SSC CHSL GA Questions 2020- Check General Awareness PDFs

General awareness is one of the important subjects to be studied when appearing for the CHSL Exam. To help candidates, we have provided the SSC CHSL General Awareness PDF in this article that will help you to understand what questions to expect in the Exam 2020.

  • In the CHSL exam, GK questions are asked from both general awareness and general science. Hence candidates need to focus more on topics like Finance, Indian Economy, current affairs, etc. to score good marks in the exam.
  • Candidates are advised to go through the SSC CHSL Important Topics. This will help plan their preparation in a better way.

SSC CHSL General Awareness 2020 PDF

Candidates need to focus on current affairs from the past six months to one year as most of the questions are asked from events related to sports, authors, prizes, etc. Before starting the preparation, it is important for candidates to be aware of the detailed SSC CHSL Syllabus of General Awareness.

To ease your preparation, we have compiled all previous year’s CHSL GK Questions in the PDF format.

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Download CHSL General Awareness Questions PDF

Aspirants can download the General Awareness Notes PDF by clicking on the direct links provided in the table below. Also, go through the SSC CHSL 2020 GK Questions in Hindi PDF and download them for future reference.

CHSL Tier 1 500 GA Questions PDF (English)- Part A
CHSL Ter 1 500 GA Questions PDF (English) -Part B 
CHSL Tier 1 250 GA Questions PDF (Hindi)  
Important Cups & Trophies PDF  Important Dance Forms PDF

Expected CHSL General Awareness Questions PDF

Staff Selection Commission often repeats topics & questions in General Awareness section throughout all its recruitment. This trend was observed in CGL & CHSL, many current affairs topics were common in both these exams.

  • Aspirants are advised to follow the SSC CHSL Preparation Tips provided by experts to better succeed in the exam.
  • Candidates can download the SSC CHSL  General Awareness PDF by clicking on the direct link provided below and start their preparation for the exam.

World Food Day occurs annually on

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CHSL General Awareness Question & Answers PDF

To ease your preparation, we have assembled the list of general awareness questions asked in the CHSL exam which was conducted from 12 October to 18 October 2020. Candidates can download the SSC CHSL General Awareness PDF by clicking on the direct links provided in the table below.

Date Question PDF Answer PDF
18 October Click here Click here
14 October Click here Click here
13 October Click here Click here
12 October Click here Click here

CHSL Topic-wise Questions

To help candidates, we have provided topic-wise SSC CHSL General Awareness PDF. Knowing the type of questions asked will help candidates to enhance their preparation for the exam.

Questions on Important Days

Let us have a look at the table below to know the different questions based on important days.

Question Answer
When is Army Day celebrated in India? January 15
When is National Unity Day celebrated? October 31
What is celebrated on March 8? International Women Day
When is World Aids Day celebrated? December 1
When is International Yoga Day celebrated? June 21
When is Indian Air Force Day observed? October 8

Download GK Questions & Current Affairs PDF

Questions on Book & Authors

Question Answer
Who wrote The God of Small Things? Arundhati Roy
Who is the author of the book Wings of Fire A P J Abdul Kalam
Who wrote The Company of Women? Khuswant Singh
The writer of Animal Farm is? Goerge Orwell
The author of My Presidential Years is? R Venkataraman
The author of Life Divine is? Arvind Ghosh

Download List of State Governors, CM PDF

Questions on Awards & Prizes

Question Answer
Nobel Prize is not given in which field? Mathematics
Who was the first Indian to receive a Nobel Prize? Rabindranath Tagore
Which Indian scientist received the Nobel Prize as well as Bharat Ratna? C V Raman
Who was the first lady to receive the Dada Saheb Phalke award? Devika Rani
Which country established Nobel Prize? Sweden
Who was the musician who received Bharat Ratna? M S Subbulakshmi

Download Sports Venue List PDF

Questions on Abbreviations

What does NATO stand for? North Atlantic Treaty Organization
What does HTTP stand for in the world of internet? Hyper Text Transfer Protocol
What does CTBT stand for? Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty
What is ATM’s full form? Automated Teller Machine
What does DTP stand for? Desk Top Publishing
NHRC is an abbreviation of? National Human Rights Commission
MRI’s full form is? Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Download Computer Question & Answers PDF

CHSL General Awareness Important Topics

As per the experts, knowing SSC CHSL Important Questions and topics will help candidates to better prepare for the exam. The Important Topics in the GA section of the Staff Selection Commission Combined Higher Secondary level exam are given in the table below.

