CLAT Mock 13 | English Language
CLAT Mock 13 | English Language

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CLAT Mock 13 | English Language
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Anukul Bishnoi Ma'am as you have said in question 21 'Liver is verb as it show a action her' answer is noun in the key . Please change the answer in key. Overall it was wonderful explanation.
Gargi Dhagat The mock analysis was superb but I would like to address a problem that when the Q ask for to look for italicized line or bold line it is not marked in the passage . Please look into this
Dakshaini analysis is great. but i would just want to address that to answer the 6th question, we need an italicized line, which was not in the passage, so we couldn't get to the answer.
Aarushi Satnalika Great one by Anuja ma'am. Such in-depth analysis was really helpful.
Gauravi This was really good. Anuja ma'am explains everything so well, as always. This video analysis was way Better than getting the video at the bottom of solutions.