SSC CHSL English Preparation Tips 2020: Know Expert Suggestions

English is one of the important subjects in most of the government examinations and competitive exams. If you are one among the aspirant finding English difficult and worried about how to prepare English for SSC CHSL, then go through the complete post to find expert tips and tricks. Go through SSC CHSL English Preparation and tricks.

  • In SSC CHSL Exam, Tier 1 includes English Language subject with 25 questions for 50 marks.
  • SSC CHSL Tier-II is a descriptive test that is designed to test the written skills of the candidates in English/Hindi.
  • In this post, we have provided simple tips that help candidates to know how to prepare English for SSC CHSL.
  • Before beginning with the preparation, candidates must be aware of the detailed SSC CHSL Syllabus to know the important topics to be studied.

SSC CHSL English Preparation

Aspirants appearing for Tier 1 Exam need to follow certain SSC CHSL English tricks while preparing. Here are few expert SSC CHSL Preparation Tips to better prepare the English subject.

  • Firstly, know the important topics to be studied and plan your preparation accordingly.
  • Go through the weightage of each topic and allot study timings for each topic.
  • Learn the topics in-depth and prepare for each topic well
  • Solving SSC CHSL Previous Year Papers will help candidates to know the difficulty level of the paper and type of questions asked in the exam.
  • The main trick in English is to solve more and more questions to know the difficulty level of the exam.
  • Also, make sure to be aware of the cut off marks.
  • Follow the SSC CHSL English Preparation Tips provided by experts to score good marks in the English section.


SSC CHSL Selection Process

As per the notification, there are three stages involved in the SSC CHSL Selection process: Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3.

  • The SSC CHSL examination will consist of a Computer Based Examination (Tier-I), Descriptive Paper (Tier-II) and Typing Test/ Skill Test (Tier-III). SSC CHSL will be conducted via Online Mode.
  • The time duration of the exam is now 60 minutes.
  • There are now only 100 questions in SSC CHSL Tier I exam.
  • There is cut-throat competition, given the number of students who are taking the exam every year.

SSC CHSL Tier 1 Exam Pattern 2020

The first stage of SSC CHSL is a Computer-Based Examination. In the table below, we have mentioned exam pattern for SSC CHSL Tier 1 exam. Go through the pattern and know SSC CHSL English Preparation Tips.

Subject No of Questions Max Marks
General Intelligence 25 50
General Awareness 25 50
Quantitative Aptitude (Basic Arithmetic Skill) 25 50
English Language (Basic Knowledge) 25 50
Total 100 200
Exam Duration 60 minutes

This examination tier will consist of Objective Type – Multiple choice questions only. The questions will be set both in English & Hindi for Part-II, III & IV.

  • English Language in Tier 1 exam will carry 50 marks for 25 questions.
  • There will be negative marking of 0.50 marks for each wrong answer.

Now, let’s look at the expected number of questions from various topics of SSC CHSL.

Weightage of SSC CHSL Tier 1 English Language

Candidates can download the SSC CHSL English Preparation PDF and start their preparation accordingly. Have a look at the below table to know the weightage of questions asked in SSC CHSL Tier 1 Exam.

Topics Weightage (Questions)
Spot the Error 2-3
Fill in the Blanks 2-3
Synonyms/Antonyms 2-3
Spellings Error 2-3
Idioms & Phrases 2-3
One word substitution 2-3
Improvement of Sentences 2-3
Active/Passive Voice 3
Direct/Indirect narration 3
Para jumbles 1-5
Cloze Passage 5
Comprehension Passage 5
Total 25

Important English Topics for SSC CHSL Tier 1 2020


  • Antonyms & Synonyms
  • Spelling Rules
  • One word Substitution
  • Idioms & Phrases


  • Voice
  • Spotting the Error
  • Sentence Improvement
  • Narration

Reading Skills

  • Cloze Test
  • Sequence of Sentence
  • Sentence Completion
  • Comprehension Passage

SSC CHSL Important Questions for English

The English segment of this competitive exam has questions from the comprehension passage and basic grammar knowledge. Solving the SSC CHSL Memory Based Paper will help candidates increase their efficiency and speed on the day of the exam.

  • Candidates can score plenty if they focus more on English grammar and vocabulary..
  • Below are some of the SSC CHSL English Important Questions. Check the SSC CHSL Important Questions for English and prepare better for the exam.

Error Spotting

Q) The new inner ring road in Hyderabad (1)/ is a bane to the commuters (2)/ as it is estimated to reduce (3)/ the travelling times by up to 50% (4)/ No error (5).

a) 1 b) 2 c) 3 d) 4 e) 5

Ans: b

Q) The confederacy rested (1)/ upon the tribes ostensibly, (2)/ but primarily (3)/ at common gentes (4)/ No error (5)

a) 1 b) 2 c) 3 d) 4 e) 5

Ans: d

Idioms & Phrases

Q) There is no cut and dried method for doing this.

a) Simple b) Honest c) Readymade d) Understandable

Ans: c

Q) Hold your horses for a moment while I make a phone call.

a) Be patient b) stay out c) Be quiet d) wait

Ans: d

Fill in the Blanks

Q) The flash of the torch …….a cobra

a) Exposed b) Displayed c) Disclosed d) Revealed

Ans: d

Q) It was his……that led him to penury

a) Flamboyance b) Arrogance c) Extravagance d) Ebillience

Ans: c


Q) Select the synonym of Bristle

a) Thorn b) Tranquil c) Friction d) Sleek

Ans: a

Q) Confuse

a) Explicate b) Perplex c) Mix d) Divert

Ans: b


Q) Castigated

a) Approve b) Rate c) Flay d) Drub

Ans: a

Q) Deliberate

a) Judge b) Imprudent c) Cogitate d) Argue

Ans: b

How to Prepare English for SSC CHSL Tier 1 2020?

