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Jobs after Architecture JEE Main Paper 2

Author : Palak Khanna

Updated On : June 30, 2023


Summary: Explore an array of captivating career paths in architecture, including urban planning, interior design, project management, and architectural history. Uncover the essential skills and qualifications required to pursue a successful career as an architect. Empower yourself with the knowledge to make informed choices about your future and embark on a fulfilling journey in the enchanting world of architecture. 

Architecture has a wide range of opportunities and career paths for students aspiring to choose this path. By gaining insights into these possibilities, you can make informed decisions about your future career path based on your interests and aspirations. 

Let's delve into the exciting world of career prospects that await you after clearing the Architecture JEE Main Paper 2! 

Admission Process for B.Arch? 

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The following are some of the Architecture Entrance Exams after the 12th  and entrance requirements: 

Entrance Exams: 

  • NATA 
  • JEE main (paper- II) 
  • JEE Advanced AAT (For IITs only) 


  1. Educational Qualifications 

Candidates must have completed their higher secondary education (10+2 level) from a recognised board or institution. They should have studied Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics as mandatory subjects. Some institutions may also have specific minimum marks or percentage requirements. 

  1. Application Process 

Candidates must submit their applications within the specified deadlines, providing accurate personal and educational details. 

  1. Portfolio and Statement of Purpose (SOP) 

Some institutions may require candidates to submit a portfolio of their creative works, including drawings, sketches, or design projects, along with a Statement of Purpose. 

  1. Entrance Exam Results and Counselling 

Once the entrance exam results are announced, candidates who meet the qualifying criteria will be eligible for counselling sessions conducted by the respective institutions. During counselling, candidates will be allotted seats based on their ranks, preferences, and availability of seats. They may be required to attend counselling sessions in person or online, depending on the institution's procedures. 

  1. Seat Confirmation and Admission 

After the seat allotment, candidates need to confirm their acceptance by paying the required fees and completing the necessary documentation. This step officially secures their admission to the B.Arch program. 

It is important for aspiring students to thoroughly research and understand the specific admission requirements and procedures of the institutions they are interested in. Each institution may have its own set of criteria, including additional entrance exams or interviews. 

Job Options After Architecture JEE Main Paper 2 

Let us now answer your most complicated and awaited questions. This is related to the scope of the job for the students of JEE Mains paper 2, i.e., B. Arch. 

  • Government Job Position 

Various posts are recruited by the government in which the qualification of architecture is absolutely essential. Certain department names include- Public Works Department (PWD), Central Public Works Department (CPWD) and Urban Development Authorities. 

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  • Construction and Project Manager 

Construction managers oversee the on-site construction activities, ensuring that projects are implemented according to architectural plans and specifications. They manage labour, budgets, and schedules while maintaining quality and safety standards. Moreover, Project managers oversee the planning, coordination, and execution of architectural projects. They ensure that projects are completed within the specified timelines, budgets, and quality standards, managing teams and resources efficiently. 

  • Urban Planner 

Urban planners focus on designing and developing sustainable and livable urban environments. They work on projects involving land use, transportation systems, infrastructure, and community development, aiming to enhance the quality of life in cities and towns. 

  • Landscape Designer 

The scope of landscape design is closely related to urban design, encompassing the creation of aesthetically pleasing outdoor spaces such as playgrounds, parks, gardens, and residential areas. The primary purpose of engaging architectural firms is to obtain captivating and visually appealing landscape designs that enhance the overall attractiveness of these spaces. 

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  • Architecture Journalist 

An architecture journalist is a professional who specializes in reporting, analyzing, and writing about various aspects of the architecture industry. Their role is to provide insights, critique, and coverage of architectural projects, design trends, urban planning, historic preservation, and other related topics. 

Architectural Historian 

Architectural historians study the history and evolution of architectural styles, analysing their cultural, social, and historical significance. They conduct research, write publications, and contribute to the preservation and documentation of architectural heritage. 

Other major sectors or departments which offer jobs to B.Arch students 

  • City Development Authorities: They can be both government and private entities, depending on the jurisdiction. Some are government agencies responsible for urban planning and development, while others may be private organizations or public-private partnerships involved in city development initiatives. 
  • Railways Departments: Railways departments are typically part of the government sector, responsible for the planning, construction, and maintenance of railway infrastructure and services. 
  • Housing Development: Housing development can be both government and private sector driven. Government bodies like state housing boards often oversee affordable housing initiatives, while private companies engage in various types of housing development projects. 
  • State Housing Board: State housing boards are government agencies responsible for affordable housing initiatives and managing housing development programs within a specific state or region. 
  • Public Work Department (PWD): The Public Works Department is a government agency responsible for infrastructure development and construction projects, including roads, bridges, government buildings, and other public facilities.  
  • JEE Main Paper 2 Mock Tests

JEE Main Paper 2 Mock Tests

Leading Colleges for B. Arch 

Many reputed architecture institutes in India offer you B. Arch degree courses. You can get admission to these colleges by giving various entrance tests like NATA Entrance Exam, JEE Main, JEE Advanced AAT, etc.  

College Name  


Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) 

Kharagpur, Roorkee, etc.  

School of Planning and Architecture (SPA) 


Chandigarh College of Architecture  


School of Architecture and Planning, Anna University 


School of Architecture, CEPT University 


College of Architecture, VNIT 


National Institute of Technology (NIT) 

Tiruchirappalli, Kozhikode, etc. 


JEE Main Paper 2 Question Papers

JEE Main Paper 2 Question Papers

Clearing the Architecture JEE Main Paper 2 opens up a world of possibilities for aspiring architects. With career paths ranging from practicing architect to urban planner, interior designer, project manager, and architectural historian, there is a diverse range of opportunities to explore. By understanding the requirements and market demand for these roles, graduates can make informed decisions and pave the way for a successful and fulfilling career in the field of architecture. Embrace the exciting prospects that await you and embark on a journey of creativity, innovation, and contribution to the built environment

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