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(Hindi & English Medium)
Starts on: 3rd Apr
Class Starts at 2:30 PM
Haryana Judicial Services Most Important Question Series
₹ 0
900+ hours Online Live Classes (Hindi & English Medium)
Starts on: 1st Mar
Class Starts at 6:00 PM
Judiciary Online Coaching | Two Year Unlimited Subscription Plan| Programme 2021-23 (Batch 05)
200+ Mock Tests
Doubt Clearing Sessions
Study Material
₹ 1,99,999 89,999
You Save ₹ 1,10,000
650+ hours Online Live Classes (Hindi & English Medium)
Starts on: 1st Mar
Class Starts at 6:00 PM
Judiciary Online Coaching | One Year Unlimited Subscription Plan| Programme 2021-22 (Batch 05)
100+ Mock Tests
Doubt Clearing Sessions
Study Material
₹ 1,07,999 59,999
You Save ₹ 48,000
400+ hours Online Live Classes (Hindi & English Medium)
Starts on: 1st Mar
Class Starts at 6:00 PM
Judiciary Online Coaching | Six Month Unlimited Subscription Plan| Programme 2021-22 (Batch 05)
Doubt Clearing Sessions
Study Material
₹ 53,999 35,999
You Save ₹ 18,000
(Hindi & English Medium)
Starts on: 1st Mar
Class Starts at 6:00 PM
Judiciary Online Coaching | Three Month Unlimited Subscription Plan| Programme 2021-22  (Batch 05)
Doubt Clearing Sessions
Study Material
₹ 26,999 20,999
You Save ₹ 6,000
(Hindi & English Medium)
Starts on: 1st Mar
Class Starts at 6:00 PM
Judiciary Online Coaching | One Month Unlimited Subscription Plan| Programme 2021-22 (Batch 05)
Doubt Clearing Sessions
Study Material
₹ 14,999 8,999
You Save ₹ 6,000
30+ hours Online Live Classes (Hindi & English Medium)
Starts on: 29th Sep
Class Starts at 7:00 PM
 Madhya Pradesh State Specific Preliminary Examination Batch for Local Laws And State General Knowledge
10+ Mock Tests
Doubt Clearing Sessions
Study Material
₹ 7,000 4,999
You Save ₹ 2,001

Rated 4.34483/5
(English Medium)
MP Judiciary Mock Test | MPCJ Mock Test Series 2021
15+ Mock Tests
₹ 3,000 1,999
You Save ₹ 1,001

Rated 4.96639/5
(English Medium)
Bihar Judiciary Mocks 2020
3+ Mock Tests
₹ 899 499
You Save ₹ 400

Judiciary Online Coaching Classes by Judiciary Gold

The PSC J is a national level Judiciary Exam conducted by the Public Service Commission every year to fill in Civil Judge and other Judicial posts across India. If you are one of the Judiciary post aspirants or preparing for the PCS J Exam 2021, then join the Best Coaching for pcs j to crack the judiciary exams in one attempt. There are two stages involved in the PSC J Recruitment i.e., Prelims, Mains, and Personality Test. All the stages are qualifying in nature. 

There are two papers included in the Prelims Exam and five papers in Mains Exam. In order to crack the exam with a high score above the cut-off, it is essential to get guidance from top-notch faculties through PCS J Online Coaching. 

In the current digital world, the demand for online coaching has increased gradually. There are a lot of advantages with online judiciary coaching as explained below. At Toprankers, candidates preparing for PCS J exam can get complete coaching for all subjects from highly experienced faculties. Attempt free Judiciary mock test series.

Judiciary Coaching Online is mainly for those

  • LLB students who completed their 3 years or 5-year course.
  • LLM students.
  • LLD Degree Holders or LLD Research Scholars.
  • Lawyers who have started practicing and are willing to appear for a civil judge or HJS exam.
  • Civil judges/Judicial magistrates who are willing to appear for higher judicial services examination.
  • Those candidates who can come to the classes but are willing to join judicial services.

