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AILET 2020 Topper Interview: Success Story of AILET AIR 1

Author : Palak Khanna

Updated On : April 3, 2023


AILET 2020 Result declaration has brought happiness to so many students aspiring admission to the NLU Delhi. One such student among all the aspirants is the AILET Topper Anhad Kaur Mehta.

She has secured AIR 1 in the recent exam conducted by NLU Delhi. She has shared her preparation strategy, about faculties or resources that helped her achieve her goal.

Heartiest Congratulations from Toprankers-LegalEdge to AIR 1 AILET Topper and other students who achieved a chance to be a part of their dream college!

Here is a glimpse of AILET Topper Interview:

Q1. How confident did you feel after the exam got over?

Ans. First of all, I'd say more than confident, I felt relieved that the exam was somehow conducted. I had not been sure of the AIR 1 in the exam, however was expecting to be a part of top 10. The AILET Topper; AIR 1 was a pleasant surprise!

Q2. Like every other exam preparation, Law Exam Preparation was tough or did you face challenges?

Ans. The preparation journey anyways comes up with sacrifices. I did give up on things I liked but I am glad all of it paid off. I had faced challenges in the initial days. I had spoken to Karan Sir (Director of LegalEdge) about the problems I was facing. I was guided and explained all through my preparation journey. I wasn't really afraid of my scores in the exam but I wanted to put in all my efforts to score a good rank.

Q3. How did you keep yourself motivated for the preparations despite challenges?

Ans. I have never got demotivated inspite of the problems and challenges which is why I am here, sharing my AILET Success Story. 

I have never got criticised by my family for anytime I score less in the exams or in the mocks. I'll also dedicate the credit of my success to the continuous motivation and positivity that you'll experience if you become a part of LegalEdge Tutorials.

Q4. How did you manage Class 12 and AILET Preparations? Was it difficult?

Ans. I had majorly made this decision of opting for law courses in my Class 10 while I was finalising my stream. That's when I realised I need to make sure I manage the preparation of related entrances and board exams together. I have been into this "Divide and Rule" preparation principle- I divided my day dedicated to Revision of what happened in school and my Law Coaching at LegalEdge. Also, the current situation gave me ample to revise and devote more time to the exam preparation.

Q5. In your opinion, when should one start their preparation or appear for mock test series?

Ans. The preparation for the exam, in my opinion, must be started as early as possible. More than the start, I would say one must be consistent. Learning and preparing for the exam needs guidance since previous year papers and syllabus hardly give you an idea of the exam. I'd surely recommend mentorship at LegalEdge to someone looking forward to appear for the exam. 

For mocks, I think one must not wait to finish 50%-80% syllabus since AILET can have new topic additions as well. The previous year analysis hardly give you an idea about the questions asked in the exam, however, the pattern is predictable. I'd suggest after a decent understanding or for probably inculcating practice for the exam, one must attempt AILET Mock Test Series.

Q6. How would you recommend one to study English Section for the exam?

Ans. First of all, I'd mention English as per my observation is quite underrated by many students. The English asked in law entrance exams is not at all similar to the one we use in our daily life. There are specific or to-the-point questions in the exam which can make it difficult to crack the exam. Don't overlook English, it is surely the most scoring section in the exam.

I'll say dividing English in equal parts can help. I have been into regular reading, also, we receive a list of important vocab words in our classes which are revised regularly at the coaching. This helped me recall most of them during the exam.

For English Grammar preparation, I'd recommend not just learning but implementing the rules in your daily life can help you remember them during the exam. This really helps!

For RC (Reading Comprehension), I had cultivated a regular reading habit. I read "The Hindu" regularly specially the editorial part. The language, the difficulty, matches the question paper for AILET and CLAT as well.

Q7. What was your preparation strategy for Current Affairs section?

Ans. As per the recommendation and resources I received from my teachers at LegalEdge, I just followed preparing from current affairs starting from the month June 2019. I have had a regular habit of reading newspaper which also boosted my confidence for this section.

Q8. Logical Reasoning is a challenging section for many, was it the same for you? Also, share some of your strategies for preparing reasoning.

Ans. Not challenging but you can say I had less interest in Logical Reasoning. But yes, if one has to score well in the exam, focusing on it is equally important. My primary focus was Critical Reasoning since it is asked more than the typical reasoning questions.

I'd recommend to study from MK Panday on Analytical Reasoning for the preparation of Critical Reasoning. I also analysed passages from Newspapers since it was required for CLAT Preparation as well.

Mock test is yet another important resource, since this section demands practice for both Critical Reasoning and General reasoning. 

Q9. How did you go about Maths Preparation for AILET?

Ans. Maths is indeed tough and calculative. I have been afraid of this section personally. The questions are not at all predictable in this section, which is why Mocks and practice papers or previous year papers are the most helpful resource.

The key to crack this section for people who are not friends with Maths or are afraid of it is "Short Tricks". I have been shared short tricks and tips by our faculty to reduce the time spent on deriving formulae or calculating answers. 

Also, I'd say there are a few topics that must be paid attention for the exam preparation: Time and Work, Time Speed and Distance, Percentage, Ratio and Proportion etc. 

Q 10. If you had to mention your AILET Success Story in a one-liner, what would that be?

Ans. Umm, my AILET Success Story in just a statement would be "Dream It! Drive It! Be in Focus!"


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