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NID Gandhinagar Placement Drive 2023

Author : Akash Kumar Singh

Updated On : July 14, 2023


Summary: The placement programme at NID Gandhinagar acts as a foundation for students' careers, providing them with the opportunity to showcase their abilities, get valuable employment, and embark on successful professional journeys. In this article, we will look into every aspect of NID Gandhinagar's placement programme, including  

  • the placement packages,  
  • companies that participate,  
  • placement fields,  
  • recognised graduates, and more. 

The National Institute of Design (NID) Gandhinagar belongs to one of India's top design schools and is well-known for its multidisciplinary approach to developing design professionals in a variety of fields. NID Gandhinagar is very proud of its placement programme, which serves as a link between students and their professional goals. 

NID Gandhinagar's placement not only confirms the education obtained but it also opens doors to fascinating professional options. The syllabus at NID Gandhinagar is tough and comprehensive and the placement procedure plays an important role in defining the professional pathways of its students.   

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NID Gandhinagar Placement Process 

The placement process at NID Gandhinagar is meticulously designed to ensure that students are well-prepared and confident when they face prospective employers. Let's take a closer look at the various stages of the placement process: 



Registration and Eligibility Criteria 

  • To participate in the placement program, students must fulfil certain eligibility criteria set by the institute.  
  • These criteria include academic performance, portfolio submission, and any additional requirements specified by the institute. 

Pre-placement Talks 

  • Before the actual placement process begins, NID Gandhinagar organizes pre-placement talks where representatives from companies visit the campus to interact with students.  
  • Pre-placement talks provide valuable insights into the companies' work culture, design philosophies, and expectations from potential candidates. 

Resume Submission 

  • Students are required to submit their resumes, highlighting their skills, achievements, and experiences.  
  • The placement cell reviews these resumes and shortlists candidates based on their compatibility with the requirements of participating companies. 

Portfolio Review 

  • A strong portfolio is a crucial component of a successful design career. NID Gandhinagar emphasizes the development of a comprehensive and visually appealing portfolio.  
  • The placement cell conducts portfolio reviews to provide constructive feedback and guide students in presenting their work effectively. 

Interview Rounds 

  • The final stage of the placement process comprises interview rounds conducted by companies. These interviews assess the students' design aptitude, problem-solving skills, creativity, and ability to work in a team.  
  • The placement cell assists students by organizing mock interviews and workshops to sharpen their interview skills. 

Placement Statistics at NID Gandhinagar 

The placement packages offered to students have been steadily increasing along with various courses offered at NID Gandhunagar. The packages differ depending on factors such as job profile, company size, and student skill set.   

Students in the NID Gandhinagar placement drive 2023 have received significant offers, with the lowest package ranging from INR 12 lakhs per annum, the average package being approximately INR 21.30 lakhs per annum, and the highest package reaching INR 23 lakhs per annum. 

NID Gandhinagar Placement Package 2023

CTC (In INR.) 

Lowest package 

12 LPA 

Average package 

21.30 LPA 

Highest package 

23 LPA 

Companies Participated at NID Gandhinagar Placement 2023

Several well-known companies participate in the placement process at NID Gandhinagar. These companies recognise the value of NID Gandhinagar education and actively seek outstanding students from the institute. Amongst the noteworthy companies that have participated in the placement programme are: 

  • Adobe  
  • Amazon  
  • Apple  
  • BMW 
  • Google  
  • Godrej Industries 
  • Microsoft  
  • Nike  
  • Oracle 
  • Philips 
  • Reliance Industry 
  • Tata Consultancy Services  
  • Volkswagen 
  • Whirlpool 

Placement Fields 

NID Gandhinagar covers a wide range of design disciplines, enabling students to specialize in their area of interest. The placement program caters to various fields, including: 

  • Graphic Design: Students with an aptitude for visual communication and branding can find employment in graphic design companies and advertising agencies. 
  • Product Design: Companies specialising in consumer products, industrial design, and user experience require talented NID Gandhinagar product designers. 
  • Fashion Design: Textile and apparel companies, fashion houses, and home furnishing brands provide opportunities for textile design students. 
  • Animation Design: Students interested in animation may find fascinating employment opportunities in animation studios, gaming companies, and visual effects companies. 
  • Exhibition Design: Museums, exhibition centres, and companies that manage events are looking for exhibition designers that can create interesting spatial experiences. 

Alumni Network and Mentorship 

  • The strong alumni network of NID Gandhinagar plays a crucial role in guiding and mentoring students. Alumni often visit the campus to share their experiences, provide industry insights, and offer valuable advice.  
  • NID Gandhinagar alumni mentorship program helps students gain a broader perspective on career opportunities and build professional connections. 

NID Gandhinagar Notable Alumni 

Some of the notable alumni of NID Gandhinagar include: 

  • Rahul Mishra: He is a fashion designer and veteran of Paris Haute Couture Week and Paris Fashion Week. 
  • Sujata Keshavan: Designer and co-founder of Ray and Keshavan. 
  • Aditya Pande: Well-known contemporary artist. 

NID Gandhinagar Placement Drive

NID Gandhinagar Placement Drive

NID Gandhinagar Placement Drive

NID Gandhinagar provides excellent opportunities to its students in order to boost their design careers. Getting started in the design field as a career can be an exciting and rewarding journey. Here are a few essential steps to begin your design career.  

  • First, develop a strong foundation by studying design principles, typography, and colour theory.  
  • Gain hands-on experience by working on personal projects and building a portfolio showcasing your skills.  
  • Look for internships or entry-level roles to obtain hands-on experience and network with professionals. 
  • Stay updated with industry trends and continuously improve your skills through online courses and workshops.  
  • Finally, showcase your portfolio and apply for design positions that align with your interests and aspirations.  

Design is a competitive field, but it is also immensely rewarding. Cultivate a strong ambition to become a designer. Continue to study, create, and network. 

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