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Course Highlights


200+ Online Live Classes

200+ Online Live Classes. Each class of 1.30-2 hours. Session recording will be provided for all live classes.


Classroom Environment

Classes are designed to provide you personalized learning experience and allow interactions between aspirants & teachers.


Doubt Clearing Sessions

Discussion board and live doubt clearing sessions to resolve every single doubt you may have.


285+ Preparation Tests

40 Full Length Mock Tests (25 CLAT, 7 AILET and OLET, 50 Sectional Tests), 150+ Topic Tests, 25+ Evaluation Tests


Personalized Mentoring

1-to-1 regular interaction sessions with our expert mentors offer unparalleled test preparedness


Other Benefits

Study Material in PDF Format

Schedule for the Week:

S.No Date Day Time Section Topic Pre-Requisites Faculty
1 23-03-2020 Monday 7:30 PM General Knowledge
Current Affairs
Swapnil Raman
2 24-03-2020 Tuesday 7:30 PM - classes are off due to curfew -
3 25-03-2020 Wednesday - -
4 26-03-2020 Thursday - -
5 27-03-2020 Friday - -
6 28-03-2020 Saturday 5:45 P.M. General Knowledge
Current Affairs
N.A. Swapnil Raman
7 29-03-2020 Sunday 5:45 P.M General Knowledge
Current Affairs
N.A. Swapnil Raman
8 30-03-2020 Monday 2:15 P.M Logical Reasoning
Analytical Reasoning
N.A. Raghvendra Sir
8 30-03-2020 Monday 5:45 P.M General Knowledge
Current Affairs
N.A. Swapnil Raman

CLAT Online Coaching by Legal Edge Course details

S.No Session Name Number of Sessions
1 English Language 26
2 Legal Aptitude & Reasoning 28
3 General Knowledge 37
4 Logical Reasoning 58
5 Mathematics 54
6 Total 200+
English Language
Session Name Number of Sessions Remarks
Reading Comprehensions Sessions 4 Reading Techniques, Eclectic Passages, Speed Reading & Tones
Parajumbles Sessions 2 Pairing Techniques & Practice Sessions
Vocabulary Sessions 4 High Frequency Words, Confusables, Foreign Phrases, Idioms, different types of questions etc
Grammar Sessions 5 Theory & Practice Questions covering Subject-Verb Agreement, Prepositions, Adverbs, Conjunctions, Punctuations etc.
Miscellaneous 2 Figures of Speech, Paracompletion, Summary based questions, Cloze Test & Additional practice sessions
Evaluation Tests 4 These are your check-points that will be conducted online after completion of a particular set of syllabus.
Legal Aptitude & Reasoning
General Knowledge
Session Name Number of Sessions Remarks
Current Affairs 45+ These will be held on a monthly basis and will cover the current affairs of the previous months. This will include discussion of 500+ most important current affairs questions.
Economics 4 Discussion of Indian Economics, Union Budget, RBI, SEBI, World Economy and recent events.
Science (includes Physics, Chemistry & Biology) 5 Atomic Structures, Nuclear Reactions, Acids and Bases, Inorganic & Organic Chemistry, Newton Laws, Motion, Work, Energy & Power, Gravitation, Sound, Optics, Environment, Green House Effect, Human Physiology, Plant Physiology, Cytology and Genetics etc
Geography 3 Indian Political and Physical Geography, World Geography, Indian Economic Geography, Universe and Earth.
Modern History 3 1760AD - 2017AD (Pre and Post Independence, Important Events, Persons, Movements and Missions)
Ancient, Medieval History & World History 3 Buddism & Jainism, Delhi Sultanate & Medieval India, French and American Revolution etc)
Miscellaneous 3 India general Facts, Awards and Honours, Books and Authors, Important Dates & dates
Evaluation Test 4
Logical Reasoning
Session Name Number of Sessions Remarks
Analytical Reasoning 12 Syllogisms, Ranking & Time Sequence, Conditional Statements, Directions, Blood Relations, Coded-inequality, Input-Output, Number, Alphabet & Eligibility Test, Analogy & Data Sufficiency
Critical Reasoning 4 Assumptions, Course of Action, Statement-Conclusions and Paragraph based reasoning
Data Arrangement & Puzzle Solving 4 Seating Arrangement, Complex Arrangement, Data Crunching etc
Evaluation Test 5
Session Name Number of Sessions Remarks
Arithmetic 14 Includes Percentages, Profit and Loss, Averages, Ratio-Proportion, Time & Work, Pipes and Cisterns, Time, Speed and Distance, Mixtures and Alligations, Simple and Compound Interest, Number Systems (HCF-LCM, Recurring Digits & Calculation of Unit Digits)
Algebra 3 Simplification, Linear and Quadratic Equations
Geometry & Mensuration 3 Triangles, Circles, Polygons, Circles, Solids
Modern Mathematics 3 Trigonometry, Probability, Permutations and Combinations, Stocks and Shares
Speed Mathematics 1 Calculation Techniques, Approximation Techniques, Squares and Cubes
Evaluation Test 5

