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Oldest known evidence of human settlements in Australia's outback found

Archaeologists discovered ancient artefacts in a South Australian cave that have been dated to as far back as 49,000 years ago.
●    The site, which is a newly discovered cave in the Flinders Ranges, about 550 km north of Adelaide, is known as the Warratyi rock-shelter. 
●    Archaeologist Giles Hamm from La Trobe University in Melbourne led the excavations at the cave, finding what appear to be some of the oldest bone and quartz tools ever found in Australia. 
●    Until now, the oldest human tool found in Australia’s vast, interior has been a tiny axe fragment found earlier this year in the Carpenter's Gap rock-shelter of the Kimberley region of northwest Australia.
●    The tools have been dated based on a couple of estimates but radiocarbon dating of the burnt eggshells, revealed them to be between 45,000 and 49,000 years old.

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