The Staff Selection Commission organization undertakes various government examinations. The CHSL is a combined higher secondary level examination for 10+2 candidates meant for the recruitment in various junior level positions in the central government of India. SSC CHSL Exam 2020 is conducted for recruitment in various junior level positions in the central government of India. Aspirants need to focus on SSC CHSL Important Topics to clear the examinations with good scores.

Will SSC CHSL Exam Postponed Due to Corona Virus?

SSC CHSL Important Topics 2020

  • The SSC CHSL examination has mainly three-tier and cracking all of them a candidate can get a government job. 
  • The SSC CHSL Important Topics for Tier 1 has four main segments, like Quantitative Ability (Maths), Reasoning, General Awareness, and English Language.
  • The Tier 1 exam of SSC CHSL has a multiple-choice question and answer format.
  • SSC CHSL Quantitative Aptitude covers topics like Algebra, Profit and Loss, Time, Speed and Distance and Trigonometry. 
  • SSC CHSL Reasoning covers topics like Odd One Out/Classification, Syllogism, Figure Problem and Analogy.
  • SSC CHSL General Awareness covers topics like Geography, History, Economics, Polity, and Science.
  • SSC CHSL English Language covers topics like Vocabulary, Spotting Errors, Active-Passive Voice and Reading Comprehension.
  • In SSC CHSL tier-1 exam candidates have to score the overall cut-off marks to qualify for the next level. 
  • Aspirants preparing for the exam need to follow and practice the SSC CHSL Important Questions to get qualified.
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SSC CHSL Important Topics from GA section 

The difficulty of the questions in this segment is based on the 10+2 level. Questions will be asked from the different segments. Weightage is given more to topics like general science, economics, and current affairs. The SSC CHSL Important GA Topics are discussed below in the table. 

Topics Topic Details No- of Questions
History Synopsis: Indian history based on ancient, medieval and modern history. Topics include Vedic culture, Harappa Civilization, Important ancient Temples and Institutions, Medieval India and the important systems and India’s freedom movement and the leaders. 1
Geography Synopsis: Indian physical geography. Topics include Seaport, Airport and their location, India and its neighbors and Important institution of world and India like BRICS, World Bank, IMF, and RBI, etc. 1
Economics Synopsis: Macro and Micro-economics with reference to Indian economic scenario. Topics include Famous persons in an economy, Five Year Plan and its importance, Budget related Terms (National Income, GDP, Fiscal Deficit, etc.), and Institutions and their importance.  2-3
Polity Synopsis: Government policies based on the Indian Constitution. Topics include Meaning of Writ, Supreme Court and Indian Judiciary, Important constitutional bodies, President, Governor, and their functions, Fundamental Rights and Duties, Emergency Provisions, National political parties, and their symbols, Parliament and State legislature of India, and Major Constitutional amendments. 4
General Science (Physics, Biology, Chemistry) Physics topics include S.I. units, Sound, Motion, Energy, Light, Wave, and Electricity. Biology topics include Facts about the human body, Nutrition in Animals and Plants, Important Inventions and inventors and Diseases and their causes. Chemistry topics include Chemical Properties of Substance and their uses, Chemical Change and Physical Change, Properties of States of Matter, Chemical Name of Important substances and Chemistry in Everyday Life. 6-8
Current Affairs Synopsis: Demonetization, GST, and other bills passed in the Indian constitution. Current affairs topics include Awards, Sports, Politics, Finance and Banking and International Events. Miscellaneous topics include Census, Books and their writers, Birds and Symbols, State Animals, Noble prize Winners and Important Days.  4-5
Total - 25

SSC CHSL Important Topics from Reasoning section 

The Reasoning segment is based on both verbal and non-verbal problems. The level of difficulty can be from easy to moderate. Candidates can follow and practice the SSC CHSL Previous Year Question Paper to prepare for the examination. SSC CHSL Important Reasoning Topics are given in a tabulated format below.

