Folk Dances of India play an important role in various competition based exams in India. They form the Culture part of the General Studies (GS) section of various government exams like SSC Railway NTPC, SSC CGL, CDS, IAS, TET and many state-level exams, etc. Here in this article, we will provide a Folk Dances List in PDF Format. which will be immensely helpful for the candidates who are appearing for various competitive exams.

  • The candidates will know the Folk Dances state-wise from the Pdf.
  • The list of Folk Dance pdf is essential as questions do come in various exams.
  • The Pdf is presented in a crisp and concise manner so as to suit the needs of preparing candidates.

Folk Dances of India PDF

India represents Unity in Diversity and every state has cultures and folk dances of its own. The following Folk Dances of India Pdf which is given below will contain a list of state-wise Folk Dances. Folk Dance is a dance form performed on various occasions such as a wedding, festivals, and arrival of a season.

Folk Dances of India Pdf-glimpse

The PDF contains the folk dances of twenty-five different states of India. 

Andhra Pradesh Haryana Nagaland
Arunachal Pradesh Karnataka Odisha
Assam Jammu & Kashmir Tripura
Jharkhand Kerela Sikkim
Chattisgarh Madhya Pradesh Puducherry, Punjab
Goa Maharashtra Tamil Nadu
Gujarat Manipur Rajasthan
Himachal Pradesh Mizoram West Bengal

Download the Folk Dances of India PDF from below