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How to get 90+ Marks in Economics Class 12 CBSE Board?

Author : Palak Khanna

Updated On : September 1, 2023


The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) Class 12 is the main class for the students because the marks obtained in 12th Board will decide their college life and future career opportunities. The Economics subject for class 12 is one of the main subjects for Commerce and Humanities Stream Students but for Science stream students it is an optional subject.

The class 12th Economics paper consists of questions of 1, 3, 4, and 6 marks. In the paper there will be 10 questions of 1 mark each in the very short answer type category i.e. you have to give answers in one line, 6 questions of 3 marks each in the first short answer type category i.e. you have to give answers in 50 to 60 words, 6 questions of 4 marks each in the second short answers type category i.e. you have to give answers in 70 to 90 words, and 8 questions of 6 marks each in the long answer type category i.e. you have to give answers in 100 to 120 words.

In the class 12th Economics paper, students will be examined on Recollecting, Understanding, Application, HOTS, and Evaluation skills. The Recollecting and Understanding holds a weightage of 25% each, and Application, HOTS, and Evaluation hold a weightage of 50%. So, you should use theoretical knowledge with real-life situations and understand the topics rather than overloading them with your head.

How to Prepare for the Class 12 CBSE Economics Exam

Mentioned below are some of the basic preparation tips for the CBSE class 12 Economics examinations.

  • Firstly, you should go through the most important topics chapter-wise, and mark them so that at the time of revision it will be easier for you to recognize the important topics in each chapter.
  • You have to read, understand, and learn all the topics given in the NCERT book because NCERT books are ordered by CBSE. After reading, understanding, and Learning all the topics from the NCERT book thoroughly, you should study from reference books which are easily available in the market for doing more practice and gaining more knowledge.
  • The student should make notes of each chapter’s definition, important points, formulas, relationships between different economics variables and also mark the important part of the points while making the notes. This note-making will help you at the time of final revision before the examination.
  • After studying and understanding the concept, and making notes of the important things, you have to examine your knowledge and your understanding of how much you have learned and understood from studying and making notes. You have to examine it by giving as many mock tests, sample papers, and attempt previous year’s papers. By doing this you will get to know where you are lacking in the practice and will give an idea of the paper pattern also.
  • To score 90 + in economics in class 12 CBSE board examination, you have to regularly revise all the concepts. Revising all the topics regularly will help to recall and you will not forget the previously studied concepts.
  • The Economics subjects include both Theories as well as Numerical. For the theoretical part, you should practice answer writing. This will increase your speed in writing the answers. For the numerical part, you should practice as much as numerical from NCERT and other reference books also.

How to get 90+ Marks in Economics Class 12 CBSE Board?

There are some of the very important points that the student should definitely follow to score 90+ marks in economics class 12 CBSE Boards: -

  • The first and foremost step is that you should be interested in studying economics. You have to study economics with full honesty and dedication. You have to generate interest in you to study economics. Once you have created interest in studying economics that your 30% of the work is done by scoring 90+ marks on boards.
  • You have to understand the concept thoroughly, not just you have to fill the concept in your head. You have to relate it with real-life situations and then the concept will be clear to you very quickly. You have to get conceptual knowledge by taking classes/self – study, taking tuition, and etc. Always remember smart work will give you successful results only once hard work is done.
  • You have to give proper time to economics like other subjects. Not just practicing accounts and maths the whole day and in the last 2 3 months, you will study economics never do this. You should study daily for 45 minutes to 60 minutes, this will help you only.
  • You should practice making labeled diagrams. If you will make labeled diagrams in the examination to explain the question then, it will be beneficial for you because by making labeled diagrams it will become easier for the teacher to check the answer and the teacher will know that the student is aware of the answer of this question and will give you full marks by just looking at the labeled diagram.
  • You should write answers in points, not in paragraphs. This will be beneficial for you because the examiner will be happy if he will see the answers in points and it will be easy for them to check.
  • You should write the answer in this way – first, write the definition, then make a labeled diagram, and explain the diagram and write the answer in points. By doing this you will get full marks for that answer.
  • You should study the topics which are easier for you, which you know that that topic is my strength and I can easily score marks if any question comes from that topic. So you should be through with that topic.
  • After studying the easy topics, the students should cover all the maximum weightage topics, so that they can score 90+ marks in economics easily. For eg. The National Income topic and the Money and banking topic hold maximum weightage so the students should study these topics nicely to obtain good marks in economics subject.
  • After studying easy topics and covering maximum weightage topics you should study short topics which will take less time to get finished.
  • Try to complete your whole syllabus without leaving a single topic. And once you should read all the topics and practice all the questions while studying.
  • You should try to attempt the full exam without leaving any question in the examination. This will increase your chances to score 90+ marks in economics or if you leave any of the questions unanswered then you should know that from how many marks you will be getting the marks. For eg if you leave 10 marks questions out of 100 marks then automatically you will be scored out of 90 marks. So try to attempt a full examination.
  • You should prepare short and easily readable and understandable notes. This will be beneficial for you till the examination. And you can do one thing that you can read the notes on a daily basis so that at the final time you won’t get in any trouble.
  • You should practice writing the examination this will be good for you because by doing this you will get aware that in 1, 3, 4, and 6 marks how many words will be sufficient so that you will score 90+ in the economics examination in class 12 CBSE boards.
  • Prepare a proper timetable for studying and doing other non-essential things.

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