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How To Crack NIFT 2023 In 3 Months: Preparation Tips & Strategy

Author : Palak Khanna

Updated On : January 18, 2023


Every year, nearly 22,000 aspirants take the undergraduate admissions exam. Around 7,700 candidates pass. On a merit basis, nearly 2,400 seats are allocated to candidates. Because of the intense competition, you must follow an effective preparation plan to ace the NIFT exam.

Candidates taking the NIFT 2023 entrance exam must have a clear strategy for how what, and where they will prepare for the exam. Because NIFT is the country's distinguished design entrance exam, the competition is fierce, and one cannot afford to make a mistake. The NIFT 2023 entrance exam is a two-tiered process in which candidates first take a written exam (combination of CAT and GAT). Candidates are then shortlisted for a Situation Test (GD/PI in the case of postgraduate programs) based on their written test results.

Before you begin preparing for the NIFT entrance exam with zeal, keep these helpful hints in mind. Toprankers continues the tradition of mentoring aspirants for a bright future in fashion and design. Valuable advice is intended to make the road to success easier.

NIFT 2023 Key Strategies

Planning: You can create a study plan once you know what is in the NIFT syllabus or what NIFT exam pattern is followed. One of the benefits of creating a study plan is that it keeps you on your toes. For example, you will not want to waste a day because you have assignments and topics planned for that day; if you skip it, it will be added to your agenda for the next day!

Get familiar with the NIFT 2023 syllabus and exam pattern: It is critical for the candidate to understand the types of questions asked, weightage, test duration, and difficulty level.

Solve previous years’ question papers: This exercise is absolutely necessary for monitoring progress and developing problem-solving abilities. Also, while the same question is rarely repeated in the NIFT exam, some word meanings may be. As a result, solving NIFT sample papers is critical.

Improve your speed: The NIFT Entrance Exam is quite vast and requires exceptional speed for candidates to grow in efficiency. You should work on your speed. Your exceptional design abilities and creativity will be rendered ineffective if you are unable to execute quickly. The main goal is to showcase your creativity and uniqueness in a short amount of time. Check that you can do things smoothly without becoming nervous, as anxiety slows you down.

Practice sketching: Sketching is vital. Your creativity and ideas require written expression. Keep your eraser hidden while you practice sketching. This will give you more confidence when sketching, and your lines will become bolder, sharper, and cleaner. To save time, start by drawing with a light hand and outlining the ideas without getting too detailed. When practicing sketching, use appropriate supplies. If your drawing ability is lacking, enroll in a drawing class and practice regularly.

Improve Your Observation and Visualization Skills: The most important purpose of the test is to assess your creative and imaginative abilities. Furthermore, the questions are designed to assess your general awareness, observation skills, and visualization abilities. Students have the misconception that only good sketching is required to score well. This is not correct, because developing the aforementioned skills is equally important.

Refine your general knowledge: You do not need to memorize every GK book. Knowledge of current events is more important. Make it a habit to read newspapers for this reason. You should also be aware of the well-known designers who have contributed to this difficult area. Spend some time reading fashion and design books and magazines. Make certain that no region is overlooked.

NIFT 2023 Important Topics For Practice

The NIFT is divided into three sections: the Creativity Ability Test (CAT), the General Ability Test (GAT), and the Situation Test. The following are the key topics for NIFT preparation.

Creative Ability Test (CAT) Important Topics

  • Observation power
  • Discernment ability
  • Design ability
  • Creativity in thought development

General Ability Test (GAT) Important Topics

  • General knowledge and current affairs
  • Case Study
  • Effective Communication
  • Communication ability and English comprehension
  • Quantitative
  • Problem-solving approach
  • Analytical and logical ability

NIFT Situation Test Important Topics

  • Construction Skill
  • Space visualization
  • Colour scheme
  • Innovative and creative use of given material
  • Finesse of the model and overall
  • Composition of elements

nift mock test

nift Mock test

Referred Books For NIFT 2023 Preparation

To pass NIFT 2023, you must choose the right book. The following is a list of books for NIFT preparation.