Topics Sub Topics
History Indian history based on ancient, medieval, and modern history. Topics include Vedic culture, Harappa Civilization, Important ancient Temples and Institutions, Medieval India, and the important systems and India’s freedom movement and the leaders.
Geography Indian physical geography. Topics include Seaport, Airport and their location, India and its neighbours and Important institution of world and India like BRICS, World Bank, IMF, and RBI, etc.
Economics Macro and Micro-economics with reference to Indian economic scenario. Topics include Famous persons in an economy, Five Year Plan and its importance, Budget related Terms (National Income, GDP, Fiscal Deficit, etc.), and Institutions and their importance.
Polity Government policies based on the Indian Constitution. Topics include Meaning of Writ, Supreme Court and Indian Judiciary, Important constitutional bodies, President, Governor, and their functions, Fundamental Rights and Duties, Emergency Provisions, National political parties, and their symbols, Parliament and State legislature of India, and Major Constitutional amendments.
General Science (Physics, Biology, Chemistry) Physics topics include S.I. units, Sound, Motion, Energy, Light, Wave, and Electricity. Biology topics include Facts about the human body, Nutrition in Animals and Plants, Important Inventions and inventors and Diseases, and their causes. Chemistry topics include Chemical Properties of Substance and their uses, Chemical Change and Physical Change, Properties of States of Matter, Chemical Name of Important substances, and Chemistry in Everyday Life.
Current Affairs Demonetization, GST, and other bills passed in the Indian constitution. Current affairs topics include Awards, Sports, Politics, Finance and Banking, and International Events. Miscellaneous topics include Census, Books and their writers, Birds and SymbolsState Animals, Noble prize Winners, and Important Days.

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SSC CHSL General Awareness Weightage of Questions

Students looking to score well should go through the SSC CHSL GK Preparation in detail.  Let us have a look at the table below to know the number of GK questions asked from each topic.

Topics Weightage of Questions
History 1
Geography 1
Economics 2-3
Polity 4
General Science (Physics, Biology, Chemistry) 6-8
Current Affairs 10-12

SSC CHSL General Awareness Trends

The difficulty level of the Current Affairs Section is high, candidates should be up to date from all the previous six months’ latest news and reports of both National and International to score good marks in this section.

  • The political changes and major departmental heads of India & of International countries were asked in most shifts conducted from 12 October to 18 October 2020.
  • In 2019, most of the questions are asked from History from the Gupta Period and the difficulty level of the section is moderate.
  • Solving SSC CHSL Previous Year Papers will help candidates to know the difficulty level of the paper and type of questions asked in the exam.
Year Difficulty Level of the Paper Number of Good Attempts
2020 Easy-Moderate 18-20
2019 Moderate 15-20
2018 Easy 18-20
2017 Easy-Moderate 16-20

CHSL Previous Year GA Questions for Tier 1 Exam

Some questions asked in the Tier 1 CHSL Exam have been listed here, you can also download the 500 GA Questions Asked in Tier 1 2019 in Engish & Hindi PDF from the link mentioned below.

Q. Which country will host the 36th International Geological Congress in March 2020?

A- India

Q. The 107th edition of the Indian Science Congress will be hosted by which city?

A- Bengaluru

Q. Who set a new record for the longest single spaceflight by a woman?

A- Christina Koch

Q. Scissor Cup is associated with which sports?

A- Football

Q. The Book ‘Gulamgiri’ was written by which author? 

A- Jyotirao Phule

Q. Who among the following won a silver medal in the equestrian event at the 2018 Asian Games?

A-Fouad Mirza

Q.Ram Vilas Paswan is the president of which party?

A-Lok Janshakti Party

Q. Greta Thunberg, the teenage sensation and global climate change crusader is from which of the following European countries?


Q. Herts is the SI unit of?


Q. In the new 2019 Narendra Modi cabinet, which portfolio is assigned to Smriti Irani?

A-Ministry of Women and Child Development

Q. Where is Rhodopsin, also called visual purple, located in the human body?

A- Eye

Q. Which emperor’s army did Maharana Pratap fight in the Battle of Haldighati?

A- Akbar

Q. Rafael Nadal, one of the top male tennis players in the world hails from which European country?

A- Spain

Q. Which is the largest bone in the human body?


Q. As of May 2019, Vidarbha has won _______ Ranji Trophy tournaments? 

A- 2

Q. Chhattisgarh does NOT share its boundary with

A- West Bengal

Q- Which of the following states shares the longest boundary with China?

