Accounts Topic Tests

(2 Total Tests)

Meaning and Scope of Accounting

50 Questions
50 Marks
25 Minutes
1 Attempts available
Score: - -

Financial Statements of Not-for-Profit Organizations

45 Questions
45 Marks
30 Minutes
1 Attempts available
Score: - -

Accounts Topic Tests

(6 Total Tests)

Accounting for Partnership Firms: Basic Concepts

79 Questions
79 Marks
90 Minutes
1 Attempts available
Score: - -

Treatment of Goodwill in Partnership Accounts

43 Questions
43 Marks
45 Minutes
1 Attempts available
Score: - -

Change In Profit Sharing Ratio

34 Questions
34 Marks
45 Minutes
1 Attempts available
Score: - -

Admission of a Partner

50 Questions
50 Marks
75 Minutes
1 Attempts available
Score: - -

Retirement and Death of a Partner

40 Questions
40 Marks
60 Minutes
1 Attempts available
Score: - -

Death of a Partner

30 Questions
30 Marks
45 Minutes
1 Attempts available
Score: - -
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How do I revise CBSE Class 12 Accountancy Mock Test questions that I have already attempted?

Your analysis report has all the answers for the inaccurately answered questions that you have attempted. It is available after you complete the test.

Is there any additional fee that I have to pay for taking CBSE Class 12 Accountancy Online Test?

No. You are not required to pay any additional fee for taking Mock Test. We will offer CBSE Class 12 Accountancy Online Test for FREE along with coaching.

Can I take the Class 12 Accountancy Mock Test on my mobile?

Yes. You can take the Class 12 Accountancy Mock Test on your mobile. However, it is advisable to attempt the Mock Test in a system or laptop.

Do Your Online Mock Test For Class 12 Accountancy has time limit?

Yes. Each Mock test time limit is displayed on the top right side when you start the test




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Class 11 AccountancyTest Series 2021

Class 12th is the most important milestone in one’s academic life. The percentage obtained by students in their Class 12th boards determine their selection or rejection, in admission to colleges and appointment to jobs throughout their lives. 

Accountancy as a Subject is one of the major worries of students. The vast syllabus, complex definitions, and lengthy solutions take a toll on their preparations. However, under the right guidance, consistent revision, and regular mock practice, students can easily ace the CBSE Class 12th Accountancy Boards paper.

We will discuss the Class 12th Accountancy subject in this article. We will take a detailed look at strategies to attempt accountancy mock tests. Along the way, we will see some of the dos and don'ts of Accountancy Mock Tests. Read to find more about the Class 12th Accountancy Mock Test and how you should attempt them.

The subject of Accountancy revolves around accounting and book-keeping. The CBSE Class 12th Accountancy strives to educate students on logical reasoning, analytical skills, and judgmental potential that is used to build a strong foundation of accounting.

The topics covered under CBSE Class 12th are categorized under four major heads:

  • Accounting for Not-for-Profit Organizations,
  • Partnership Firms and Companies,
  • Financial Statement Analysis, and
  • Computerized Accounting

How To Prepare For Class 12 Accountancy?

The syllabus of Class 12th Accountancy is vast. Students often feel lost as they try to cover and revise the entire syllabus. While some lucky souls may succeed in doing it, it is highly recommended that students compartmentalize their syllabus and their preparation when it comes to Accountancy subjects.

The key to acing Accountancy subject in CBSE Class 12th Boards is through regular mock practice. Mocks Tests for Accountancy are important assets students have. Mocks combined with smart analysis and thorough revision constitute an infallible plan for the CBSE Class 12th Accountancy. Read more to find out how to attempt mock tests for accountancy subjects.

Class 12 Accountancy Mock Tests 2021 provides mock tests for CBSE Class 12th Accountancy along with other subjects. The Mock Tests have been designed by subject experts after a thorough study of CBSE class 12 accountancy syllabus and previous year exam patterns.

With its latest exam pattern and up-to-date questions, the Toprankers mock tests will help you practice the subject and score more than 90% marks in the exam. Since the Accountancy syllabus for cbse Class 12 is vast, the mock test series for accountancy have been divided into topic tests.

Students should use these topic tests as checkpoints in their CBSE Class 12th Accountancy Preparation. The duration of each test is 60 minutes with questions ranging from 40-80 depending on the topic. Each question holds a weightage of 1 mark. Total marks obtained in the Accountancy mock tests reflect the status of preparation of students.

Why Are Mocks Tests Important For Class 12th Accountancy?

Every serious aspirant understands the importance mocks have in the preparation of any exam. Mocks not only help you get acquainted with the variety of questions from every topic, they also provide a pseudo exam experience too.

While writing mocks, students are subjected to exam-like conditions with a time constraints, similar exam patterns, a balanced number of questions from each topic, and much more. Thus, mock tests for accountancy class 12 an important part of building a strong foundation for the subject. Let us understand the effective ways to attempt accountancy mocks.

Study The Paper 

Experts suggest that students should have a basic idea about the question paper before starting with their answers. Hence, it is suggested that you skim through the mock tests and gauge a rough idea about the questions before starting your accountancy mock tests.

Multiple Takes 

Do your mock test for accountancy in multiple iterations rather than one. Do the sums and questions you are sure about in iteration 1. Go through the questions you know are going to consume substantial time in further iterations.

Mind The Time 

Accountancy mocks test for class 12 comprise questions with subjective description and calculative answers alike. Thus unlike other theoretical subjects, time becomes something to be kept in mind as you through your accountancy mock tests.

Cross Check Your Answers

It is also very important to cross-check your answers. Use an inverse method to verify your solutions. Start with your answer and trace the steps back to your question. It is far more effective and less time-consuming when compared to normal revision of the answers.