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Karnataka Judiciary Exam Preparation Tips 2021

Author : Palak Khanna

Updated On : April 3, 2023


Judicial Services are one of the prestigious jobs for candidates who have completed their bachelor's degree in law. Across India, the Judiciary Exam is conducted separately for each state. Recently, the Karnataka Judiciary released a notification for filling up 53 vacancies in the Karnataka High Court. As the exam date is not yet announced, aspirants can gear up their Karnataka Judiciary Exam Preparation by following expert suggestions and tips. This article explains preparation strategies, tips, tricks, and also important books to be referred to prepare well. 

Karnataka Judiciary Preparation Tips 2021

  • The selection process includes three stages i.e., Prelims, Mains, and Viva-Voce. Candidates qualifying all three stages above the cut off will be eligible for final selection. 
  • Before proceeding with the preparation, it is very important to be thorough with the detailed Judiciary Exam Syllabus. Ensure to make a note of all topics included in prelims and mains. 
  • Candidates must understand all these important topics in-depth and be well prepared. This post provides detailed topic-wise preparation strategies for both Prelims and Mains exam.

Karnataka Judiciary Prelims Exam Preparation Tips 2021

The prelims exam is conducted for 100 marks with 100 multiple-choice questions. If you are worried about how to prepare for Karnataka Judiciary 2021 Prelims exam, then here are the detailed tips and tricks. Go through the subject-wise Karnataka Judicial Service Exam Preparation methods. 

rajasthan Judiciary Online Coaching

rajasthan Judiciary Online Coaching

Indian Contract Act

  • Students must read all the basic concepts and be thorough with them. 
  • In the exam, definitions will be asked and students must answer the heading of the definition. So basic reading would be enough for cracking this section.
  • Make sure all the concepts under each case law and studied and covered.
  • Some of the important case laws are Harvey vs Faisile, Lalman Shukla vs Gowri Dutt, Carlill vs Carbolic Smoke Ball company.
  • Terms like Void, Voidable, Legal, Illegal, agreement, Contract must be covered and definitions must be understood well.
  • Knowing the Examples and illustrations given after the sections numbers would help in Karnataka Judicial Service Exam Preparation. 

NI Act 1981 (Negotiable Instrumentation)

  • This subject requires covering the time period given for each topic.
  • Understand the basic definition clauses, section 4: promissory note, section 5: bill of exchange, section 6: regarding a cheque, section 7: drawer.
  • Chapter 2 regarding notes, bills, and cheques are very important. So make sure to read and understand the topics in depth.
  • Section 138 is very important for this Act. There are no tough topics to be studied in the NI Act, however, definitions that are covered under the subject must be read well.

CPC (Code of Civil Procedure)

  • The basic reading of topics mentioned under the Contract Act must be done. 
  • Section 1 - 25 is very important to be studied. Order numbers 1-10 and Order 27-37 are also important and considered as the core area for CPC preparation.
  • Important sections like Section 60, 61, 35, 35A must be covered under CPC. Also, Section 26, 27, 28, 31, 33, 34, 38, 39, 40, 45, 50, 55, 57, 60 (very important). 
  • In addition 80, 81, 82 are very important in this subject. The majority of the questions are asked from these important sections and orders. But going through all sections is also good for scoring more as we never know unexpected questions.

Karnataka Rent Act

  • Every state has its own Rent Act, however, some of the important topics are the Number of days, the Eviction act, and many others. 
  • There is no specific preparation strategy for this subject as you need to study all the topics in-depth and be prepared.
  • Ensure to understand any topic in detail and make a note of important terminologies. This can help in answering any question asked. 

The Constitution of India

  • In this subject, the basic provisions like Preamble, Article numbers, parts of the constitution, and in specific the amendments made to the constitution.
  • Make sure to be thorough with the numbers in which amendment is applicable to what. 

Indian Evidence Act

  • Knowing the basics is very important. Terms covered under the Act as presumptions may presume Shall presume are important.
  • Also, Section number 1-32 is very important. Go through the whole act and be thorough with each of them.
  • After 136, section 101-146 is very important. Make sure to read all of these in-depth. 
  • Also, go through the illustrations provided as it helps in enhancing Karnataka Judiciary Exam Preparation. The criminal Procedure Code and Indian Penal Code is also important.

CRPC - code of Criminal procedure

  • Basic definitions are very important like complaint, charges, investigation, inquiry.
  • Generally, trials are not much important in Judiciary exams, but for Karnataka Judiciary read the Trials once. After section 154, area of investigation, and 190-210, area od charges had to be read in-depth.
  • Section 1-40, 41-60 is very important for this state.

Indian Penal Code

  • Section 34, 35, 149 are very important. Apart from it, after the Criminal law Amendment Act, candidates should study those sections. 
  • Also, offensive sections and their illustrations must be read and prepare thoroughly. 
  • Compounding of offensive section 320 must also be covered.