Our Mentors (CLAT Online Coaching):


Mr. Harsh Gagrani

(Legal Aptitude/Reasoning and Critical Reasoning)
  • A graduate from NLIU, Bhopal, Harsh Sir founded LegalEdge in 2011.
  • In addition to teaching, he loves quizzing and writing books. He is the author of 'The Pearson Guide to the CLAT' and 'Pearson General Knowledge'.
  • He is currently Director (Academics) at LegalEdge. He also teaches Constitutional Law at LegalEdge.

Mr. Karan Mehta

(Logical Reasoning & Mathematics)
  • He is Director, LegalEdge Tutorials. One of the most acclaimed mentors in the industry for his teaching methodology, motivational sessions & preparation planning, he has been mentoring CLAT aspirants since 2012. An Engineering Graduate who has crossed the 99 percentile mark in CAT numerous times.

Mr. Arvind Bhargava

  • Owing to his great experience and vast knowledge due to his exposure to teaching Quants for various exams and a sound understanding of complex mathematical concepts, Arvind Sir delivers his lectures in an intuitive fashion, so that the students can accept, appreciate and assimilate them readily and smoothly in their preparation.
  • But apart from his academic know how, what makes him a great teacher is his unwavering devotion to the students that shows through his "ever- ready to help attitude and demeanour".
Aasim Ahmad

Mr. Aasim Ahmad

(English Language)
  • With almost 8 years’ teaching experience and having trained more than thousands of trainees in various disciplines, Aasim stands head and shoulders above the rest, in Subject knowledge, Design & Relay of content and Understanding of the audience.
  • He firmly believes that “a trainer in the classroom” is like an “artist on stage” and the “session” is like a “performance”. This is probably why his sessions on Language are not only educating and enlightening but also entertaining and enchanting.

Mrs. Anuja Saxena

  • An English Enthusiast by Nature and an Electronics Engineer by Education, Anuja Ma’am left a coveted career with TCS to pursue her passion. Fueled by a desire to mentor and direct youth towards achieving their goal, she picked up English Training as a career of choice.
  • She completed an M.A. in English Literature, alongside teaching a multitude of students. She has helped students understand and appreciate the nuances of English with her unique pedagogy. She is cherished as a teacher who makes English learning a fun-filled and enriching experience.

Mr. Raghvendra Sharan Dwivedi

(Logical Reasoning)
  • Raghvendra Sir graduated from SCS&IT, DAVV Indore with MCA in 2012. Raghvendra Sir is a Logical Reasoning Faculty with experience of more than 3 years for various exams including CLAT, Bank PO, SSC etc.

Ms. Sakshi Tomar

(Legal Aptitude/Reasoning)
  • Sakshi Ma’am graduated from NLUO, Cuttack in 2016 and is mentoring CLAT aspirants since then. She has been an active member of the United Nations Development Programme, Odisha chapter, where she discovered her true calling i.e., teaching.
  • She is a Legal Aptitude coach and is much sought after for her mentoring skills in the student fraternity.

Mr. Swapnil Raman

(General Knowledge & Current Affairs)
  • He has been in regular touch with CLAT aspirants since 2013. A UPSC qualified individual and an Ex Defence Officer, he has been instrumental in teaching students Current Affairs and Static GK. He has done a masters course from NLIU Bhopal.
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