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The syllabus of CUET (UG) 2022 is going to be taken only from Class 12th so that there is no pressure on the candidates with regard to extra time and money being spent on preparing for an entrance test. The effort that would be required to do well at the entrance test could also help candidates or students prepare well for their Board Examinations. Thereby, it would strengthen their learning.

The National Education policy has clearly elucidated that the entrance to HigherEducation should be to common entrance test at the national level so that there is a uniform standard of benchmarking candidates

The performing arts Test will have two parts: Part A which is compulsory will contain General questions and Part B will have Specific Questions related to the Dance/ Music Form opted by the Candidate as per desired University. No. of questions to be attempted will remain the same combining both Parts.

All questions in various testing areas will be benchmarked at the level of Class XII only. Students having studied the Class XII Board syllabus would be able to do well in CUET (UG)  2022.

If any University permits students of previous years of class XII to take admission in the current year also, such students would also be eligible to appear in CUET (UG) 2022.

Generally, the languages/ subjects chosen should be the ones that a student has opted for in his latest Class XII Board examination. However, if any University permits any flexibility in this regard, the same can be exercised under CUET (UG) -2022 also. Candidates must carefully refer to the eligibility requirements of various Central Universities in this regard. Moreover, if the subject to be studied in the Undergraduate course is not available in the list of 27 Domain-Specific Subjects being offered the Candidate may choose the

Subject closest to his/her choice e.g. For Biochemistry the candidate may choose Biology.

This situation arises in every examination regardless of whether it is a Board Exanimation, University Entrance Examination, or any Professional exam. It is dealt with in the manner and in accordance with rules laid out in the Information Bulletin.

The Common University Entrance Test CUET (UG) 2022 will be held in 13 languages as a Medium.

Mere appearance in the Entrance Test or securing pass marks at the test does not entitle you to be considered for admission to the Programme unless he/she fulfills the Programme wise eligibility conditions of the University you are applying to. Applicants must fully satisfy themselves with their program-wise eligibility as prescribed in the Information Bulletin or the university prospectus, before filling the Application Form.

Yes, getting admission in any Central University/ affiliated college CUET (UG) - 2022 is compulsory.

Yes, for skill-based programmes like Dance/ Music/ Theatre Universities may conduct the skill test


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