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Class 11 Accounts Test Series 2021 by CommerceEdge

Accountancy is an important subject in the class 11 accounts syllabus. Accountancy is known as the systematic approach of recognizing, documenting, calculating, summarising, and liaising the financial data. This structure helps in measuring the profit or loss of a firm in a given period of time.

In the below thread, we will discuss in length the relevance of the Class 11 Accountancy Mock Test. Keep reading!

The Class 11 Accountancy Mock Test 2021 is divided into two parts and four units:

Part A – Financial Accounting - |

Unit 1:  Theoretical Framework –

·        This unit covers the different accounting concepts, objectives, advantages, and limitations, qualitative characteristics of Accounting, the definition of the basic concepts.

·        The unit also covers fundamental accounting assumptions, systems of accounting, accounting standards, etc.

Unit 2: Accounting Process –

·        This unit covers the recordings of the business transactions, special purpose books (sales book, cash book, purchase book), Bank Reconciliation statement, depreciation, accounting bills of exchange, trial balance, the rectification of errors.

Part B – Financial Accounting -||

Unit 3: Financial Statements of Sole Proprietorship

·        Covering the topics of financial statements covering topics such as revenue and capital, deferred revenue expenditure, gross profit, adjustments in preparation of financial statements, incomplete records.

Unit 4: Computers in Accounting

·        Introduction to AIS (Accounting Information System), advantages & limitations of the computer system.

·        Automation of accounting process

Tips on How to Ace Accountancy Class 11 Exam

Accountancy in class 11th is considered to be a base, which needs to be really strong. Class 11th Accountancy primarily revolves around an introduction to the new subject and the concepts. It is important for the students to have a hold of the subject and understand the concepts in-depth to be able to build a strong foundation, that will help them in boards.

The most effective way of scoring in the Accountancy subject is to take multiple Class 11 Accountancy Mock TestThere is a direct relationship between the mock tests and the overall performance in the finals, i.e., the more the number of mock tests the student takes along with thorough analysis, the less the errors will be and the better the performance.

Class 11 Accountancy Mock Test Series 2021 provides an exhaustive series of Class 11 Accountancy Mock Test to help the students prepare well. The mock Class 11 Accountancy Mock Tests cover all the relevant topics as per the current syllabus. The mock papers are made after thorough research and analysis. These papers are made by experienced professionals who have been in the industry for years and have intricate knowledge about the subject.

The mock test is for an hour, and the marks attached to every question are mentioned on the right side of it.

Why Should Students Take  Class 11 Accountancy Test Series?

One of the most important pre-requisites of scoring well is to take mock tests. With the help of these tests, the students clear the concepts, gain ultimate confidence, get comfortable with the exam pattern, get to know their strengths and weakness, prepare themselves for the final exam day. Hence, mock tests are important and cannot be ignored.

Tips to score well in the Class 11 Accountancy Mock Test 2021

1. Keep the paper neat: 
Since the Accounts paper is a mix of both theoretical and practical questions, there will be numbers and tables in the paper that will be required to be made. Make sure to use a scale and pencil, and keep the paper as neat as possible. The test checker will not take added effort to check a messy paper, and you might end up losing marks.

2. Keep a close look at the timings: Structuring the paper right from the marks is important, to keep a note of the timings. Every student is required to time themselves up in such a manner that they give importance to the questions that carry extra weightage and less importance to questions that are easy or require fewer efforts.

3. Thorough Revision: Students might just lose a few marks here and there due to carelessness. Hence, doing a thorough revision is extremely important. Students should keep the last 15 minutes free to do a thorough revision and go through every question and answer again and make the changes if required.

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