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NALSAR Team Interview on Launch of IPMAT Program

Author : Palak Khanna

Updated On : August 19, 2023


Rahul Vaswani Sir from Supergrads, in conversation with two faculty heads from NALSAR, Mr Pinaki Nandan Pattnaik Sir Head of the Department of Management Studies of NALSAR Hyderabad, and Mr Sidharth Chauhan Sir is the Assistant Professor NALSAR Hyderabad.
These two gentlemen will shed some light on the much-awaited IPM program at the National Academy of Legal Studies and Research, established in 1998 in Shamirpet, Hyderabad.

NALSAR Team Interview on Launch of IPMAT Program

To all who has no idea about NALSAR Hyderabad let me give you a view of it, NALSAR Hyderabad is the one of the oldest and most prominent Law school in India. In 2021 NALSAR has decided to develop the 5-year Integrated Curriculum in Management program (IPM).
It is a one-of-a-kind program for young people interested in pursuing a career in business management. It is a complete management curriculum for students in grades XII and up. NALSAR will give the students Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) and Master of Business Administration (MBA) degrees to complete the program successfully.
NALSAR IPM Program Highlights 2021:

  • Due to unforeseen times, the IPM session for 2021-2026 would commence from Sept 2021, as confirmed by the illustrious professors from the University.
  • The first three years of the curriculum are dedicated to developing solid theoretical foundations, conceptual and practical insights in philosophy, psychology, fine arts, mathematics, economics, law, and management.
  • The following two years have been dedicated to cultivating students' overall development into future business leaders.

Let us explore what NALSAR Hyderabad offers for the 5-year IPM programme through a series of questions posed by our in-house expert Rahul Vaswani Sir and answered by NALSAR faculty Mr Pinaki Nandan Pattnaik Sir and Mr Sidharth Chauhan Sir.

Interview on IPM program with NALSAR 

Question by Rahul Vaswani Sir: What would be the admission formality for the IPM program?
Answered by Pinaki Nandan Pattnaik Sir
: Pinaki Nandan Pattnaik Sir said, "The program prep took 5 long years. We thought about enlarging the prospects for the CLAT aspirants, and hence we took CLAT as a method of admitting exam for this program. But also have IPMAT and JIPMAT  along with JEE; we wanted to expand the idea behind it was the Qualitative Aptitude. These programs are centred around Quantitative Aptitude and not forgoing that human skills and human and social sciences are equally important.
These are the basic parameter of the process; you can visit our Website to register and fill the application giving basic details."

Find the Weightage breakup for Admission on IPM program at NALSAR as listed below-

Components Weightage
10th Grade Performance 12.5%
12th Grade Performance 12.5%
Personal Interview 25%

Question by Rahul Vaswani Sir: How many seats are entitled to this particular course?
Answered by Sidharth Chauhan Sir
: As Sidharth Chauhan Sir explains, "So for the first intake, we have announced 76 seats following the reservation norms. Out of which 12 are reserved for the candidates of Telangana state other 12 are nominated for the foreign nationals, and likely due to pandemic situation, we might not likely fill up all the foreign nationals seats. So the unfilled seats will come back to the general pool."
Find the Intake for IPM session 2021-26 listed below-

No of Seats No of Students
All India Students 48
Telangana 12
Foreign Nationals 12
Total 72

Question by Rahul Vaswani Sir: What are you going to cater to the students coming to your institute for the IPM program?
Answered by Sidharth Chauhan Sir:  Answering this question, Sidharth Sir has also posed a question that "NALSAR is largely known as law school So why should people apply for a management program here? Just by way of background, Dr Pinaki has been heading the MBA programs for the last 8 years; NALSAR is the first Indian NLU to start an MBA program, so we have already developed faculty competence in that area, and technically, we are now expanding the department by initiating a new IPM program from 2021.
So the course structure we are offering in the BBA component has some similarities with the IIMs offered by Indore and Rohtak, but there are also many differences. One way our Faculties from the LLB or other Law programmes would be teaching on the BBA component. It broadens the range of faculties compared with the other institutions where we would be focussing on a different mix.
From the 1st year, students will be exposed to skill-based courses Public Speaking, Critical Thinking and Language. Apart from that, courses also focus on Indian Politics, Indian Society, Media Law, Environmental Law and Law of Torts, Corporate Law. Such subjects are not normally offered at the other BBA schools. 
In a way, we are following the policy of National Education, which is asking all institutions which historically focussed on a single discipline to diversify.

  • Rahul Sir breaks in saying 'that from 2020 every student would be going for the 5 year IMP' to which Sidharth Sir supported him by saying 'that this career option is going to become more popular.
  • Rahul Sir also made an important here is that the multidisciplinary courses are being introduced has a reason behind that because it does a 360-degree dimensional growth of the brain.

Question by Rahul Vaswani Sir: Is it going to be a residential program?
Answered by Pinaki Nandan Pattnaik Sir
: As Panaki Sir intervenes, "It is not a Hyderabad a little away from Hyderabad me and Sidharth we could both relate to this as we come from the city we go back home during every summer break given 2-3 days we feel claustrophobic looking at the same rush and hustle of city life. NALSAR is the Ecozone right beside the Shamirpet lake while the hostels overlook the lake; there is a deer park right beside the campus; overall, it is a fantastic place to experience life.

Question by Rahul Vaswani Sir: Are you also going to include a student exchange program in your curriculum?
Answered by Sidharth Chauhan Sir: So Sidharth Sir taking this question and answers it by saying, "that so far with our MOU with other law schools or universities. At the moment, we didn't have the Exchange program due to the Covid-19 pandemic, but before that, we were sending 20-50 students to Foreign Universities to study there for 1 semester; we send them in 4th and 5th years, and if only they show sufficient maturity based on the academic performance, we will give them a chance to study abroad.

