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SBI Apprentice Exam Analysis October 23, 2019: check Questions Asked,Difficulty Level & Good Attempts

Author : Palak Khanna

Updated On : March 3, 2022


State Bank of India released the SBI Apprentice Recruitment for 700 posts in three states of the country- Haryana, Punjab, and Himachal Pradesh. Here in this article candidates will get the complete detail about the SBI Apprentice Exam Analysis which includes total good attempts, topic-wise number of questions from each subject, and the level of the question.

  • From the good attempts and the difficulty level of the exam, we can calculate the expected SBI Apprentice Cut Off 2019.
  • Candidates will get the complete shift-wise SBI Apprentice Exam Analysis after the completion of the exam.
  • First, candidates have to clear the Online Written Exam to get the eligibility for the next process of the exam.
  • The SBI Apprentice Result 2019 will be declared after the few days of completion of the exam.
  • The SBI Apprentice Shift 1 Exam is completed, know the SBI Apprentice complete exam details in the below article.

SBI Apprentice Exam Analysis 2019

  • The exam will be conducted in 2 shifts.
  • There are a total of 100 questions for 1 mark each.
  • The total time given to the student is 60 Minutes (1 Hour).
  • Candidates have to give the penalty of 0.25 (1/4) marks for each wrong answer.
  • The exam will be in both English and Hindi Language except English Subject.

SBI Apprentice Exam Analysis
SBI Apprentice Exam Analysis

Exam Schedule for SBI Apprentice Analysis 2019

Know the shift timings for the exam which will be conducted on 23rd October 2019 expectedly from the following table-

Date Shift 1 Shift
23rd October 2019 Exam Timing: 10:45 AM to 11.15 AM Exam Timing: 03:45 PM to 04.15 PM

SBI Apprentice Exam Analysis Good Attempts 2019

Check the complete good attempts and the difficulty level of the exam in the below-mentioned table for all the subjects of the exam-

Subject Shift 1 Good Attempts Shift 1 Difficulty Level Shift 2 Good Attempts Shift 2 Difficulty Level
General Awareness 16 Easy - -
General English 15 Easy - -
Reasoning Ability 21 Easy - -
Quantitative Aptitude 16 Moderate - -
Total 74 Easy - -

SBI Apprentice Exam Analysis for General English

Candidates can check out the General English previous year questions as the reference till the exam will conduct-

Ques 1- He requested her..........five rupees:

(A) To lend her (B) To borrow her (C) To lend him (D) To borrow him

Ques 2- The doctor soon diagnosed the patient's illness. In this sentence 'diagnosed' means:

(A) Cured (B) Provided the medicine for (C) Treated (D) Decided on the nature of

Ques 3- In the following question select the appropriate word that best represents the given set of words. A person whose thoughts are turned inwards:

(A) Extrovert (B) Invertebrate (C) Intelligent (D) Introvert

Ques 4- The old lady ......... her son when he returned triumphantly from the war:

(A) Hugged (B) Proclaimed (C) Pronounced (D) Banged

Ques 5- Walk properly .......... you should fall:

(A) Just (B) Lest (C) Must (D) Otherwise

Topic Number of Questions Difficulty Level
Reading Comprehension 09 Easy
Spotting Error 05 Easy
Fill in the Blanks 04 Easy
Spelling Test 03 Easy
Sentence Improvement 02 Easy
Synonyms-Antonyms 02 Easy

SBI Apprentice Exam Analysis for General Awareness

Ques 1- Where is the SAARC Secretariat situated?

(A) Islamabad (B) Colombo (C) New Delhi (D) Kathmandu

Ques 2- Which of the following books is not written by APJ Abdul Kalam?

