The Staff Selection Commission organization manages different government examinations. The combined higher secondary level examinations CHSL is meant for 10+2 candidates. Through SSC CHSL Exam there will be recruitment in various junior level positions in the central government of India. The SSC CHSL examinations are taken for recruitment in several junior-level positions in the central government of India. Aspirants need to practice the SSC CHSL Important Questions to qualify all stages of examination.

SSC CHSL Important Questions

  • All aspirants are required to the three-tier examination to qualify for SSC CHSL positions. 
  • The SSC CHSL topics have four main segments, like Quantitative Aptitude (Maths), Reasoning, General Awareness, and English Language.
  • Candidates may take the help of SSC CHSL Previous Year Question Paper to know the difficulty level of the exam.
  • The Tier 1 exam of SSC CHSL has a multiple-choice question and answer format.
  • SSC CHSL Quantitative Aptitude covers topics like Percentage, Profit and Loss, Mensuration, Average, etc. 
  • SSC CHSL Reasoning covers topics like Syllogism, Verbal reasoning, blood Relations, and Analogy.
  • Topics like- Geography, History, Economics, Polity, and Science covers the SSC CHSL GA Section.
  • SSC CHSL English Language covers topics like Vocabulary, Spotting Errors, Active-Passive Voice and Reading Comprehension.
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SSC CHSL Important Questions for Quantitative Aptitude

Quantitative Ability is a section that mainly concerns with mathematics. If candidates wish to secure the merit list then they need to focus hard on this topic. Here are some SSC CHSL important maths questions with answers and you can solve them using maths tricks.

1. A solution containing spirit and water in the ratio 5:1 is mixed with 20 liters of spirit. After removing 10.7 liters of the new mixture, the ratio of water and spirit in the remaining mixture is found to be 3:25. What was the original quantity of mixture?

Ans: 36 litres. 

2. Two buses travel from city X to city Y at a speed of 30 and 45 km/hr respectively. If one car takes 2.5 hours lesser time than the other car for the journey, then the distance between City X and City Y is: 

Ans: 225km.

3. If cosec 9x= sec 9x (0<x<10), what is the value of x? 

Ans: 5°.

4. What is the area of the triangle made by the line 3x+4y = 24 with coordinate axes?

Ans: 24 square units.

3. Read the table carefully and answer the question given. 

Calculate the overall value of the stock from the following table. 

Gadgets Quantity of stocks Average cost
Washing Machine 88 12,000
Televisions 69 9,000
Refrigerators 20 47,000
Microwaves 82 23,000
Air-conditioners 99 23,000

Ans: 67.8.

SSC CHSL Important Topics from Quantitative Ability Section

Below are some of the important topics of the Quantitative Ability section. 

Topics Key Areas
Percentage Percentage Based Calculation
Average Age, Weight, Height, Marks, Monthly Salary, Expenditure, Temperature, etc
Time & Work Pipes & Cisterns, Work Efficiency, Work & wages
Interest Simple Interest, Compound Interest, Mixed Problems
Speed, Time & Distance Relative Speed, Boats& Streams, Average Speed, and Problems on Trains
Number System Remainders, Integers, Factors, Divisibility, LCM & HCF
Ration & Proportion Conceptual Problems on Ratio & Proportion
Profit & Loss Partnership Questions, Discount, and Successive Selling
Algebra Graphs of Linear Equations, Algebraic Identities, Linear Equations in one or two Variables and Elementary Surds
Trigonometry Heights & Distances and Trigonometric Identities
Mensuration Problems of Important Geometric Shapes
Geometry Geometry Facts & Figure, Circle, Tangents, & Triangles
Data Interpretation Frequency Polygon, Histogram, Pie-Chart, Bar Diagram

SSC CHSL Important Questions for Reasoning

The General Intelligence and Reasoning segments deal with the logical aspects of the SSC CGL examination. We have discussed some of the SSC CHSL important reasoning questions that can come in the reasoning section. Candidates need to apply their logic and follow short ticks to answer the questions quickly. 

1. Statement: 

Some girls are pretty. Some pretty is sincere. All sincere is wise. 

Statement 1: Some wise are pretty.

Statement 2: Some sincere are girls.

Statement 3: Some wise are girls. 

Ans: Only statement 1 follows. 

2. If BLACK is written as KCALB, then TWEET is written as:

Ans: TEEWT. 

3. Select the related word/letters/number from the following alternatives.

CD: 916::?: 100144.

Ans: JL.

4. If today is Monday, then after 97 days what day of the week it will? 

Ans: Sunday. 

5. Based on the English alphabetical serious four out of five are alike in a certain way and form a particular group. Find the odd one out that does not belong to the group. 

