RRB Group D Exam Analysis 19th November 2018 & Questions Asked

The 1st Shift of RRB Group D Exam of 19th November 2018, is over. Exam Analysts at TopRankers, are here to provide a detailed analysis of the exam. This analysis shall help in evaluating your performance. You can even get an estimate of your score. All those who are yet to appear for the exam can find this analysis helpful too. The RRB Group D Exam consists of 4 sections - Mathematics, General Intelligence and Reasoning, General Science and General Awareness & Current Affairs. The overall exam timing is 90 minutes and for every wrong answer, 0.25 marks will be deducted. Explore the overall as well as sectional difficulty level, topic-wise weightage, no. of good attempts and Questions asked.

RRB Group D Shift 1 Exam Analysis – 19th November

The table below shows the safer attempts of RRB Group D Shift 1.

RRB Group D Good Attempts of the 1st shift – 19th November 2018
Name Of the Subject No. Of Questions Marks Difficulty Level No. Of Good Attempts
Mathematics 25 25 Moderate 14-18
General Intelligence and Reasoning 30 30 Easy to Moderate 15-17
General Science 25 25 Easy to Moderate 15-18
General Awareness & Current Affairs 20 20 Easy to Moderate 15-19
Overall 100 100 Easy to Moderate 58-64

Overview of RRB Group D Shift 1 Exam - 19th November 2018

The 1st shift of RRB Group D was Moderate. Questions had a new pattern today. Find section-wise questions and topics asked below:

RRB Group D Exam Analysis 19th November Shift 1 – Mathematics

  • If the interest is 20% for 2 years, The difference in simple and compound interest is Rs. 48. What will be the principal amount?
  • A shopkeeper reduces 20% of the printed price and still earns a profit of 20%. If the printed price is Rs. 800, what will be the Cost price?
  • The avg. weight of 180 students in a school is 50. The boy’s average is 60 whereas girl’s average is 45. What is the no. of boys and girls in the school?

RRB Group D Exam Analysis 19th November Shift 1 - General Science

  • What is the speed of sound?
  • Which is the lightest metal of all?
  • Which device is used to measure the earthquake?
  • What is the deficiency of blood in the human body called?
  • Which part of a Human body is affected by snake bite?
  • What kind of image is formed in the retina?
  • What is the pH value of NaCl?
  • Which gas leaked during the Bhopal gas tragedy?
  • Where is Zygote formed?
  • What is the atomic number of Chlorine?
  • What is the chemical name of H2SO4

RRB Group D Exam Analysis 19th November Shift 1 - General Awareness & Current Affairs

  • Where was the 29th International Yoga festival was organized?
  • Lal Ji tendon is the Governor of which Indian state?
  • When is world student day celebrated?
  • When was India’s biggest global skill part was inaugurated?
  • What is the capital of Mizoram?
  • Who is the chief secretary of UNO?
  • Who is the brand ambassador of Skill India?
  • Who was appointed as the first female secretary in Loksabha?
  • Who is appointed as the chairman of National anti-profiteering Authority?
  • Who is appointed as the chief secretary of Delhi?
  • Where was the hornbill festival celebrated?
  • Which state has allowed the idea of hanging as a punishment?
  • Which was the first to provide a mailing address in Hindi?
  • Which country started the digital currency ‘Petro’?
  • Which Indian state organized the 6th international Tourists festival?

RRB Group D Exam Analysis 19th November Shift 1 - General Intelligence and Reasoning

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Tips for upcoming Shifts

Go through the basic concepts of Science. Also, revise through the formula charts for the numerical paper. Go through on the current affairs of last 3 months.

Keep all your documents such as; admit card & photo identity proof ready. The RRB Group D admit card is available for downloading in RRB official site. Also, you can download the admit card in a single click through the link below:

Download RRB Group D Admit Card

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