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38th Bristol International Balloon Fiesta held in Bristol England.

The Bristol International Balloon Fiesta is Europe’s largest annual meeting of hot air balloons, attracting over 150 Hot Air Balloons from across the globe. 
The Fiesta truly is a sight that can only be seen in Bristol. 
•    Held over four days in August at Ashton Court Estate, the event is completely free with charges.
•    Alongside the fantastic site of hot air balloons filling the skies, it has a large number of great trade stands, fairground rides and entertainment.
•    The Bristol International Balloon Fiesta is held annually England. 
•    Teams from the UK and other parts of the world bring their hot air balloons to the site and participate in mass ascents where as many as 100 balloons may launch at a time.
•    The event was first held in 1979 and is now one of the largest in Europe. 
•    It takes place in a large country estate Ashton Court. 
•    One popular attraction is the night glow, when balloons are inflated and glow to music after dark.

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