  1. McGraw Hill Education
  2. NIFT Exam Guide by Verma
  3. Concepts of Pattern Grading
  4. NIFT Exam Guide by Dr. R. P. Datason
  5. NIFT Entrance Exam- Self Study Guide
  6. Popular Master Guide NIFT by R. Gupta
  7. Bright Careers Guide NIFT Entrance Exam
  8. Arihant NIFT Entrance Exam Self Study Guide
  9. NIFT Entrance Examination (Guide) by D Mitta
  10. NIFT Entrance Exams: Ultimate Success Series by Surendra

What does CAT judge?

Students will be judged on their creative ability, observation power, design ability, and extraordinary use of colors and illustration abilities in the CAT entrance exam.

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What does GAT decide?

The GAT will assess candidates' English proficiency, quantitative ability, listening ability, logical ability, general knowledge, and current affairs.

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What does a NIFT Situation Test look for?

The NIFT Situation Test 2023 will assess candidates' material handling and creative ability with a specific set of materials in a given situation.

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NIFT preparation books

There are several books out there that can guide you on how to prepare for the NIFT entrance exam. The below-mentioned books might help you.

  • NIFT/NID/IIFT Entrance Exam Guide by Surendra Kavimandan
  • NIFT National Entrance Exam by R.P. Verma
  • Prashant Kumar’s NIFT Entrance Examination Preparation Guide
  • Concepts of Pattern Grading by Carolyn L. Moore
  • NIFT by Sonia Sahney
  • NIFT: Previous Years’ Papers (Solved) by Ramesh Publishing House
  • Popular Master Guide NIFT and IIFT by R. Gupta
  • NIFT/NID Exam Guide by Dr. R. P. Datason
  • NIFT Entrance Exam- Self Study Guide
  • Arihant NIFT Entrance Exam Self Study Guide
  • NIFT Entrance Examination (Guide) by Dharmendra Mittal

NIFT 2023 Entrance Exam - Overview



Exam Name

NIFT Entrance Exam

Exam type


Exam level


Conducting body

National Institute of Fashion Technology, Delhi

Total seats

4,517 (including UG & PG programmes, excluding NRI students)

Participating institutes

17 campuses

Application fee

Rs.2000 for General/OBC and Rs.1000 for SC/ST/PWD

Mode of the exam

Pen and Paper

Application Mode


Exam duration

3 hours

Frequently Asked Questions

The expert-recommended preparation tips mentioned will undoubtedly assist you in preparing for the NIFT test. Before you begin your preparation, study publications that cover subjects and concepts from the new curriculum, and make sure you are familiar with the entire paper format and syllabus. Following the completion of the curriculum, the next step should be to practice questions and take Mock Exams on a daily basis to ensure your preparation while also improving your speed and time management skills.

Mock exams are a great method to be ready for the NIFT exam. Mock exams can be used to assess students' preparedness for the tests. It also guarantees that appropriate time is allotted for preparation and review. The more you practise, the more likely you are to do well in the final test.

In the previous few months, the best approach to improve your score has been to take timed mock exams and apply all of the tactics and tricks mentioned above. Taking mock tests will not only help you increase your speed and accuracy on test day, but it will also allow you to assess your level of preparation.

Yes, download free question papers for NIFT exam here. You can get previous year question papers for all stages of selection process.
Toprankers offers free previous year question papers with solutions in this post. Solve the question papers and verify your answers using the solutions. 

Once the Candidates have accomplished the situation test then they will be bestowed with a rank and following the rank, they have to go to the Counselling/ Group Discussion/ Interview round in the NIFT Campus which is allocated to them in the merit list.

Precisely if you check the stats, the number of students who received the chance to appear for the NIFT Situation Test in 2021 is merely a count of 7000 out of 40,000 candidates which makes it only 17.5% percent of the total candidate. Hence we can say that around 15-17% of students get a chance to face the situation test out of the 100% of Candidates who have applied for admission.

Well, To be precise of course there's no fixed manual about how you can Ace your NIFT Situation Test However there are a few key elements that needed to be followed while preparing for your Situation Test, let's have a look at them: Do not forget to prepare a toolkit with the essentials you are going to need for the examination. Always take the Mock Situation test and try to complete them before the time limit so that you can complete your task on time during the examination. Practice and experiment with the materials you have in hand and try to be as resourceful and creative/Innovative as possible.


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