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World university of design admission 2023

Author : Palak Khanna

Updated On : March 20, 2023


Summary: If you are looking forward to getting admission to the World University of Design, you should know about its admission process. This article will help you understand its admission process and help you get familiar with the whole process.

If you want to pursue a career in the creative industry, then the World University of Design (WUD) is an excellent choice. The WUD is a premier institution in India that provides world-class education in the field of design, fashion, communication, and management. 

The university attracts students worldwide thanks to its exceptional faculty, state-of-the-art infrastructure, and emphasis on innovation and creativity. Located in Sonipat, Haryana, the university offers a range of undergraduate and postgraduate programs in design, fine arts, and business administration. 

To get admission to WUD, you need to appear for their own entrance test, which will be in April 2023. This article will explore the WUD admission procedure, eligibility criteria, career opportunities, courses offered, and more.

Programs Offered at the World University of Design

While the design courses are what WUD is known for, it also has other business, visual arts and architecture courses. They offer courses with various specializations at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

Undergraduate courses at WUD

  • Bachelor of Design
    • B.Des - Product Design
    • B.Des - Transportation Design
    • B.Des - Interior Architecture & Design
    • B.Des - UX & Digital Product Design
    • B.Des - Film & Video
    • B.Des - Graphic Communication Design
    • B.Des - Fashion Design
    • B.Des - Fashion Communication
    • B.Des - Textile Design
  • Bachelor of Visual Arts
    • BVA - Creative Painting
    • BVA - Digital Drawing & Illustration
  • Bachelor in Business Administration
    • BBA in Design Strategy and Management
  • Bachelor in Architecture
    • B.Arch

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Postgraduate courses at WUD

  • Master of Design
    • M.Des - User Experience & Interaction Design
    • M.Des - Transportation Design
    • M.Des - Industrial Design
    • M.Des - Interior & Retail Design
    • M.Des - Communication Design
    • M.Des - Fashion Design
    • M.Des - International Fashion Business
  • Master of Visual Arts
    • MVA - Contemporary Art Practices
    • MVA - Curatorial Practices in Art
    • MVA - Art Education
  • Master in Business Administration
    • MBA in Design Strategy and Management
  • Master in Architecture
    • M.Arch in Urban Design

WUD also offers Postgraduate programs listed below:

  • Ph.D. in Architecture
  • Ph.D. in Design
  • Ph.D. in Fine Arts

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Admission Process for World University Design 2023

Step 1: Complete the application form

You must submit a fully completed application form from the website and the application fee.

Step 2: Show Up For The Aptitude Test

You must appear for the aptitude exam using the admission cards that are accessible online. You will be picked for further consideration based on your performance, and the list of those moving on to the next round will be published online.

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Step 3: Interview On Campus

You must participate in a personal interview with a panel. The interview panel's questions will encompass the student's selected field of study. Examples of creative proof in hard copy (portfolio, artwork, photos, crafts, etc.) may also be exhibited.

Step 4: Offer Of Admission/ Admittance

If you are eligible, you will get the offer by email. The acceptance letter will include information about paying fees at the time of admission, being assigned a hostel, and the start date, time, and location of the academic session.

NID Online Coaching

NID Online Coaching

World University of Design Application Process 2023

The deadline to submit an application for WUD DAT 2023 is April 13, 2023.

Candidates must adhere to the instructions listed below to complete the form. Here is a complete overview of the WUD admission procedure

1 - First, complete the WUDAT application form

Candidates can complete the WUDAT application form offline or online at the World University of Design's official website.

The candidate must download the application form from the college website, request it through email, or pick one up on campus to submit an offline application.

Those choosing the offline application process can complete the forms and ship them to Global University of Design Plot No.1, Rajiv Gandhi Education City, NH 1, Haryana - 131029 or email them.

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2 - Next, you have to pay the application fee

The WUDAT application price is INR 1,000, which may be paid online via RTGS or NEFT or offline via cash, check, or demand draught.

3 - Get the WUDAT Hall Ticket

The applicants' WUD Aptitude Test 2023 admit cards will be emailed and appear for the exam.

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WUD Syllabus

The exam syllabus covers various topics such as drawing, creativity, colour theory, design fundamentals, aesthetics, and analytical reasoning.

Additionally, candidates are evaluated on their communication skills, observation, visual perception, and technical skills.

The pattern of the WUD exam is given below.

Number of sections 2
Duration of exam 2 Hours
Number of questions 15-20
Exam Total Marks 100

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WUD 2023 Admit Card

The admit card is usually released 4-5 days before the examination date, so you can expect the admit card to be available by the 10th or 11th of April.

Admit cards will be sent to you through email. You can also download your admit cards from the institute's official website.

WUD 2023 Eligibility, Fees and admission

The eligibility requirements for various programs are given below:

  • Applicants who have passed the 10+2 level test or an exam of a comparable level, such as the AISSCE, IB, ICSE, State Board, etc. (in the applicable stream), are eligible to apply for undergraduate degree programs.
  • Applicants who have completed a 3/4-year full-time bachelor's degree in design, engineering, architecture, fine arts, or equivalent can apply for master's programs. You may also apply if you took the qualifying examinations and anticipate getting your results no later than October 31.
  • Age Restrictions: Bachelor program applicants must be at least 20 years old. However, this age restriction may be relaxed by up to 3 years if there has been a legitimate break in their educational history. Nevertheless, there is no age restriction for postgraduate programs.