For Judiciary preparation, the candidates should prepare a plan of action and follow the same plan consistently. During Judiciary exam preparation, the candidate should have pepper knowledge of the subject and should also be regularly updated with the current affairs. Check how to preparation for judiciary exams.

Before starting the Judiciary preparation, the candidate should understand the syllabus, make a realistic study plan, and then begin with the Judiciary exam preparation. Reading magazines and newspapers will help the candidates prepare well. TopRankers provide all the necessary study materials and Judiciary classes that will help the candidates in Judiciary preparation.

How Toprankers Helps You To Crack Judiciary Exams?

We at TopRankers provide Judiciary Classes in the online mode for all the aspirants. Our Online Coaching Classes for Judiciary will follow a wide range of dimensions such as recorded lectures, live online doubt clearing sessions, online test series, online study materials, and bullet notes.

TopRankers assures us to provide the Best Judiciary Coaching in India with the most experienced faculty that we have. We follow a methodology that covers everything from major to minor laws and we ensure that our students focus on the most important points first and then on the rest of the aspects. Among a number of online coaching classes for the Judiciary, TopRankers ensures to provide the best Judiciary Classes.

We have very elongated years of experience and practice in providing the best coaching for PCS J. We at TopRankers strive hard to provide you with all the necessary study materials and aim to provide the best online coaching for PCS J. We have a few features that make us unique from other Judiciary classes to be one of the best Judiciary Coaching in India.

The online live lectures delivered by our faculty is easy to understand and conceptually strong. The faculty will deliver the lectures in both  English and Hindi languages. Owing to all of these features of TopRankers, you can consider it as the Best Online coaching for PCS J.

As there are two stages in PCS J Recruitment, have a look at the prelims and mains pattern. 

  • In the prelims exam, there are two papers i.e., General Knowledge and Law.
  • GK paper includes 150 Questions for 150 Marks.
  • Law paper includes 300 questions on the topics of Law such as Indian Constitution, Jurisprudence, Civil Procedure Code, Indian Penal Code, Current International Affairs, etc for 300 marks. 

Both the paper includes Multiple Choice Questions. 

Paper I General Knowledge 150 2 Hrs
Paper-II Law 300 2 Hrs

In Mains Exam, there are five papers including Multiple Choice Questions

Paper 1 General Knowledge 150 3 Hrs
Paper 2 Language 200 3 Hrs
Paper 3 Law I (Substantive Law) 200 3 Hrs
Paper 4 Law II (Procedure & Evidence) 200 3 Hrs
Paper 5 Law III (Penal, Revenue, and Local Laws ) 200 3 Hrs

There are many candidates who prepare on their own without any guidance. But, it is suggested by experts to join the coaching for better preparation. Apart from self-preparation, it is essential to have guidance for clearing the exam with high scores. Nowadays, the demand for online coaching has increased. There are a lot of advantages to online coaching. Check upcoming judiciary exams.

Benefits of Judiciary Online Coaching Classes

Toprankers offers Best Online Coaching for PCS Judiciary. Have a look at the distinguishing features of Toprankers online coaching classes for the judiciary. 

Unlike other coaching centers, Judiciary Gold offers Best Online Coaching For PCS J. Here are the outstanding features of PCS J Online Classes.

  • Watch the live PCS J Online Classes on mobiles, laptops, or tablets.
  • Play the video Online Classes For PCS J and watch whenever your time permits
  • Aspirants can download the user-friendly app and learn the concepts in a better way.
  • Download Free Study Material in eBooks format and Hard Copy
  • Attempt Judiciary Mock Test Series regularly. There are also separate test series for subject-wise and topic-wise
  • Get a Detailed Analysis report to analyze your preparation levels
  • Take up daily quizzes for Judiciary Exam
  • Also, download free previous year question papers to know the difficulty level of the exam and estimate which type of questions can be asked.

Unlike other offline tutorials, Toprankers offers very affordable and comfortable coaching through online mode. In association with LegalEdge, the online coaching for Judiciary at Toprankers offers various features.

