously?

If you're determined to get through this, it is possible. To begin with, considering studying for the 12th Board and JEE Mains may be tiresome. However, having the appropriate mentors by your side will be simple. Throughout your preparation, you must maintain consistency. You must also balance your time between coaching and school. You may, for instance, coach in the early morning hours before walking to the academy for your normal lessons. It strikes a balance between board preparation and JEE Mains preparation.

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What are the tips for Excel in Boards and JEE Entrance simultaneously?

A few tips and methods will always help you prepare for a competitive exam. They will increase the fun and satisfaction of managing preparation and academics. Let's take a quick look at how Kanika handled them all.

Effective time management 

Your decision as a student will decide how you choose to order your cases. It's not a simple black-and-white issue, though. You are not asked if you want to focus entirely on your JEE Mains Architecture preparation or dedicate yourself to your Boards. In this circumstance, the best course of action is to make a personalised schedule. It might be produced every day or every week. Depending on your plan. Depending on how near your exam time is, you must prioritise between these two tasks on your timetable. When you have mentors at your side for your journey, everything gets a lot simpler.

Creativedge Results

Creativedge Results

Consistent efforts 

Remain consistent in your efforts. Never look back or consider giving up as an option. Once you set your eyes on JEE MAINS Architecture preparation, you must remain unapologetic about it. You must put in your promising efforts while preparing because it will pay back 1000 times better than the struggles and span you have invested in. 

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What is the best approach to prepare for JEE Mains Architecture?

While preparing, every topper has a unique approach to the exam to understand and analyze the upcoming challenges. It helps in developing plans and how they must divide their efforts while preparing to enhance their score. 

Get familiar with the syllabus early

Before the onset of your preparation, you must know in what situation you will place yourself. You ought to know the syllabus of the examination well. You must remain cognizant of the marking scenarios, the topics you must cover, and the tools you must incorporate into your practice to enhance your rendition. For instance, you must acquire the previous year’s questions and analyze them critically. You must comprehend the syllabus to approach each segment properly to make your preparation concrete.

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Focus on creating sketches

JEE Architecture has divided the question paper into 3 major segments. Mathematics, Aptitude, and Drawing. Although the Drawing and Sketches section carries 100 marks only. You must dedicate at least 1-2 hours daily to enhance your drawing speed and quality. You cannot achieve expertise in sketching with 1-2 months of practice. A little drop in practice can hurt your drawing skills, so you need to stay consistent. 

nata mock test

nata Mock test

Invest more time in practising Maths

Similar to drawing, Maths in JEE Mains Architecture carries 100 points. However, the catch here’s that the level of maths problems is raised to advanced level mathematics.

So, your score will drop drastically if you don’t invest 4-5 hours regularly in practising Maths. 

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Less time for the Aptitude section will not hamper your performance. 

The positive feature of the JEE Mains Architecture paper is that the Aptitude Section is relatively easier than the rest of the two segments. Also, if you can dedicate an hour daily, you can perform fairly well on the exams. 

How much time do you require to dedicate to JEE Mains Architecture preparation?

To devise your plan for JEE Mains Architecture preparation, you must be smart and thoughtful. If you are preparing for the 12th Board and JEE Mains Paper simultaneously, then dedicating 4-5 hours for preparation will work fine. However, in the last 2 months, you must practice the previous year’s questions, take mock tests, attend doubt-clearing sessions, etc. At that time, you need to dedicate 8-9 hours every day. 

What are the additional tools to incorporate in your JEE Mains Architecture preparation?

Succeeding in an examination without incorporating the right tools is an uphill battle with your preparation routine. Also, it will make your efforts go in vain. According to Kanika, “You must assemble those tools before you set off on your preparation journey”. But what are they? Here we are enlisting them for you. 

Previous years’ questions

Get your hands on previous years’ question papers. You can go for 10 years of previous question sets, or if you fail to find it, then try to practice at least questions from the last 5 years. The reason behind suggesting you incorporate previous papers in your preparation is that Sketches and Maths questions sometimes get repeated. Also, it will help you understand the level of questions, type of questions, their number and weightage, etc. 

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Mocks are the ultimate source

If you invest yourself in practising mocks extensively, you are on the right path. Mocks help improve speed and accuracy. It helps in clearing concepts, analyzing your weak areas, and how you can improve those flaws in your preparation that are hampering your score.

Notes have to be credible and reliable

Get your notes from Sources known for their credibility of contents. You are preparing for the JEE Mains Architecture. Hence you must source the materials which identify your needs. Also, they need to be assembled by experienced individuals. They can be your mentors, lecturers, or even your seniors. It is important because good notes will reduce your chances of losing your score on the examination. It will also accelerate your preparation to top gear. 

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What elements should you eliminate from your side while preparing for JEE Mains Architecture?

“You must incorporate the right elements in your preparation to succeed. In the same manner, you should discontinue a few things. These are critical to enhance your performance and to bring consistency in your preparation journey.” Kanika gave this piece of advice to aspirants like you. 

Avoid vacation plannings

Put it aside for some time. You can plan this once you have cleared your JEE Mains Architecture Entrance. For the 2 years, you only have to give your undivided attention to preparation. It is the only way you can make your rank among the toppers. 

No Social media for the time being

For Gen Z, Social media is much of a distraction. It has become a crucial part of our life. However, it is ironic that it contributes nothing to achieving our aim. So, try to eliminate social media platforms for this particular duration. It will improve your concentration and help you attain excellence in your preparation. 

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Restrict Indulgence in unproductive activities

Indulging in gossip, online games, and other such activities leads to unproductive diversion from your preparation. So, never get yourself in the middle of these things. Only have one aim and exert all your force to achieve this. Because it is up to you to decide whether you want to struggle all your life or wish to disburse only 2 years of working hard and reap upshots.

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