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31 May- World No Tobacco Day

People, non-governmental organizations and governments unite on World No Tobacco Day to draw attention to the health problems that tobacco use can cause. It is held on May 31 each year.
•    Hand saying no thanks to a packages of cigarettes offered
•    World No Tobacco Day focuses on informing people about health problems associated with tobacco use.
•    World No Tobacco Day is a day for people, non-governmental organizations and governments organize various activities to make people aware of the health problems that tobacco use can cause. These activities include:
•    Public marches and demonstrations, often with vivid banners.
•    Advertising campaigns and educational programs.
•    People going into public places to encourage people to stop smoking.
•    The introduction of bans on smoking in particular places or types of advertising.
•    Meetings for anti-tobacco campaigners.
•    Moreover, laws restricting smoking in particular areas may come into effect and wide reaching health campaigns may be launched.

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