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Indian origin Scientist Creates Real 3D Hands in Lab

An Indian-American researcher Anil Jain and his team have created life-size 3D hand models, complete with fingerprints, using a high-resolution 3D printer.
●    Like any optical device, fingerprint and hand scanners need to be calibrated, but currently there is no standard method for doing so.
●    This is the first time a whole hand 3D target has been created to calibrate fingerprint scanners.
●    Jain and his biometrics team were studying how to test and calibrate fingerprint scanners commonly used across the globe at police departments, airport immigration counters, banks and even amusement parks.
●    To test the scanners, they created life-size 3D hand models complete with all five fingerprints.
●    The FBI, CIA, military and manufacturers will all be interested in this project.

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