(A) Turning Points (B) Rebooting India (C) Wings of Fire (D) India 2020

Ques 3- In the production of soap, a by-product is-

(A) Fatty acid (B) Sodium Hydroxide (C) Sodium Salts (D) Glycerol

Ques 4- The Nobel Prize for Economics for 2015 was awarded to-

(A) Angus Deaton (B) Robert J. Amann (C) Aziz Sancar (D) None of these

Ques 5- The velocity of the light is the highest in-

(A) Water (B) Air (C) Vacuum (D) Glass

Topic Number of Questions Difficulty Level
Sports 02 Moderate
Indian Culture 03 Moderate
Days & Dates 01 Easy
Award & Honours 05 Easy
Books & Authors 02 Easy
Latest Updates (National-International) 12 Moderate

DU LLB Application Form
DU LLB Application Form

SBI Apprentice Exam Analysis for Quantitative Aptitude 2019

Ques 1- 148% of 13785 = ?

(A)  20100 (B) 20200 (C) 20300 (D) 20400 (E) 20500

Ques 2- (1884% of 73) ÷ 25.05 = ?

(A) 35 (B) 45 (C) 55 (D) 65 (E) 75

Ques 3-  A person lent a certain sum of money at 8% simple interest, and in 8 years the interest amounted to INR 612 less than the sum lent. Find the sum lent.

(A) 1400 (B) 1500 (C) 1600 (D) 1700 (E) 1800

Ques 4- If the compound interest on a certain sum for 2 years at 15% is INR 193.50, what will be the simple interest at the same rate for the same period?

(A) 150 (B) 160 (C) 180 (D) 172 (E) 175

Ques 5- The circumference of a circular park is 968m. The park is surrounded on the outside by a road 2.8 m wide. What is the area of the road?

(A) 2640.12 sq m (B) 2735.04 sq m (C) 2831.6 sq m (D) 2942 sq m (E) None of these

Ques 6- From a group of five males and six females, in how many ways can four be chosen to include exactly one female?

(A) 210 (B) 180 (C) 120 (D) 80 (E) 60

Topic Number of Questions Difficulty Level
Simple Interest 02 Moderate
Profit & Loss 01 Easy
Line Charts & Table 05 Easy
Data Interpretation 05 Easy
Simple Equation 04 Easy
Square Roots 05 Moderate
Decimal & Fractions 03 Easy

SBI Apprentice Exam Analysis

SBI Apprentice Exam Analysis for Reasoning Ability 2019

Ques 1- Look at this series: U32, V29, __, X23, Y20. What number should fill the blank?

(A) W26 (B) W17 (C) Z17 (D) Z26

Ques 2- Which word does NOT belong with the others?

(A) leopard (B) cougar (C) elephant (D) lion

Ques 3- Which word does NOT belong with the others?

(A) Couch (B) Rug (C) Table (D) Chair

Ques 4- Which word does NOT belong with the others?

(A) Guitar (B) Flute (C) Violin (D) Cello

Ques 5- Which word does NOT belong with the others?

(A) Rye (B) Sourdough (C) Pumpernickel (D) Loaf

Topic Number of Questions Difficulty Level
Analogies 02 Easy
Number Series 03 Moderate
Puzzles 03 Easy
Data Sufficiency 04 Easy
Verbal Reasoning 04 Easy
Logical Reasoning 05 Easy
Letter & Symbol Series 04 Easy

Frequently Asked Questions

On the basis of the SBI Apprentice Previous Year Exam Analysis, the exam is easy as it is the selection for the internship. The Reasoning Ability is easy to score in the exam. Click Here for more details.

Candidates will get the fixed amount of INR 8000/- monthly Stipend to the candidates for one year. Click Here to Know more about the salary details for Apprentice 2019.

Candidates can prepare with the help of the SBI Apprentice Previous Year Question paper also, prepare with the help complete syllabus to know the important topics for each subject. Know More to score well in the exam.

Yes, you can prepare for the exam in a month with the help of complete guidance and continuous online practice for the exam. Click Here to get Free SBI Apprentice Mock Test Series 2019.

No, there is no Interview that will be done for the recruitment of SBI Apprentice 2019. There are only 2 stages to get selected for the State Bank of India- Written Exam and Local Language Test. Local Language Test will be taken because the SBI Apprentice Notification Recruitment was announced for the 3 states (Haryana, Punjab, and Himachal Pradesh) of the country.


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