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Updated On : October 20, 2022


Reader’s Digest: Have you just finished your graduation and are looking for interesting judiciary career options under the state government? Woah, you are at the right place! Read this blog post to learn detailed information about the ADPO job profile. Discover the unknown truths about the promotions and career trajectory of the APO job profile. 

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ADPO Job Profile: Roles & Responsibilities

Aashi and Navya recently graduated from National Law University, Delhi. They were discussing career options after law. Navya shared that she wanted to become a civil judge from Madhya Pradesh. 

Aashi disclosed that she wants to pursue a career as an Assistant District Prosecution Officer. Unaware of the ADPO job profile, Navya gazed at Aashi.

It was a matter of seconds before Aashi realized that her friend had no idea about the ADPO job profile. So, she took upon herself the responsibility of educating Navya about the roles and responsibilities of the ADPO

The ADPO-grade posts are recruited under the respective state government by the state public service commissions (PSC). After selecting the ADPO recruitment exam, you must perform certain daily tasks and duties per the requirements of the state government.

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Refer to the following roles and responsibilities of the ADPO job profile. 

  • Assistant Public Prosecutors assist the Public Prosecutors on legal matters, such as completing case details, collecting evidence, etc.
  • The candidates selected for the post of ADPO must assist in representing the state in session cases.
  • His major responsibility is advising district officers in all legal matters when the respective authority calls.
  • As an ADPO, you will be responsible for collecting evidence, arguing the prosecution case, and conducting cross-examination.
  • Also, you are the sole authority for preparing court documents on behalf of the Public Prosecutor.

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judiciary online coaching

ADPO Job Profile: Promotion, Growth, & Career Trajectory

In how many years will I be prompted in the ADPO? What are the chances of promotion in the ADPO job profile? What is the seniormost position of the ADPO job profile?

We know these are the common questions that go into every aspirant's mind related to the ADPO job profile. That is why we want to burst your cloud of doubt. 

The growth trajectory of the ADPO job profile is quite good. You will feel satisfied with the fast promotions and handsome pay scales. Throughout the career of an ADPO, there are multiple avenues of promotion.

Assistant District Prosecution Officers (ADPOs) have many career advancement options available to them. Candidates are eligible for various allowances, incentives, and bonuses. Based on their performance in the commission, Assistant District Prosecution Officers may advance in rank and be promoted to higher levels.

Upon successfully completing the probation period, all selected candidates can take advantage of the benefits and perks associated with each post.

Refer to the lists of seniority-wise ADPO job profiles given below:

  • APP/ Assistant District Attorney in the court of Sub Judge/Sub Judge Sr. Divison and Chief Judicial Magistrate
  • Additional PP/ Deputy District Attorney in the court of Additional Session Judge 
  • PP/ District Attorney in the court of Session Judge./Special court
  • Joint Director Prosecution in Directorate Office
  • Director Prosecution as Director of Prosecution

ADPO Job Profile: Probation Period

Regular training sessions are carried on for the newly appointed candidates for the ADPO job

A probationary period is the amount of time that a candidate must devote to training to become a permanent employee.

Following the department's two-year probationary period, ADPO candidates get additional benefits and perks like regular employees.

Judiciary Mock Tests

Judiciary Mock Tests

Summing Up - In this blog post about the ADPO job profile, we have covered everything about the roles and responsibilities, promotion, and career growth. I hope it was helpful to you. Good luck with your ADPO exam preparations. Happy Reading!

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