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Undergraduate Courses at WUD 2023: Seats, Fees and Eligibility

Programs Seats Fees per year Eligibility
B.Des - Product Design 40 INR 3,20,000 Sr. Secondary (10+2) with minimum 50% marks
Admission through Aptitude Test & Interview
UCEED/NID/NIFT qualified students will be preferred
B.Des - Transportation Design 40
B.Des - Interior Architecture & Design 40
B.Des - UX & Digital Product Design 40
B.Des - Film & Video 40
B.Des - Graphic Communication Design 40
B.Des - Fashion Design 60
B.Des - Fashion Communication 40
B.Des - Textile Design 40
B.Des - Animation & Game Design 40 INR 3,50,000 Sr. Secondary (10+2) with minimum 50% marks
Admission through Aptitude Test & Interview
UCEED/NID/NIFT qualified students will be preferred
BVA - Creative Painting (earlier called Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA)) 40 INR 90,000 Sr. Secondary (10+2) with minimum 50% marks
Admission through Aptitude Test & Interview
BVA - Digital Drawing & Illustration (Applied Arts) 40
BBA Design Strategy & Management (option to choose from 2 cutting edge majors and 4 minors) 40 INR 1,78,500 Sr. Secondary (10+2) with minimum 50% marks
Admission through Aptitude Test & Interview
B.Arch - Architecture 40 INR 1,68,000 Sr. Secondary (10+2) with minimum 50% marks in Maths, Physics & Chemistry
Admission through NATA/JEE
BA(H) Built Environment Studies 40 INR 1,68,000 Sr. Secondary (10+2) with minimum 50% marks
Admission through Aptitude Test & Interview
BPA - Dance/Music 40 INR 1,20,000 Sr. Secondary (10+2) with minimum 50% marks
Admission through Aptitude Test & Interview

NIFT Mock Tests

NIFT Mock Tests

Postgraduate Courses offered at WUD 2023: Seats, Fees and eligibility

Programs Seats Fees per year Eligibility
M.Des - User Experience & Interaction Design 30 INR 3,50,000 Graduation with minimum 50% marks
Admission through Aptitude Test & Interview
CEED/NID/NIFT qualified students will be preferred
M.Des - Transportation Design 30
M.Des - Industrial Design 30
M.Des - Interior & Retail Design 30
M.Des - Communication Design 30
M.Des - Fashion Design 30
M.Des - International Fashion Business 30
MVA - Contemporary Art Practices 30 INR 1,10,000 BFA/BVA with minimum 50% marks
MVA - Curatorial Practices in Art 30 Graduation with minimum 50% marks
MVA - Art Education 30 BFA/BVA with minimum 50% marks
MBA Design Strategy & Management (option to choose from 2 cutting edge majors and 4 minors) 30 INR 4,72,500 Graduation with minimum 50% marks
CAT-qualified students will be preferred
MBA - Design Strategy & Management (Executive) 30 Graduation with minimum 50% marks and minimum 2 years of work experience
MPA - Dance/Music 30 INR 1,35,000 Graduation with minimum 50% marks

The fees given in the table are the yearly tuition fees. Admission fees are involved, which should be paid at the program's start. The World University of Design admission fees is as follows:

Application Processing INR 1000 Non-refundable
Registration Fees INR 18,000 Non-refundable
Security INR 10,000 Refundable

The one-time fee includes the application and registration fees, which are not refundable, and a refundable security deposit. This remains the same irrespective of the course you select.

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WUD Placement opportunities

The institution has formed industry alliances and collaborations with top design and creative businesses to ensure students are well-prepared for the employment market.

WUD's Career Development Centre (CDC) is in charge of arranging student internships and placements. The CDC collaborates with academic members and industry leaders to give students the skills and information they need to thrive in their jobs.

Companies like Amazon, Titan, Raymond, and Tupperware seek WUD alumni through the university's rigorous and competitive placement procedure. According to the official placement report, the highest package (received and offered) at WUD placements 2022 was INR 24 LPA and INR 12.50 LPA, respectively.

The median and average package offered for placements in 2022 was INR 5.10 LPA and INR 4.70 LPA, respectively. Similarly, in 2022, 123 firms came to the institution for placements, and the college achieved a 100% placement rate.

In addition, the summer placement report for the 2021 class is also available. 103 companies visited the school, and all eligible students received internship offers, with 75% of them receiving stipends. Monthly stipends ranged between INR 15,000 and INR 40,000, respectively.

WUD's alumni network is also a significant resource for students seeking internships and jobs. The institution maintains an active alumni association connecting students with alumni and offering mentorship.

WUD fosters entrepreneurship and start-up activities in addition to standard placements. The institution gives students the resources and assistance they need to start their own businesses, assisting them in turning their ideas into profitable ventures.

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World University of Design (WUD) offers undergraduate and postgraduate design, fine arts, and business administration programs. With a rigorous and competitive admission procedure, WUD attracts talented and motivated students worldwide.

The admission process for the WUD is quite simple, and with proper preparation for the entrance test, you will most probably get into the university. They also offer scholarships and financial loans via banking partners.

WUD's robust alumni network, impressive placement records and emphasis on entrepreneurship and start-up ventures can give you unique opportunities to launch successful careers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in design, creative arts, and business administration are available at the university.
WUD's admissions process is rigorous and tough. Interested students must satisfy the qualifying requirements and apply online, followed by a portfolio evaluation and interview.

The qualifying requirements differ based on the programme of interest. Nevertheless, most undergraduate programmes need students to have completed 10+2 or equivalent, and postgraduate programmes require a bachelor's degree.

WUD alumni have a variety of job options in the creative sectors, such as design businesses, advertising agencies, and media houses, among others. The institution has a strong industry network, which allows students to take advantage of numerous internship and placement possibilities.
Yes, the Global University of Design is a recognised university accredited by the University Grants Commission (UGC) and the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE).


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