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No, not at all. The mathematics of class 11 and 12 are not so tough. But, for those who are just planning to score high by studying before five days of exam, maths will be most tough. One can't grow a mango tree in just a week by giving a hundred buckets of water in a week. Similarly, you can not just learn everything in just in a week. Practicing less but practicing every day, even very less like five questions a day will help you make it easy. Once you start solving the sums, you'll be addicted to it.
For CBSE 12 classes, you can find many different websites available. YouTube is also a good option if you don't have any budget for online video classes. Even if you have a little budget, then you can purchase the online videos available on toprankers.
If you are searching for class 11 maths lectures or also topic to topic videos, then you can easily find several videos in almost all the languages on youtube for free. Many other good online video paid services are also available, which you can review and verify and get the subscription to learns.
There are thousands of videos available on the internet for maths classes. You can find much good quality (according to teaching and understanding) videos online, which can help you get enough knowledge about the searched topic. All you need is to search your topic and choose the best understandable video you like, and then you can follow the same channel for the rest of the research too.
Mathematics is a subject that almost every student requires. Being available a number of different online classes today, it is very normal to get stuck in between to choose the best one for oneself. Toprankers provides you with the best study material, including complete chapter explanations, video lectures, tips and tricks, effective practice sessions, and mock tests.
Among the various options to get online videos for class 11th maths, Toprankers is the best option where you get access to the lectures from the best teachers from all across the globe and also can appear in online practice sessions, tests and other benefits by joining their channels with some minimal charges. 
Similar to the above explanation for earning by teaching maths online, you have a number of options. The one that all know is YouTube. However, from the past few years, several applications are emerging on the internet that allows the teacher to earn by teaching their students in the virtual world like Toprankers. However, you can easily find the online tutoring job for yourself over various job vacancies web portals.
The key to this is evidently stereotyped but true suggestion that is to self-study. However, proper guidance and support from a teacher or mentor is a must. A concrete timetable that you can follow is extremely important to manage the entire subject. Clear your concepts and use the extra time for practice and revision of the syllabus to score the maximum.
Free videos are available on various online education platforms. On YouTube, you can find several videos freely available, while on most of the e-education websites, you have to pay some minimal amount to access the videos. 
Most of the teachers are common in teaching 11th mathematics. The only difference could be the way of speaking, teaching, giving examples that are fascinating and easy to remember, etc. But the statement could never be given about who is best as everybody has their teaching . Just choose who has a better experience and have the ability to share their expertise in a polished way.


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