Topics Topic Details No. of Questions
Analogy  Topics include Figure Based, Numerical, Semantic and Symbolic type.  4-6
Series Topics include Figure Based, Semantic and Alphabetic type. 4-5
Directions and Distance Topics include simple directions and distances covered. 1-2
Blood Relations Topics include relationships between different persons and establishing new relationships. 1
Classification  Topics include Semantic, Symbolic and Number type. 4-5
Venn Diagram Topics include Venn Diagram based problems and syllogism and Logical Venn Diagram. 1-2
Verbal Reasoning Topics include Drawing interferences, Emotional Intelligence and Social Intelligence. 1
Non-verbal Reasoning Topics include Paper Cutting and Folding, Mirror Image, Cubes and Dices, Water Image, Pattern Completion, and Embedded figures.  1-2
Missing Numbers Topics include Missing numbers in Diagrams and Matrix. 1
World Building  Topics include Meaningful sequence and Matrix, Logical Sequence and Word Formation.  2-3
Coding-Decoding Topics include Coding of Letter words, Fictitious language, Analogy, Letter Shifting, etc.  1-2
Total - 25

SSC CHSL Important Topics from Maths

The Quantitative Aptitude or maths segment is generally the lengthiest of all the sections and candidates require to practice hard to secure the cut-off marks in this segment. The SSC CHSL Important Maths Topics have been given along with the sub-topics. Go through the SSC CHSL Distance and Direction Quiz for topic-wise practice for the exam.

Topics Topic Details No. of Questions
Percentage  Topics include percentage-based calculations and cover other topics like DI and Algebra.  1
Average Topics include age, weight, height, marks, monthly salary, expenditure, temperature, etc.  1-2
Time and Work Topics include pipes and cisterns, work efficiency and work and wages.  1-2
Interest Topics include simple interest, compound interest, and mixed problems. 1-2
Speed, Time and Distance Topics include relative speed, boats and streams, average speed and problems on trains.  1-2
Number System  Topics include remainders, integers, factors, divisibility, LCM, and HCF.  0-1
Ratio and proportion Topics include conceptual problems on ratio and proportion. 1-2
Profit and Loss Topics include partnership questions, discount and MP, and successive selling. 1-2
Algebra Topics include graphs of linear equations, algebraic identities, linear equations in one or two variables and elementary surds.  3-4
Trigonometry Topics include heights and distances and trigonometric identities.  2-3
Mensuration Topics include a right prism, circle, regular polygons, right circular cone, sphere, hemisphere, right circular cylinder, quadrilateral, regular right pyramid, square, and triangles.  2-4
Geometry Topics include geometry facts and figures, circles, tangents, and triangles.  2-3
Data Interpretation Topics include frequency polygon, histogram, pie-chart, and bar diagram.  3-5
Total - 25

SSC CHSL Important Topics from English

SSC CHSL Important English Topics focuses on three parts like grammar, comprehension passage and vocabulary. The weightage is given more to the grammatical segment. All the topics are further discussed in detail below. 

Topics Topics Detail No. of Questions
Reading Comprehension Topics include unseen passages based on literature, humanities, stories, etc. 4-5
Vocabulary Section Topics include cloze tests, one-word substitutions, phrase & idiom, and fill in the blanks. Weightage will be given on general topics of moral science, science & technology and others. 10-11
Grammar Topics include the grammatical section of English. Testing compatibility on phrase replacement, error spotting and fill in the blanks. Other topics are direct-indirect speech and active-passive voice. It also checks the logical flow of the English language prowess through sentence jumbles or para jumbles. 11-15
Total - 25

SSC CHSL Cut-off Marks

  • The cut-off marks have to be scored by the candidates in all the four segments of English, Quantitative Aptitude (Maths), Reasoning and General Awareness. 
  • Besides, an overall cut-off needs to be scored to pass the tier-1.
  • SSC CHSL cut-off score calculation= Total marks obtained in all the four segments deducting the negative marks. 
  • Negative marking of 0.50 is subtracted for each wrong answers by the candidates.

The aspirants preparing for SSC CHSL examinations need to prepare from the important topics. Weightage must be given to the particular sub-topics where more marks are allotted. Cut-offs have to be scored in individual segments along with the total overall. Besides, candidates must answer questions accurately or it will attract negative marking which will affect the total score. 

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