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Mechanical Engineering

S.No Session Name No. of Hours Topic
1 Theory of Machines and Machine 30 & 24 Design Concept of simple machine, Four bar linkage and link motion, Flywheels and fluctuation of energy, Power transmission by belts – V-belts and Flat belts, Clutches – Plate and Conical clutch, Gears – Type of gears, gear profile and gear ratio calculation, Governors – Principles and classification, Riveted joint, Cams, Bearings, Friction in collars and pivots.
2 Engineering Mechanics and Strength of Materials 10 & 50 Equilibrium of Forces, Law of motion, Friction, Concepts of stress and strain, Elastic limit and elastic constants, Bending moments and shear force diagram, Stress in composite bars, Torsion of circular shafts, Bucking of columns – Euler’s and Rankin’s theories, Thin walled pressure vessels.
3 Thermal Engineering 40 Properties of Pure Substances : p-v & P-T diagrams of pure substance like H2O, Introduction of steam table with respect to steam generation process; definition of saturation, wet & superheated status. Definition of dryness fraction of steam, degree of superheat of steam. H-s chart of steam (Mollier’s Chart). 1 st Law of Thermodynamics : Definition of stored energy & internal energy, 1st Law of Thermodynamics of cyclic process, Non Flow Energy Equation, Flow Energy & Definition of Enthalpy, Conditions for Steady State Steady Flow; Steady State Steady Flow Energy Equation. 2 nd Law of Thermodynamics : Definition of Sink, Source Reservoir of Heat, Heat Engine, Heat Pump & Refrigerator; Thermal Efficiency of Heat Engines & co-efficient of performance of Refrigerators, Kelvin – Planck & Clausius Statements of 2nd Law of Thermodynamics, Absolute or Thermodynamic Scale of temperature, Clausius Integral, Entropy, Entropy change calculation of ideal gas processes. Carnot Cycle & Carnot Efficiency, PMM-2; definition & its impossibility. Air standard Cycles for IC engines : Otto cycle; plot on P-V, T-S Planes; Thermal Efficiency, Diesel Cycle; Plot on P-V, T-S planes; Thermal efficiency.
4 IC Engine 40 IC Engine Combustion, IC Engine Cooling & Lubrication. Rankine cycle of steam : Simple Rankine cycle plot on P-V, T-S, h-s planes, Rankine cycle efficiency with & without pump work. Boilers; Classification; Specification; Fittings & Accessories : Fire Tube & Water Tube Boilers. Air Compressors & their cycles; Refrigeration cycles; Principle of a Refrigeraton Plant; Nozzles & Steam Turbines.
5 Fluid Mechanics & Machinery Properties & Classification of Fluid : 60 Ideal & real fluids, Newton’s law of viscosity, Newtonian and Non-Newtonian fluids, compressible and incompressible fluids. Fluid Statics : Pressure at a point. Measurement of Fluid Pressure : Manometers, U-tube, Inclined tube. Fluid Kinematics : Stream line, laminar & turbulent flow, external & internal flow, continuity equation. Dynamics of ideal fluids : Bernoulli’s equation, Total head; Velocity head; Pressure head; Application of Bernoulli’s equitation. Measurement of Flow rate Basic Principles : Venturimeter, Pilot tube, Orifice meter. Hydraulic Turbines : Classifications, Principles. Centrifugal Pumps : Classifications, Principles, Performance.
6 Production Engineering Classification of Steels 80 Mild steal & alloy steel, Heat treatment of steel, Welding – Arc Welding, Gas Welding, Resistance Welding, Special Welding Techniques i.e. TIG, MIG, etc. (Brazing & Soldering), Welding Defects & Testing; NDT, Foundry & Casting – methods, defects, different casting processes, Forging, Extrusion, etc, Metal cutting principles, cutting tools, Basic Principles of machining with (i) Lathe (ii) Milling (iii) Drilling (iv) Shaping (v) Grinding, Machines, tools & manufacturing processes.

Our Mentors :

Er.Nipun Syal Sir

  • Mtech (Structures) PEC, B.E (Thapar Unv).
  • Three Times Gate Qualified.
  • 10+ Years Teaching Experience.
  • HR,PB,SSC-JE State AE/JE Qualified Dept.
  • Subjects -Basics Of Som.

Er. Vishal Thakur Sir

  • Mtech from PEC.
  • 2 Times Gate Qualified
  • JRF From IISC Bangalore
  • 8+ Years Teaching Experience
  • Ex BHEL Management Trainee
  • Subjects – Fluid Mechanics , TOM , Machine
Er. Azad

Er. Azad Sir

  • Mtech From IIT (Production).
  • 6+ Years Teaching Experience.
  • Subjects - Production.
Er. Gurinder Singh

Er. Gurinder Singh Sir

  • 8+ Years Teaching Experience.
  • Qualified PPSC Exams.
  • Subjects - Engg Mechanics , Strength of Material.
Er. Sarthak Kaushik

Er. Sarthak Kaushik Sir

  • Mtech From NIT.
  • 6+ Years Teaching Experience.
  • Subjects - Thermal Engg , IC Engine.
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