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Andhra Pradesh Judiciary Syllabus 2023

Author : Tanya Kaushal

Updated On : January 19, 2023


Reader's Digest - Many candidates aspire to become part of this prestigious judiciary system. However, to become a part of the judiciary, candidates must have a thorough understanding of the Andhra Pradesh Judiciary Syllabus. This blog post provides insight into the syllabus so that aspiring candidates can prepare for the exams and become a part of the judiciary system. Get ready to explore the nuances of the Andhra Pradesh Judiciary Syllabus and learn about the exam's various components.

Welcome to yet another blog discussing one of the most important topics concerning the Andhra Pradesh Judicial Service Examination. In this blog, our prime aim is to bring to the table some of the most important information regarding the Andhra Pradesh Judiciary Syllabus.

It is evident that without proper knowledge of the judiciary examination syllabus, you won’t be able to prepare for an orchestrated modus operandi. And if you fail to do so, then reaping the expected results will become an uphill battle. 

So, to eliminate every instance of ambiguousness in the information regarding the Andhra Pradesh Judiciary Syllabus, we have assembled some pivotal information for your reference. Just have a quick look at this blog, and you will have no doubts left. 

Overview of Andhra Pradesh Judiciary


Associated Details 

Nomenclature for examinations

Andhra Pradesh Public Service Commission (Civil Judge) Examination 

Conducting Body/Examination Authority

Andhra Pradesh Public Service Commission


Civil Judge 

Site for official announcements


Examination Level

National Scale (Anyone having Indian Nationality is eligible to partake in the examination)

Mode of Conduct 

Offline (Pen and Paper mode) 

Rounds before selection 

3 rounds.

  • Preliminary
  • Mains
  • Interview 

Examination date (announced & Expected)

Yet to be announced 

Pattern of marking 

The preliminary exam has 100 questions and 1 mark each. It acts as a screening test. 

Time limit 

The preliminary examination lasts two hours, while the main examination lasts three hours (9 hours in total, given that there are 3 papers)

Nature of Questions 

The preliminary examination has multiple-choice questions (MCQ)

Mains is a Descriptive examination. 

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Andhra Pradesh Judiciary Syllabus 2023

Refer to the table below for the syllabus of Andhra Pradesh Judiciary:

Syllabus of Civil Law 

Syllabus for Criminal Law 

Code of Civil procedure 

Code of Criminal procedure 

Specific Relief Act 

Indian Penal Code 

Indian Contract Act 

Indian Evidence Act 

Hindu marriage act 

Negotiable Instrument Act 

Hindu succession act 

Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act, 2005

Indian Easement Act 

Criminal rule of Practice 

Limitation Act 

Andhra Pradesh Excise Act, 1968

Transfer of Property Act 

Andhra Pradesh Game Act, 1974

Civil Rules Practice 

Juvenile Justice (care and protection of children act) 2015. 

Registration Act 



Indian Stamp Act 1899

Andhra Pradesh Land Encroachment Act 1905

Andhra Pradesh Building (lease, rent and eviction control act)

Indian Evidence Act 

Andhra Pradesh Judiciary Exam Books

Let's have a look at the best books for judiciary preparation

Books to be purchased 


Reading Material for the Civil Judge Exam (Question & Answer Format)

Anil Khirran Kumar

Andhra Pradesh Judicial Service Exam Manual

Shock Thorpe

Andhra Pradesh Judicial Service Study Material and Notes

Delhi Law Academy 

Judicial Service Examination 


EBC's Master Guide 

EBC Publication 

Singhal's Judicial Service Examination Mains Paper

Bhumika Jain & Pawan Kumar 

The Judges, Judiciary, and Justice Administration

Justice R Bhanumati 

Preliminary Exams for Judicial Services

Samarth Aggarwal 

Judicial Service Exam Study Guide

Universal Publication 

Andhra Pradesh Judiciary Preparation

Refer to the below points for the judiciary preparation tips:

  1. Because the early bird gets the worm, start planning as soon as possible. Because the longer time you spend preparing, the best.
  2. Seek professional help to prepare because going on the appropriate path will obtain the best possible results.
  3. Use reliable sources of information. In this predicament, senior notes are the most efficacious.
  4. To enhance and evaluate your preparations, take practice tests and analyze your results regularly.
  5. Examine previous years' questions thoroughly because it will give you a good idea of the question pattern. Also, consider the types of questions you might encounter in the exam.
  6. Finally, believe in your preparations and stay positive about the future.

Summing Up - Andhra Pradesh Syllabus is one of the key elements for succeeding in the Andhra Pradesh Judiciary Exams. If you prepare according to the syllabus given above, you will likely qualify for the Upcoming Judicial Examination. Also, you need to prepare for the Screening Test with equal effort because it is the passage towards the further journey of your Civil Judge Examination. Therefore, pick up all the pivotal suggestions and information from the blog and pave your path toward success. 

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