  • More than 600 live video classes are offered for Judicial courses from highly experienced faculties in respective subjects.
  • Each topic is taught in-depth as per the latest exam pattern and syllabus.
  • Students can experience the real-time exam environment as the online coaching for Judiciary offers live interaction with the faculties
  • You can clear all your doubts in the Doubt Clearing session. 
  • Free study materials are offered for enhancing your preparation. These study materials are prepared by the faculties in their expertise.
  • More than 200 mock test series are offered to analyze exam preparation and be exam ready. There are section-wise and topic-wise tests available for candidates to enhance their preparation.
  • Stream the live video classes on mobiles, laptops, or tablets.

Candidates appearing for PCS J Exam are advised to join the coaching for PSC J Exam to clear the exam in one attempt.

  • Through this coaching, candidates can understand any topic or concept in depth from top-notch faculties.
  • Aspirants who cannot go to the coaching center for classes can sit at home learn from the online classes for PCS J.
  • The live lectures provided by the best judiciary coaching in India will be viewable at any time anywhere.
  • Judiciary online classes will also allow the aspirants to download the live lectures and watch them when time permits.
  • Clear all the doubts of Online Classes For PCS J in a separate doubt clearing session.
  • Aspirants can take up daily quizzes from Online Coaching Classes For Judiciary which will help him/her in preparation.
  • With judiciary online classes, the candidates can watch live videos on the mobile, laptop, etc.
  • The online classes for commerce are designed in such a way that all the classes are explained in-depth as per the latest exam pattern and syllabus.
  • Watch PCS J Online Classes, you can learn any topics at your own pace i.e., from anywhere on your laptop, tab, or mobile.
  • Students can download & watch the judiciary coaching classes and watch it whenever they are free.
  • Clarify all your doubts in the separate doubts clearing section.
  •  Receive free PCS J study materials in PDF format prepared from highly experienced faculties. Download Judiciary Exam Question Papers PDFs.
  • Attempt PCS J Mock Test Series for Free at Toprankers. You can also watch the free demo and then enroll in the classes.
  • Experience the real-time classroom environment through Online PCS J Coaching.
  • Follow the given schedule and attempt the classes whenever your time permits. 

As the demand for online coaching is increasing, candidates can join the best online judiciary coaching and crack the exam in one attempt. Through online coaching, 

  • Candidates can firstly save a lot of their time as they need not travel, unlike offline tutorial.
  • Watch live video classes at your own pace from any place
  • Watch live classes or download the video and watch it whenever your time permits
  • Receive previous year papers and study materials for free along with the online class.
  • Learn each concept from top-notch faculties from your place
  • Clear all your doubts in a separate doubt clearing session.
  • Attempt Free Judicial Mock Test Series to analyze your preparation. Get a detailed analysis report to know your errors and improvise in those areas.
  • Take up daily quizzes to enhance your preparation. 
  • Watch the live video class on mobile, laptop, or PC.

Thus, to clear all these stages in the first attempt to join the PCS J Online Coaching by Judiciary Gold. Through the Online PCS J Coaching, candidates can learn any concept from top-notch faculties. Just log in to the Toprankers website and click on the Coaching tab present on the homepage. Now click on the Judiciary link in the dropdown. Choose your desired course as per your requirement and start learning the subjects.

So, candidates aspiring or preparing for Judicial Service Exams are advised to join the free online coaching for the judiciary Exam and clear the exam in one attempt. There are various courses available at affordable prices. Candidates can choose the best package and enroll to gear up the preparation. In order to join the coaching, just log in to the Toprankers website and click on the coaching tab present on the menu. In the Coaching drop down, click on Judiciary. The list of courses appears on the screen. Choose your course and start learning the concepts at your own pace.



What is the best coaching for judiciary in India?

Toprankers is the leader in providing PCS J exams coaching, in association with LegalEdge and ALEC the aspirant gets a complete coaching solution for all subjects from highly experienced teachers. Unlike the other traditional offline classes, online coaching is very affordable and is offered at the comfort of your home.