English Preparation for SSC CHSL can be easy or difficult based on the persons’ educational background and other factors that influence the candidature. Some candidates may easily crack this section, while for other candidates the section is a nightmare.

English or any language cannot be mastered in a day. However, if you spend a considerable amount of time you can crack the section with ease. Here are a few SSC CHSL English Preparation Strategy listed. Go through them and enhance your preparation.

Spotting Error

You have to find the grammatical error in the sentence. Solving this section requires a good knowledge of grammar. Read the complete sentence and you can detect the errors instantly. Check the subject-Verb agreement while reading the sentence. Examine the sentences carefully to spot the error.

Fill in the blanks

Read the sentence carefully and choose the most appropriate word for the answer. Check which option satisfies the best entry. After filling in the blanks, re-read the sentence and see if it sounds right. It comes only with practice.

Synonyms and Antonyms:

Learn new English words daily and write down the meaning of the words. Make notes of new words that you read. Write shortcuts, Tricks and learn new words easily. Use new words in daily communication. Learn Synonyms and Antonyms from previous years papers.

Idioms/Phrases & One Word Substitution

Solve One Word Substitution and Idioms and Phrases from the previous years question paper. Solve Daily Quiz in English for SSC CHSL exam.

Spelling Mistakes

It is a scoring section if you follow all rules for spelling errors which is necessary to understand rules of English Grammar.

Sentence Correction

Sometimes, the sentence is perfect and does not need correction. At other times, you may need to improve the sentence. Watch out for all clues. It would be better to eliminate answers that are wrong and zero down on correct answers.

Cloze Test

A passage with 5 blanks is expected to come in SSC CHSL Exam. In this test, you are provided with a passage with few blanks and you need to fill these blanks from the given options. Choose the most appropriate word for the blank space. Eliminate irrelevant answers and focus on what is right. Find a logical relation between the provided options.

Reading Comprehension

Read the questions first. Identify the tone of the paragraph and the given passage. Read the passage twice. Practice Speed reading to improve your speed. Do not skip the comprehension passage as it is high scoring.

SSC CHSL English Preparation Books 

Check the list of SSC CHSL Best Books for the English Language below.

Objective English for Competitive Examinations Tata McGraw Hill
Competitive General English Kiran Prakashan
Objective General English SP Bakshi
Quick Learning Objective General English RS Aggarwal & Vikas Aggarwal

SSC CHSL Tier-II Exam Pattern for Descriptive Paper

Tier-II Paper will be a descriptive Paper of 100 Marks in ‘Pen and Paper Mode. SSC CHSL Tier-II is a descriptive test that is designed to test the written skills of the candidates in English/Hindi. The paper would demand writing of an Essay of 200-250 words and Letter/Application writing of approximately 150-200 words.

  • The exam is 60 minutes’ duration and carries 100 marks.
  • The questions are based on the 10th level.
  • The exam is qualifying in nature.
  • The exam duration is 80 minutes for candidates who are visually handicapped or suffer from cerebral palsy.

How to attempt SSC CHSL Tier 1 English Section?

The SSC CHSL Tier 1 English section includes the questions from the topics like synonyms, fill in the blanks, idioms/phrases, one-word substitution, etc. Go through the simple tips mentioned below during the SSC CHSL English Preparation.

  • Candidates must read English newspapers daily. Doing this will help improve your vocabulary and grammar.
  • Note down the important vocabulary while reading a newspaper and revise them on a weekly basis.
  • Try to use the note down words in a day to day life, which will enhance your vocabulary skills.
  • You should be through with the grammar rules in order to solve the questions related to active/passive voice and sentence improvement.
  • Improving your Vocabulary takes some time. Make sure to learn at least 2-3 new words every day.

SSC CHSL English Preparation Strategy 2020

Candidates are suggested to follow the English Preparation Strategy for SSC CHSL 2020 Exam.

  • First, candidates must go through the syllabus and exam pattern of the CHSL Exam.
  • Note down the syllabus topic wise in a notebook or a piece of paper and leave enough space beside each topic name.
  • Classify each topic as weak, medium or strong based on your strengths and weaknesses
  • Start with easy topics first and then move to tricky topics.
  • Go through your resources and gain additional clarity by browsing the internet.
  • Take up SSC CHSL Mock Tests regularly to test your preparation levels.
  • Make a separate notebook for vocabulary revision and start noting around 20 new words per day along with the meaning of the word and a sentence which clearly depicts the meaning of the word
  • Make a separate notebook for grammar and note down important rules. This notebook will be a compilation that will immensely help in last-minute revision
  • Solving previous year papers is a must to gain an insight into the type of questions asked in SSC CHSL.
  • Practice topics like error correction, Para jumbles, sentence improvement, voice and narration on a regular basis.
  • Revise notes at least once or twice a week.

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