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How will TopRankers NLAT Mock Test Series benefit me?

Our mock tests are designed by industry experts and toppers as per the latest exam pattern. It will help you improve your speed and accuracy as well as boost your confidence level in the exam. 

How can I access NLSIU NLAT Online Test Series reports?

Once you have finished taking the online NLSIU NLAT Test Series, you will get access to the test report which includes answers, solutions and performance analysis with feedback.

Can I get access to sectional tests in your NLAT Mock Test Series package?

Our NLAT Test Series package includes full length, sectional and topic tests with solutions at affordable price.

Is there a pause test option in NLAT Test Series?

No, there is no pause test option in NLSIU NLAT Test Series because it is a simulation of the actual exam. However, there is an option of 'Save for later'.

Will I get previous year questions in NLAT Online Test Series?

Yes, our NLAT Mock Test Series sets include questions from past year papers and model papers along with detailed solutions.




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NLAT Mock Test Series 2020

NLSIU NLAT is the National Law Admission Test is conducted by the National Law School of India University (NLSIU) Bangalore for admissions in BA LLB (Hons.) and LLM courses. The law schools will be a part of the CLAT consortium but will not accept CLAT scores for this year. It is because the CLAT 2020 selection process is a time consuming one, as it takes a longer time to conclude admissions, resulting in the delay of new academic session 2020-21 at NLSIU Bangalore. NLAT 2020 exam is being conducted with the aim of completing the admission process at NLSIU Bangalore at the earliest.

NLSIU NLAT Exam Pattern 2020

The NLAT 2020 exam will consist of 5 core subjects namely, English language, current affairs including general knowledge, legal reasoning, logical reasoning, and quantitative techniques. The exam consists of a total of 40 questions, out of which

  • 4 questions will be general comprehension passages have 10 questions.
  • These 10 questions will have 2 questions each from 5 subjects.
  • The general comprehension will be of size 500 words.
  • The questions will be in the form of MCQs.
  • The duration of the exam will be 45 minutes.
  • The exam will be conducted as an online home-based entrance exam.

NLSIU NLAT Marking Scheme

  • Each correct answer will be awarded 2 marks.
  • For each unanswered question, 0.25 marks will be deducted.
  • For each wrong answer, 0.5 marks will be deducted.

The NLAT exam is quite competitive in nature. So the candidates should prepare thoroughly to excel in the exam. One of the best practices, that a candidate can use is attempting NLAT Mock Test Series.

Benefits of NLSIU NLAT Online Test Series

  • NLAT Online Test Series offers flexibility to students so that they can take tests from anywhere at any time.
  • As the NLAT Test Series is online, the results will be delivered immediately.
  • The NLAT Online Test Series at TopRankers will provide the correct answers to the questions asked and also give feedback about their performance.
  • Candidates can take up the NLSIU NLAT Online Test Series more than once.
  • TopRankers provides instant results and feedback so that the candidates can analyze their performance and work effectively towards their goal.
  • NLSIU NLAT Online Test Series analyses the candidate’s performance and determines where they stand nationally and internationally.
  • NLSIU NLAT Mock Test helps the candidates to enhance their time management skills. They can do so by consistently attempting the NLSIU NLAT Test Series.
  • Candidates will have an option for premium and Free NLAT Online Mock Test, wherein the premium version offers a lot of features when compared to the free version.
  • In the NLSIU NLAT Online Test Series, the candidates need not sit and fill the bubbles to waste their time. They have to just click on the right answer, which acts as a time saver.


How to attempt a Free NLAT Online Mock Test?

TopRankers provide NLAT Mock Test Online Free to help the candidates in their preparation. To practice the NLAT Free Mock Tests, the candidates should follow the below steps:

  1. The candidate should visit the Free NLAT Online Mock Test page
  2. The candidate should log in using their user id and password.
  3. Then, a dashboard will appear on the screen.
  4. In the dashboard, the candidate will find a “Take Test” link to the NLAT Mock Test Online Free.
  5. After clicking the link, the candidate will be directed to the test page.
  6. Each question will have a timer that will create the same feeling as the final NLSIU NLAT exam.
  7. After answering all the questions of the Free NLAT Mock Test, the result of how many are correct and how many are wrong will be displayed on the screen.
  8. The candidate can analyze his/her results to pinpoint their strengths and weaknesses.


How to attempt the premium NLSIU NLAT Mock Test?

In the premium NLSIU NLAT Online Test Series, the candidates will get many options to attempt the Test Series. To practice the tests, the candidate should follow the below steps:

  1. The candidate should visit the NLAT Test Series page
  2. Then, log in the page using their user id and password.
  3. Then, a dashboard of all the premium NLAT Test Series with their prices will appear on the screen.
  4. The candidate can choose the NLSIU NLAT Mock Test of their choice and begin practicing.
  5. Each question will have a timer.
  6. After answering all the questions, the result of how many are correct and how many are wrong will be displayed on the screen.
  7. The candidate can then analyze his/her results to pinpoint their strengths and weaknesses.