Which is the best judiciary coaching centre?

Among all the coaching centres established across the country, only some of them can make it happen. is proudly among them. All its previous records are available on their website, numerous students cleared the judiciary exams in their first attempt from this institute. Good faculties is the laying foundation of the institute.

Which is the best institute for judicial coaching?

If you searching for the best institute for the preparation of judicial coaching, visit it offers well interactive online classes. Only Subject matter experts are appointed as the faculties. They even offer separate doubt regular doubt solving sessions and free mock tests.

Should I practice with preparation for the judiciary?

Any student who aspires to serve in judicial services need to work and study with dedication and should work hard to reach the ultimate goal. Candidate must cover the whole syllabus and keep sufficient time for revision. Along with completing the syllabus, the candidate should practice a lot, because practicing is the key to remember. 

What is the best method to prepare for judicial exams?

If you are still confused about the best method to choose for preparing the judicial exam, consider some factors before choosing one. What makes you comfortable, are you willing to travel or you want to prepare at the comfort of your home. Affordability, which method is pocket friendly for you.

Which is better, judicial service or civil service?

Judicial service provides some benefits over civil services like a balanced life, the officer gets a one-month summer vacation and winter vacation. The officer can summon anyone, from day one he gets the power. A judicial officer cannot be executed, there are separate norms issued by the supreme court for the same.

How to read bare acts for judiciary exams?

Ideally, you should start preparing bare acts by indexing them, make charts paste it on the wall, and memorize it. Practise previous years’ papers to understand important sections. Complete the chapter first then move to another chapter. Set small targets, achieve it and revise it.

How to prepare for Delhi judiciary services?

Delhi judiciary services is acclaimed for its analytical exam pattern. Prepare thoroughly, the main codes and procedural law & commercial laws. Read newspaper daily, gain knowledge of history, Geography, and current affairs from class 9 to 12. Don’t forget local laws and other basic laws.

Which is the Best Online Coaching for PCS J?

Toprankers offers the best online coaching for PCS J Examination. There are various courses available based on state-wise Judicial Services Examination. 

What are the advantages of Judiciary Online Coaching?

With the help of Judiciary Online Coaching you can

  • save a lot of your time as you need not travel unlike offline coaching
  • learn concepts from top-notch faculties
  • watch live video classes or watch whenever you are free
  • clarify all your doubts in separate doubt clearing session
  • attempt topic-wise mock tests and quizzes. 

How to take up online classes for PCS J examination?

You can enroll for PCS J Online classes by following simple steps:

  • Login to Toprankers website
  • Click on Coaching tab present on the homepage
  • Choose Judiciary category
  • Check out various courses available
  • Choose your desired course as per your convenience
  • Pay the fee and start your classes.

If I miss Judiciary Online Classes, can I watch them again?

Yes, if you cannot attend the live classes, you can watch the videos later whenever your time permits. 

How can I clarify my doubts during Online Coaching for Judiciary?

There is a separate doubt clearing session for each subject. You can get all doubts clarified in the online doubt clearing session. 

Are there state-wise online PCS J coaching classes?

Yes, there are state-wise online classes for PCS J examination. You can choose your respective state course and begin the classes. 

Can I get free study materials along with Judiciary Coaching Online classes?

Yes, along with the online classes, we provide free subject-wise study materials PDF. These materials are curated from respective subject expertise. 

Are there any mock tests provided along with PCS J Online Coaching?

Yes, you can attempt mock tests regularly to test your preparation levels. 

Does Judiciary Coaching really help in clearing the exam with high score?

It depends on an individual capability. There are many students who have cleared the exam without coaching. However for to score better, understand topics in depth, and also answer the question in a correct format, you need a proper guidance and for which you need to join the online coaching. 

Are there any crash Judiciary Online Classes available?

There are many courses available with Toprankers Judiciary Coaching. You can choose your desired course as per your convenience and join the class.