Karnataka Judiciary Mains Exam Preparation 2021

The Karnataka Judiciary Mains Exam consists of four papers i.e., Law paper 1, 2, 3, and English to Hindi Translation, and Essay Writing. 

  • The translation is asked for 30 marks while the essay writing is for 70 marks
  • Other three law papers are asked for 100 marks each. 
Paper Maximum Marks
Translation Paper 100 marks
Law Paper I 100 marks
Law Paper II 100 marks
Law Paper III 100 marks
Total 400 marks
  • The first important strategy is that candidates need to be quick enough to complete the entire question paper in 3 hours.
  • So, improving writing skills is highly important.
  • practicing previous year question papers is important. This can help in scoring more marks and 
  • For translation, candidates must read Legal Journals and daily newspapers to come across new words. 
  • Also, write a minimum of 300 words from each paper for translation

How to Present the Answer Paper

  • You will be given an A4 sheet of paper for writing answers.
  • Answers can be written only in the 16 lines. 
  • A border must be left along all four sides.
  • Good handwriting can fetch more marks.
  • Practice handwriting and copywriting to get neat handwriting. Also, avoid spelling mistakes.

How to Answer

  • If asked for any definition for any term, candidates must define the term as per the Bare Act only. You cannot write in your own language.
  • For differentiation or asked difference between two sections: make a two-column table and tabulate the differences.
  • When there is a question asked about elaborate or discuss: write your own opinion and then legal key points that support the question.
  • If there is a question asking you to Explain, then you must write the meaning, illustration, and any judgment concerned to the point.
  • The most important tip is to minimize your number of words. Make sure you stick to the point. Do not exceed the word limit. For a 10 marks question, your word limit will be 400-500 words. 
  • The content you write, English Langauge used, and neat presentation are the three parameters checked upon in the Mains exam. 

Karnataka Judiciary Exam Books

Books are one of the best preparation companions in any exam. The same is applicable to the Karnataka State Judicial Service Exam. Here are a few important books prescribed by experts for an enhanced Karnataka Judiciary Exam Preparation. Check out these below tabulated Judiciary Exam Books and boost your preparation.

Subject Book Name Author Features
Criminal Law, Indian Penal Code, Indian Evidence Act Bear Act Criminal Manual Universal For Objective type questions going through Bear Act is important and helpful
Criminal Procedure Criminal Procedure  K.N. Chandrashekaran Pillai For the subjective part, this book is very much recommended. 
Indian Evidence Act The Law of Evidence Central Law Agency Each topic in Evidence is explained in depth
Indian Penal Code Indian Penal Code K.D.Gaur For the subjective part, this is the best book
Question papers & Guide Guide to Judicial Service Examination Universal This book includes sample papers and previous year question papers. 
Code of Civil Procedure Code of Civil Procedure Bare Act, Universal This book explains each topic in-depth
Code of Civil Procedure Civil Procedure with Limitation Act C.K.Takwani Another book for the same topic. This also can be referred for a better understanding of topics.
Indian Contract Act Indian Contract Act Dr. R.K.Bangia Along with Bear Act, this book will help in subjective part

Frequently Asked Questions

The Delhi Judiciary Exam selection process varies for each state. However, three major stages are involved in selecting candidates for Judiciary posts: Preliminary Exam, Mains Exam, and Viva-Voce.

The Preliminary exam syllabus varies for a few states. but there are a few common topics in each state that include General Knowledge, the Constitution of India, Code of Civil Procedure, Criminal Procedure Code, Transfer of Property Act, Indian Contract Act, Indian Penal Code, Indian Evidence Act, and Law of Torts.

The High Court of Karnataka released a total of 57 civil judge posts for Karnataka Judiciary Recruitment.
The in-hand salary of a Karnataka High Court Civil Judge ranges between Rs 27,700 - Rs 44,700 per month. 
It will help you to learn more about the test format, the difficulty level of the test, and the weighting of each subject in the examination, which will boost candidates' speed, performance, and knowledge about the most sluggish topics and the least time-consuming topic so that their approach will conveniently cover up all the questions.
Civil Law -I and Civil Law -II previous year papers are included in the Delhi Judicial Service Mains Question Paper in PDF format, which can be directly downloaded by clicking on the above links.

For the static GK use capsules available on the internet or any of Lucents or Arihant’s Gk books and for Current Affairs preparation, reading the newspapers regularly is sufficient.

Practice as many objective questions as you can, for english you can refer to Objective General English by R.S. Aggarwal and Lucent’s Computer for questions relating to computers.

One can read any good newspaper for Current Affairs preparation, Usually The Hindu is preferred by judiciary exam aspirants due to its precise and concise articles.


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