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The 12 boards are a vital achievement in the life of a student. The scores you get in your result play a vital role in establishing your future. As per our educational system, the students with more marks get more opportunities than others. As such, it is vital to ensure that you give your best in the examination. Mathematics is a crucial subject among the wide range of subjects that the students are tested upon. You can take a look at the detailed information regarding the 12th Maths Question Paper here.

  • Different boards have different patterns and format of question papers. 
  • It is vital that the sample papers and question papers of previous years be solved on a daily basis to enhance your preparation.
  • The dates of the examination must be kept in mind while creating a time table for preparation.
  • The post cites detailed information on the 12th Maths Question Paper, sample papers, the importance of solving these papers, and preparation tips for different boards regarding mathematics.

Importance of solving the 12th Math’s Question Paper

Mathematics is a relatively difficult subject that needs an extreme focus on concentration. The syllabus for the class 12 maths is quite lengthy and needs to be practiced daily for gaining a fruitful result. There are plenty of reasons as to why you must solve 12th Maths Question Paper from previous years and sample papers.

Given below are some of these reasons. 

  • Boosts self-confidence – The repeated practice of 12th Maths Question Paperaids in letting the students be aware of their weaknesses and strengths. When they solve a question paper, they are able to understand the sections they excel and the ones that they need to further work on. In this way, you can figure out which topics need to be practiced more, and you can also calculate how many topics you are sure to excel. 
  • Aids in alleviating the fears and anxiety of the exam – Solving the question papers can help you a great deal in eliminating any fears that you might have regarding the examination. By solving more and more maths paper, you can gain a brief idea about the question pattern, and thus, the fear of the unknown does not remain anymore. 
  • A perfect way to revise – Revision is the key to attaining the highest number in an examination. You must revise the given topics as much as you can. Solving these 12th Maths Question Papers is a form of revision, and is extremely beneficial for you.
  • Time Management – Often, students lose marks not because they do not know the solutions, but due to the fact that they did not have enough time to solve it. Managing the time to solve the entire paper is utterly crucial. You can have better time management if you keep on solving papers within a limited time. It not only aids you in keeping a track of time but also improves your speed.
  • Brief knowledge about the format- Once, you start solving the 12th Maths Question Paper, you will find that it is easy to find a pattern. A certain section includes certain topics, and each topic is given a particular score. If you can analyze the pattern and figure how the total marks are distributed, then you will find it easier to prepare. From there, you can choose to focus more on the topics that are given more marks than the others. 

How to prepare for Maths in the 12th Board 

No matter how easy or difficult that you find mathematic to be, it is essential that you prepare for the 12th board with focus and determination. The preparation tips for some of the notable boards are listed below. Check it out so that you can employ the necessary preparation for tips to enhance your knowledge and attain flying colors in your result.

Tips for CBSE Board Preparation

The CBSE board for the examination of the 12th standard is the last milestone of a student studying under the CBSE board before entering college. As such, the examination is not extremely easy and needs to be prepared with seriousness. Take a look at the preparation tips so that you can adopt them in order to have a better result. 

  • Self-study: Although the importance of school and private coaching classes cannot be denied, self-study is vital too. It is not enough to simply absorb all the information and knowledge shared by your teachers. You must also have a sufficient self-study time so that you can reflect on the things that you are taught.
  • When you dedicate a certain amount of time for self-studying, then you can analyze the things that you have learned and process them. While processing them, you can also highlight the parts that you couldn't understand, and then ask your teachers again for clarification.
  • Solve the sample papers: The CBSE board releases sample papers for all subjects, including the 12th Maths Question Paper. It is done quite sometime before the actual board examination takes place. By solving these papers, you can analyze the question pattern. You also have an idea of what kind of question may be given. Apart from this, the sample papers provide a perfect opportunity to understand how much score assigned to each topic.
  • Make a timetable: Adequate planning is needed if you want to ace the mathematics question paper. You must prepare a time table and make it as detailed as possible. In the time slot, you have dedicated to mathematics, you need to allot various topics for various days so that all the topics are revised as per your priority. The topics holding more marks than others need to be practised more.
  • Solve the papers of the previous years: You must solve the previous 12th Maths Question Paperregularly. Doing so will aid you in revising the syllabus. You can also keep track of your preparation and note the areas that need improvement. Moreover, you will also find some repetitive questions in certain years. Focusing on these questions might help you get a common or two in the question paper.
  • Don’t forget to take breaks: While shifting your entire focus to studying is appreciable, you must also ensure that you take regular breaks. Keep in mind that your brain also needs some time to recharge. Moreover, studying over an extremely long period of time might result in you not absorbing a thing, and wasting the whole time. As such, you must take adequate breaks in between long hours of studying. You can spend your time listening to songs or simply watch your favorite show.

