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11357 Indians Sign up for Asgardia

A group of scientists and space experts based out of Russia, Romania, Canada and the US now want to offer an opportunity to be part of a nation they have christened ‘Asgardia’.
●    According to the statistics on the website, there are 11,098 applications from India till date. People from China have sent the most applications at 127,161, followed by the US with 53,441 and 42,752 from Turkey.
●    Registration on the Asgardia website (, founded by Ashurbeyli who is also a businessman, scientist and founder of the Aerospace International Research Center in Vienna, make you a part of the Asgardia community.
●    Asgardia is not offering official citizenship because it is yet to be officially recognized as a nation. 
●    Once you are a citizen, you will get a passport like in any country. 
●    In fact, the first registered Asgardian child is a boy called Michele from Italy. Anyone under 18 is welcome but needs parental consent, according to the website.

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