A- Arunachal Pradesh

Q- Which of the following metals has an ore named Galena?

A- Lead

Q- In which year was Google incorporated as a private company?

A- 1998

Q- Which of the following states separates Nepal from Bhutan?

A- Sikkim

Q- The mother of Mahatma Gandhi was: 

A- Putlibai

Q- What is the full form of GSTIN in relation to GST?

A- Goods and Services Tax Identification Number

Q- Which of the following are the highest-frequency electromagnetic waves?

A- Gamma Rays

Q- The 124th Amendment Bill, 2019 deals with-

A- Economic Reservation

Q- Ram Vilas Paswan is the president of which party?

A- Lok Janshakti Party

Q- Which of the following banks was authorized to issue Electoral Bonds?

A- State Bank of India

Q- The city of Belagavi is located in the state of-

A- Karnataka

Q- In the world of computers, what is ‘Ubuntu”?

A- Open source Linux operating system

Q- Herts is the SI unit of-

A- Frequency

Q-In which state is the Mundra Power Plant located?

A- Gujarat

Q- The National Institute of Nutrition is located in-

A- Hyderabad

Q- ‘Pivot Table’ is a feature of which of the following software?

A- Microsoft Excel

Q- Soorya Festival’ is associated with which of the following cities?


Q- Which popular Indian band of the 90s released their first album ‘Boondein’ with Mohit Chauhan as the lead?

A- Silk Route

Q- In the context of Cloud Computing, what is the full form of PaaS?

A- Platform as a Service

Q- Dolomite is an ore of which of the following metals?

A- Calcium


How to attempt SSC CHSL Tier 1 General Awareness Section?

General awareness section covers topics like History, current events in the country, current affairs all across the country, general science, geography, economics, and politics. To score good marks in this section, follow the tips mentioned below.

  • Before starting the preparation, it is important for candidates to know the complete syllabus and exam pattern of the CHSL.
  • First and foremost read the newspaper every day to know all th happenings around the world on a regular basis.
  • Daily watch news at least for one hour and read both National & International Updates.
  • Go through basic concepts of Science that include Physics, Chemistry, and Biology.
  • Attempt as many SSC CHSL Mock Tests as possible on a daily basis. This will help increase your confidence levels.
  • Candidates are advised to take the help of online resources to find all the important current affairs and note it down regularly.
  • Try to solve at least two previous year question papers to increase your time-management skills, speed, and accuracy.
  • Solve the daily and monthly General Awareness Quiz to know your preparation levels for the final exam.

SSC CHSL GA Questions FAQ’s

Q) What are the important topics that need to be prepared under the CHSL General Awareness section?

The important topics that need to be prepared under the CHSL General Awareness section include current affairs, history, static awareness, biology, chemistry, and computer.

Q) How to prepare the CHSL General Awareness section?

To attempt the general awareness section of CHSL easily, candidates must read the newspaper every day to know all th happenings around the world on a regular basis. Practice CHSL mock tests every day, and go through basic concepts of Science (Physics, Chemistry, and Biology) regularly.

Q) What the best books for the preparation of the CHSL Syllabus of General Awareness section?

The best books for the preparation of CHSL General Awareness section as follows:

  • Manorama Yearbook 2019 (English and Hindi) by Malayalam Manorama
  • Lucent’s General Knowledge (English and Hindi) by Lucent’s

Q) How many month’s current affairs will be asked in the CHSL 2020?

Candidates should cover at least 6 months of current affairs to score good marks in the upcoming CHSL 2020 Exam. Watching news will help candidates to be aware of all happenings around the world.

Q. How can I get CHSL Previous Year Question Papers with an explanation of answers for the General Awareness section?

Ans: Candidates can download the CHSL Previous Year Papers with Solutions by following the below steps:

  • Visit our post on previous year papers
  • choose the respective previous year you wish to download the question paper
  • Download the Free CHSL Question Papers with solutions of the General Awareness section.
  • Start answering the papers and verify later using the solutions.

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