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NID Vijayawada Placements 2023

Author : Akash Kumar Singh

Updated On : July 14, 2023


Summary: The National Institute of Design Vijayawada is a well-known design institute in India, and it plays an important role in producing future design leaders. NID Vijayawada understands the importance of job prospects for students and ensures a successful placement procedure that aligns with industry standards.  

The institute offers thorough career counselling and has a strong alumni network to assist students in their professional endeavours. In this article, we will go over many aspects of the NID Vijayawada placement, such as: 

  • placement process 
  • placement statistics 
  • companies participated 
  • placement fields 
  • alumni network 
  • industry collaboration, etc.  

NID Vijayawada acknowledges the importance of placements in developing students' careers. As a result, the institute strives further than usual to ensure an effective placement process with industry demands and students' goals. The placement process at NID Vijayawada, which opens doors to countless prospects for students, is a crucial component of this journey. 

Placements are an important connection between education and professional life for design students. While academic achievement is essential, placements provide practical experience, industry insights, and the opportunity to work with established organisations. 

NID Vijayawada understands the significance of placements in shaping the careers of its students. Consequently, the institute goes the extra mile to ensure an effective placement process that aligns with the industry's demands and students' aspirations. An essential aspect of this journey is the placement process at NID Vijayawada, which opens doors to numerous opportunities for students. 

NID Vijayawada Placement Process 

The placement cell at NID Vijayawada attempts to connect students with prospective companies and develop mutually beneficial connections. At NID Vijayawada, the placement process begins months in advance, with students undertaking intensive training and skill development programmes. This preparatory phase provides individuals with the tools they need to succeed in interviews, portfolio presentations, and other aspects of the selection process. 

The placement process at NID Vijayawada is as follows: 



Industry Interface 

The institute organizes an annual industry interface where students can meet with prospective employers and learn about job opportunities. 


Students who are interested in applying for placements must register on the NID industrial interface website. 

Submission of Job Briefs 

Students must submit job briefs that describe their skills and interests. 


The institute shortlists candidates based on their job briefs and academic performance. 


Shortlisted candidates are invited for interviews. Interviews may be conducted online or in-person. 


In the last stage, companies make offers to successful candidates after evaluating their skills and potential.

NID Vijayawada Placement Statistics 

The placement process at NID Vijayawada is very competitive. In 2023, the institute had a placement record of 90%. The average salary package was INR 12 lakhs per annum. The highest salary package was INR 30 lakhs per annum. 

NID Vijayawada 2023 Placement 


Lowest package 

6 LPA 

Average package 

12 LPA 

Highest package 

30 LPA 

Companies Participated at NID Vijayawada  

The institute has a strong placement record, with students getting placed in top companies across the country. Some of the top companies that recruit from NID Vijayawada include: 

  • Adobe 
  • Amazon 
  • Google 
  • Infosys 
  • Mahindra & Mahindra 
  • Maruti Suzuki 
  • Oracle 
  • Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) 
  • SAP 
  • Microsoft 
  • Wipro 
  • L&T 
  • Samsung 

Placement Fields 

The students of NID Vijayawada are placed in a variety of design fields, including: 

The placement process at NID Vijayawada provides students with an excellent opportunity to acquire career opportunities in the design field. The institute has a strong alumni network that can assist students in finding employment. The institute also provides a number of internship options for students to gain experience and enhance their portfolios. 

Career Support and Alumni Network 

NID Vijayawada campus understands that a design student's journey extends beyond the academic years. The institute provides extensive career support services to its students in order to ensure long-term growth and success. This assistance includes resume development, portfolio development, interview preparation, and networking opportunities. 

Furthermore, NID Vijayawada's substantial alumni network is an essential asset for students, offering mentorship, industry connections, and support as they begin their professional careers. 

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Industry Collaboration  

Collaboration between NID Vijayawada and organisations plays an important role for determining the placement scenario. The institute regularly collaborates with industry professionals, design studios, and organisations to provide students with real-world experience through projects, internships, and industry-led initiatives. This relationship increases students' employability and provides them with the skills needed to thrive in a fast changing design landscape. 


The placement process at NID Vijayawada is an essential phase in the career of emerging designers. NID Vijayawada aims to open doors to success for its students by focusing on skill development, industry collaboration, and comprehensive support. The institute's commitment to providing broad placement options, building industry contacts, and nurturing talent enable graduates to embark on exciting careers in the dynamic world of design.

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