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Best Career Options After B.Arch 2023 [Opportunities, Jobs & Salary]

Author : Tanya Kaushal

Updated On : October 10, 2023


Summary: Discover the world beyond architecture! Dive into the diverse and dynamic career avenues that await you after your B.Arch degree. Let's explore the Best Career Options After B.Arch 2023!

Are you aspiring to pursue your career in planning, designing, and constructing buildings or any other structures? If Yes, architecture is probably the most appropriate field of study for you.

In India, B. Arch is one of the most popular architectural courses as it provides a plethora of career options after completing your degree.

However, most of you may not be aware of the available options that you can opt to go on the path of a bright and stable career in this field.

This post shall guide you through detailed information about Best Career Options After B.Arch 2023, such as higher studies, career profiles, salary, and more.

Best Career Options After B.Arch 2023: Scope for Higher Studies after B.Arch

After completing your B Arch degree, you will have two options, which are a job and going for higher studies in the same field. To go for higher studies, you have to apply for Architecture Entrance Exams.

Most students go for higher studies because it provides an opportunity for high job profiles and high salary packages.

The following are some courses that you can opt for after completing your B.Arch course:

Best Career Options After B.Arch 2023 - 

  • M. Arch
  • Master of Urban Design (M. Des)
  • Masters in Project Management
  • M. Planning
  • M. Arch in Landscape Design
  • M. Design in Interior Architecture
  • Masters in Graphic Design
  • Master of Building Engineering and Management
  • M. Design in Industrial Design

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Best Career Options After B.Arch 2023: Scope for Job Profiles after B.Arch Degree

In India, the job market for architecture is very high. To meet the demand of the current growing economy and population, the Indian government is giving massive opportunities for architects in the country.

The following are some of the job profiles that you can consider after completion of your 5-year course in architecture.

  • Architect
  • Architectural Assistant
  • Architectural Historian/Journalist
  • Project Assistant Manager
  • Architecture Designer
  • Architecture Engineer
  • Building Contractor
  • Interior Designer
  • Architecture Draftsman
  • Technical Assistant
  • Manager
  • Landscape Architect

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Best Career Options After B.Arch 2023: Government Jobs after B Arch 

Applying for government jobs is still a priority for many students after completion of their architecture course. 

If you are an architecture graduate, you are eligible for many government jobs in various departments like housing, transportation planning, etc.

Suppose you are looking for a government job after B Arch; you can apply for a job at various ministries like the railway ministry, defence ministry, CIDCO, etc.

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The following are some of the top government sectors in India to work as an architect.

Public Works Department National Building Organization National Institute of Urban Affairs
Archaeological Department Hindustan Aeronautics Limited Urban Development Corporation
State Housing Boards Departments of Railways Ministry of Defense
Hindustan Prefab Limited City Development Corporation Public Service Commission

Creativedge Results

Creativedge Results

Best Career Options After B.Arch 2023: Private Job Sectors after B Arch

As said above, those who hold a B Arch degree can apply for jobs in both the private sector and government sectors.

In the private sector, you can apply for an urban planner, urban designer, project manager, junior architect, etc.

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The following are some of the top private sectors in India to work as an architect.

Hafeez Contractor Lotus Design Studio Matharoo Associates
Sanjay Puri Architects Vastu Shilpa Foundation Creative Design Group
Oscar & Ponni Architects C.P. Kukreja Associates Somaya & Kalappa Consultants
PiVisions A New Dimension Abraham John Architects
Morphogenesis Kembhavi Architecture Foundation Shilpa Architects

nata mock test

nata Mock test

Best Career Options After B.Arch 2023: Salary and Pay Scale After B.Arch

If you choose your career as an architect, you might be thinking about the salary of an architect.

The Average Salary after B Arch can be around 3-4 Lac per annum, while an experienced architect can earn around 8-10 Lac per annum.

Check out the table below to know the common jobs and their salaries.

Job Position Lowest Salary (in LPA) Average Salary (in LPA) Highest Salary (in LPA)
Design Architect 2.47 3.76 18
Landscape Architect 3.56 3.93 8.05
Architectural Designer 2.93 4.05 30
Project Assistant 3.18 4.09 8
Construction Contractor 3 4.5 6
Urban Planner 3.51 5.1 10
Project Manager 5 9.68 36
City Planner 2.9 10.17 15
Technical Architect 4.79 18.13 24.01

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Key Takeaways for Best Career Options After B.Arch 2023​​​​​​

  • Endless Possibilities: Beyond the traditional roles in architecture, there's a vast array of exciting career paths for B.Arch graduates.
  • Higher Education Options: Post B.Arch, there are multiple higher education opportunities, such as M. Arch, Master of Urban Design, and Masters in Project Management.
  • Dynamic Job Market: With the ever-growing Indian economy, there's a significant demand for architects in various sectors, including government and private entities.
  • Diverse Job Profiles: Careers range from Architectural Assistants and Building Contractors to Landscape Architects and Technical Assistants.
  • Government Opportunities: Graduates can explore myriad roles in government sectors, including Public Works Department, National Building Organization, and Archaeological Department.
  • Private Sector Avenues: Renowned architectural firms like Hafeez Contractor, Lotus Design Studio, and Sanjay Puri Architects offer lucrative roles for B.Arch graduates.
  • Salary Insights: An architect's salary in India can range from 3-4 Lac per annum for freshers, scaling up to 8-10 Lac per annum or even higher with experience.

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