Tips for ISC Board Preparation

While the ICSE (which is the board exam for the examination of the 10th grade) is comparatively easy, the ISC Board can be quite difficult. You must obtain a sense of determination if you want to attain academic excellence. Given below are the preparation tips that you can follow while preparing for the mathematics paper of the ISC Board. 

  • Solve the ten years book: ISC board releases a book that contains the question paper of all the subjects in all the streams of class 12 for the last ten years. Solve the previous ten years 12th Maths Question Paper. Analyze the questions given and find out if there are any repetitive questions. Give special attention to them while solving these papers regularly as a form of revision.
  • The solution must be detailed: Whenever you are solving a particular mathematics question, you need to solve it in a detailed manner. You must not cut out any steps just because you think it is too easy or you think it is not required. Keep in mind that the Board allocates marks to every step, and as such cutting off steps might not be wise. Moreover, if your answer is incorrect, but you have followed the steps correctly, then you will be awarded a portion of the marks allocated for the steps.
  • Follow certain books: The ISC Board provides a reference to certain books that are followed by most of the schools. By solving the mathematics given in these books, you will find huge similarities between the question paper and the maths problems given in the books. If you are determined to have a high score, you must follow these books religiously. 
  • Focus on the roots: In order to have a better understanding of a topic in maths, you must have a clear concept of the specific topic. Start from scratch by clearing out any doubts that you may have while building the foundation. Once you are clear about the details, you can proceed in solving the questions given. It is extremely vital that your confusion are cleared to avoid issues in the future.
  • Choose the questions carefully: When you have the 12th Maths Question Paper in your hand in the examination hall, you need to take a deep breath. After relaxing, you must take a detailed look at the paper and select the ones you want to solve with deliberation. Focus on the ones that you are completely sure of. 

Tips for Other State-level Board Preparations

The state-level boards for class 12 need an adequate amount of concentration. Mathematics is quite an important subject, and hence, the question paper is a reflection of its importance. Check out the preparation tips given below so that you can start the preparations for the boards immediately.

  • Follow a schedule: The months before the examination can be quite stressful. As such, you are prone to falling sick and becoming weak. It is why following a certain schedule is extremely vital. Make a schedule with considerable time for breakfast, lunch, snacks, dinner and breaks in between. If you can follow the schedule with an appropriate amount of sleep, then you will feel relaxed as well as energized while studying.
  • Find your own method of studying: Studying over a long period of time will let you know which methods work the best for you. Some students find it motivating when they study with others. They flourish when they can interact with other classmates. If you fall under this category, then you must find a study buddy. There are also some students who find it best to study alone. In that case, a study in a place that is quiet, and lets you concentrate the fullest.
  • Practice the question paper of previous years: It is only with practice that you can hope to attain perfection. You must practice the 12th Maths Question Paper of the previous years, and enhance yourself with the knowledge about the question pattern and the allocation of marks.
  • Reduce the use of social media: You might find it difficult to completely isolate yourself from the outside world. Therefore, you need to do this bit by bit. Reduce the amount of time that you used to give to social media platforms. Keep in mind that examination comes once in a lifetime, and you do not get do-overs. If you feel particularly weak, or feel you are about to succumb to the temptation, then simply switch off your phone and keep it away from you.
  • Make a note of all the important things: For a quick look, you can make a list of all the formulas, derivations, and other important stuff that you need to remember. You can take a look at this before entering the examination hall. Also, by seeing this list every day, you can ingrain the information into your memory.

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