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Watch Applied Maths Free Video Classes by MathEdge

CBSE Applied Maths Free Video Classes by MathEdge

CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) has introduced "Applied Mathematics" as an elective at a Senior Secondary Level. This new elective system is available for the students for the academic session of 2021.

With the introduction of Applied maths as an elective, students able to understand basic mathematics and statistical tools. In Class 10th, you have been learned basic mathematics. Students who have passed the 10th standard can choose an elective in CBSE 11TH Standard. The Applied Maths in CBSE 11th standard has been focussed more on practical sessions rather than Theoretical.

Apart from Social Sciences, Commerce, Economics, and many others, applied mathematics is widely used in higher studies. The eligibility required to apply for the CBSE 11TH class is a 10th standard pass mandatory. To score good marks in CBSE 11th standard good coaching is necessary. So, we have providing applied maths free video classes on our Topranker's youtube channel.

To avail of Class 11 applied maths free video classes subscribe to our Mathsedge Toprankers youtube channel. We upload topic wise, subject wise videos on our channel. CBSE applied maths free video classes are available to all the subscribers and also we daily upload the videos in good concepts that easily understandable by the students.

Applied Maths Free Video Classes by MathEdge

  • Students who have subscribed to our channel will be provided free study material.
  • We Upload Applied Maths Free Videos based on the latest exam pattern covering all the important topics that enough to score good marks in the exam.
  • The Applied Maths Free Video lecturers accessible from anywhere in the country.
  • The Videos are recorded with the best quality in a good frame and can fit any of the devices either it would be a PC/Laptop or Smartphones.
  • All the Class 11 applied maths free video classes are explained in simple concepts by the best lecturers in the country.
  • The students who have doubts can post the comment below the video and we make one video on all the comments posted by the comments. This session is known as a doubt clearing session.
  • Students who got subscriptions will be conducted one to one doubt clearing sessions for them.
  • Apart from Applied maths free videos, you can also get free study material.

How to Subscribe Toprankers-MathEdge Youtube Channel?

Students can subscribe to the youtube channel either on mobile devices or PC. Also, we have added a subscribe button at the top.

These are the steps have to follow to subscribe youtube channel.

  1. Open the Youtube app on mobile or Simply type www.youtube.com in the browser.
  2. Make sure you sign the account with your Gmail id.
  3. Type the "MathEdge Channel" on the search bar.
  4. Now, the Youtube channel is displayed on the screen.
  5. Now Click on the channel icon.
  6. There you will find the "Subscribe" button.
  7. Click on the Subscribe button. Make sure that you click on the bell icon to get daily notifications to your mobile.
  8. When we upload Applied Maths Free videos, We will automatically send notifications and will become easy for you to get an update.

Benefits of Subscription

  • Students who feel understanding the concepts in applied mathematics can take CBSE Class 11 online coaching.
  • All the uploaded Applied Maths Free videos are recorded are available online and you can watch them at any time in your free time. If you have not understood the concepts, you can watch as many times.
  • CBSE applied maths free video classes are best suitable for the students who are not in a position to buy at the mentioned price.
  • Daily Applied maths Free Videos are uploaded on the channel with different concepts. In this way, you can learn new concepts and can solve the different questions also easily.


Q) Where Can I get Applied Maths Free Video Lecturers?

A) Students who have subscribed to the MathEdge Toprankers channel will get Class 11 applied maths free video classes.

Q) Where can get Applied Maths Video classes online?

A) There are thousands of Applied Maths Free videos available on the internet and available in different languages. Before taking a subscription, please verify it by researching it.

Q) How can I avail of CBSE 11 Applied Maths Online coaching?

A) You can take coaching for CBSE Class 11 applied mathematics from our Topranker's platform.

Q) What is the eligibility required to apply for CBSE Class 11 standard?

A) Students who have passed the 10th standard exam are eligible to apply for Class 11 standard.

Q) How Can I benefit from CBSE Class 11 Online coaching?

A) You can save time, travel, and other expenses if you have availed the Online coaching for CBSE Applied maths subject.




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