  1. Retrieve
  2. Recollect 
  3. Regain 
  4. Realize 
  5. Recall

Ans: (4) Realise. 

SSC CHSL Important Topics from Reasoning

The section is based on logical assumption and accurate tricks. Below are the important topics that candidates need to work upon. 

Topics Key Areas
Analogy Figure Based, Numerical, Sematic, & Symbolic Type
Series Figure Based, Sematic, Alphabetic Type
Directions & Distance Simple Direction & Distances Covered
Blood Relations Relationships Between different persons & establishing new relationships
Classification Sematic, Symbolic, Number
Venn Diagram Venn Diagram based Problems, Syllogism, and Logical Venn Diagram
Verbal Reasoning Drawing Interference, Emotional Intelligence, Social Intelligence
Non-Verbal Reasoning Papercutting and Folding, Cubes and Dices, Water Image, and Embedded Figures
Missing Numbers Missing Numbers in Diagrams & Matrix
World Building Meaningful Sequence & Matrix, Logical Sequence, and Word Formation
Coding-Decoding Coding of Letter Words, Analogy, Letter Shifting, etc

SSC CHSL Important GK/GS Questions 

The General Knowledge part comprises of different subjects like Geography, History, Economics, Polity, and Science. Candidates need to prepare from these subjects, and the SSC CHSL Important GA Questions are given below:

1. What is the Magnetic Flux ‘s S.I Unit? 

Ans: Weber. 

2. The novel “The God of Small Things” is inspired by which nation?

Ans: India.

3. What is the name given to the cursor for the computer language “LOGO”? 

Ans: Turtle. 

4. Which dam was constructed on river Bhagirathi? 

Ans: Tehri

5. Based on mass, which is the most abundant element found in the Milky Way? 

Ans: Hydrogen. 

SSC CHSL Important Topics from General Knowledge/ General Science

In the following table, candidates will get highlights of some of the SSC CHSL Important Topics asked in the exam for General Science and Awareness mostly-

Topics Key Areas
History Indian History based on Ancient, Medieval and Modern History
Geography Indian Physical Geography
Economics Macro and Micro-economics with reference to Indian economic scenario
Polity Government policies based on the Indian Constitution
General Science Physics, Biology, and Chemistry. More weightage is given to physics
Current Affairs Current affairs topics include Awards, Sports, Politics, Finance, and Banking and International Events
Static GK Census, Books and their writers, Birds and Symbols, State Animals, Noble prize Winners and Important Days

SSC CHSL Important Questions from English

The English segment of this competitive exam has questions from the comprehension passage and basic grammar knowledge. Candidates can score plenty if they focus on this part. Below are some of the SSC CHSL Important English Questions. 

1. In this question, a sentence has been given in Direct/Indirect speech. What can be the expected Indirect/Direct speech of the given sentence?

Ramesh told his colleague that he was going to Delhi.

Ans: Ramesh said to his colleague “I am going to Delhi”.

2. In this question, a sentence has been given in Active/Passive voice. What can be the expected Passive/Active voice of the given sentence?

We will invite Shankar.

Ans: Shankar will be invited by us. 

3. It was Geeta’s ______ that led her to penury.

Ans: Extravagance. 

4. Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s batting skills make him a cut above the rest.

Ans: “superior to”.

5. Choose the part of the sentence that includes a grammatical error. 

When America was discovered (1)/ in its several parts (2)/ the Indian tribes were found (3)/ in discovered (1)/ in its several parts (2)/ the Indian tribes were found (3)/ in dissimilar conditions (4)/ No error (5). 

Ans: (E)

SSC CHSL Important Topics from the English section

Topics Key Areas
Reading Comprehension Unseen Passages based on Literature, Humanities, Stories, etc
Vocabulary Section Cloze Tests, One-Word Substitutions, Phrase & Idiom, and Fill in the Blanks
Grammar Grammatical Section of English, Error Spotting and Fill in the Blanks. Other Topics are Direct-Indirect Speech and Active-Passive Voice

SSC CHSL Descriptive Paper TIER 2

The SSC CHSL Tier-1 is an online-based multiple-choice question format. The Tier-2 of SSC CHSL is a descriptive written paper that scrutinizes the writing competence of the candidates. We are providing some of the expected vital topics in essays that can be helpful at the time of preparations.

  • Digital payments.
  • Why Plastics should be banned?
  • Women empowerment.
  • Terrorism across the borders.
  • Conflicts among nations.
  • Government schemes and policies.
  • Impact of social media.
  • Yoga and its benefits.
  • Demonetisation.
  • The necessity of education.

The aspirants are required to solve the SSC CHSL practice set that includes important questions for cracking the examination. The more mock questions they practice, the better are the chances to clear the exam. Important topics need to be focused if candidates wish to be successful in their SSC CHSL examinations. 

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