Look at the University associated with NALSAR for Student Exchange Program 

Griffith University Kings College London The University of Oklahoma The Munich I.P. Law Center Munich University of Victoria Singapore Management University
The University of New South Wales University of Warwick Santa Clara University,

Max Planck Institute for I.P. Munich

The University of Western Ontario The Radzyner School of Law, Israel
Southern Cross University Cardiff University, Aligner of Minneapolis, Freiburg University Law School, Freiburg Maastricht University, Netherlands
University of Illinois College of Law University of East London Lewis & Clark Law School Portland, Oregon
The Queensland  University of Technology, The School of Oriental & African Studies (SOAS), University of London Stamford University, Birmingham, Alabama,

Question by Rahul Vaswani Sir: What kind of opportunities will you give to the students who will be a part of this IPM program?
Answered by Pinaki Nandan Pattnaik Sir
: Pinaki Sir starts with a comment saying, " 'When you are sweat in preparation the fruits of Success are sweater' our program is built around enhancing capability and skills that the industry is looking for. This includes a structured internship program and 1st Internship with the NGOs and then with the 2nd with the startups, and the last two will be with the Corporate houses because it would also measure your theoretical knowledge; Apart from these, you would also have LIVE projects Industry Interfaces while the idea is to prepare the students mentally and psychologically strong to enter the industry. Our TPAC, which is the Training and Advisory Cell, is run by a placement officer who studied at IIM Rohtak. They work around enhancing the ability and aspiration of students it would map out possibilities of individual aspirants while preparing them for jobs".

Question by Rahul Vaswani Sir: IPM is a high fee course. Would you suggest students take educational loans if required?
Answered by Sidharth Chauhan Sir: Sidharth Sir answering" our fee structure at the moment is Rs. 4.2 lakhs per annum, out of which Rs. 3 lakhs is the tuition fee, and the remaining amount is the hostel expenses etc. Until we start the physical class, we would only be taking the tuition fees; once the physical classes start, we would put the other charges. Looking at the 5-year plan, the cost would be approximate Rs.20 lakhs. If you compare us with the other business schools, their fee is higher than us. While talking in terms of students finance, we give Govt. Scholarships, Internal Scholarships and also help in with Bank Loans at a low rate of interest".

Question by Rahul Vaswani Sir: How is the Campus?
Answered by Pinaki Nandan Pattnaik Sir:
Pinaki Sir says, "As soon as you enter NALSAR gate you would see modern infrastructure, huge library which is not only physical but digital, faculty residence, stadium, badminton court, football ground. 4 lawn tennis court, 2-3 basketball courts open green spaces for Yoga, dancing and theatrics. It is a beautiful potpourri of holistic development; what matters is you have to participate".
Let's look at the NALSAR campus life-

  • The NALSAR campus, which spans 55 acres, is a beautiful blend of solid architecture and lush greenery.
  • With its diversity of trees, vast landscapes, and elegantly built structures, the campus is frequently compared to a nature resort by first-time visitors and parents.
  • The campus has large dining halls, apartment complexes (one for men and one for women), a stadium, tennis grounds, and even a small swimming pool.
  • While lessons take up the first part of the day, when the sun sets behind the highlands and trees on the horizon, the campus alleys and pavements come alive.
  • Teachers and students are frequently observed conversing over tea. The night canteens, which are located in each dormitory complex, are where the conversation shifts.

Question by Rahul Vaswani Sir: Why IMP from NALSAR Hyderabad?
Answered by Pinaki Nandan Pattnaik Sir:
Panaki Sir disclosing this "We are the only University that broadens the horizon for CLAT Aspirants for that you have to be in the top 200 now few more can come in as it opens up for the IPM program. We prepare you with the management skills with the knowledge of the law. Knowing law prepares you to perform better; thus the possibility of losing is very less".

Question by Rahul Vaswani Sir: So IMP from NALSAR Hyderabad can shape an individual's life?
Answered by Sidharth Chauhan Sir: Answering this, Sidharth Sir says," We teach and prepare students to question the socio-political and economic process constantly. So the training would not only include business and law but also will include Analytical philosophy. We aim to give students a holistic and well-rounded education and prepare them the best version of themselves. We are also giving them the flexibility to choose and opt from the programs and open up more career options for them". 

Question by Rahul Vaswani Sir: Why IMP from NALSAR Hyderabad is equivalent to IMP from the renowned IIMs?
Answered by Pinaki Nandan Pattnaik Sir: Pinaki takes no time answering this "
IIMs are a category and are the torchbearers for  Management studies since decades so as the NLUs they have been there for the legal education. Hence, we are going to create who are ethically and legally sound managers and bring the education and experience would be nothing different than the IIMs gives you".

Question by Rahul Vaswani Sir: Why should any student take the IPM program after standard 12th, and why can't he join a PG program after graduating?
Answered by Sidharth Chauhan Sir: Sidharth Sir elaborating on this," I believe that students who are clear about choosing this career path make sense to take an early decision and acquire a foundation in business and business administration. After which, if you want to look at the PG options, you would be much stronger. For instance, this is the reason we are giving the flexibility to choose at the end of the 3 years, and our coursework is prepared likewise and expand the options for our aspirants".

While the long, in-depth discussion comes to a close with the two faculty experts from NALSAR Hyderabad, advising aspirants.

Advice given by Pinaki Sir to every student "Success should not be measured only by the outcome but also with the efforts that you made which counts your perseverance and dedication".

Sidharth Sir advice to the Aspirants is, "Don't be stressed! Give your best whatever may be the outcome".


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