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Uttarakhand Judiciary Syllabus 2022 [Prelims & Mains]

Author : Palak Khanna

Updated On : July 18, 2022


Uttarakhand Public Service Commission has prescribed the Uttarakhand PCS J exam syllabus. In the UKPSC exam, you will be tested mainly on the Evidence Act, Code of Criminal Procedure, Recent legislation pronouncements, etc.

The syllabus varies for prelims and mains exams. Therefore, having knowledge about the detailed syllabus plays a vital role in qualifying for the exam.

If you are an aspirant for the UK PCJ exam, knowing the syllabus will help you know the important topics that need to be prepared from the exam point of view and score good marks in the exam.

Read through the post that will give you a complete insight into Uttarakhand Judiciary Syllabus for prelims and mains.

Uttarakhand PCS J Syllabus 2022 for Prelims

As per the Uttarakhand Judiciary Exam Pattern, the Preliminary exam paper of the Uttarakhand PCS J is divided into two parts. 

  • The first part will contain questions based on General Knowledge for 50 marks.
  • The second part will comprise questions based on Law for 150 marks.
  • The paper will be an objective type, i.e., it has Multiple Choice Questions. 
  • The time duration for the prelims exam is 3 hours.

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Uttarakhand Judiciary 2022 Syllabus for Part-1: General Knowledge

It will include day-to-day happenings around India and the World, particularly in the legal spheres. Let us have a look at the detailed UKPSC Syllabus of the general knowledge section.

Go through the detailed syllabus below and enhance your GK preparation for Uttarakhand Judiciary Exam.

  • International law
  • Neutrality
  • Recent legislation pronouncements, particularly the Indian Constitution
  • Law and development
  • Legal aspects

judiciary mock tests

judiciary mock tests

Uttarakhand Civil Judge Syllabus 2022 for Part-2: Law

As per the Uttarakhand PCS J Syllabus 2022, prelims part 2 covers the following Acts and Laws.

You are advised to solve previous year's papers to know the Questions Asked in the Uttarakhand Judiciary Exam.

  • Transfer of Properties Act
  • Principle of Hindu Laws and Principle of Muslim Laws
  • Evidence Act
  • Code of Criminal Procedure
  • Indian Penal Code
  • Civil Procedure Code

UK PCS J Syllabus for Mains Exam 2022

The mains exam includes five papers: The Present Day Based Topics, Language, Law-I (Substantive Law), Law-II (Procedure and Evidence), and Law-III (Revenue, Criminal and Local Laws)

As per the experts, Knowing the mains syllabus will help you understand how to Prepare for the Judiciary Exam of the Uttarakhand state.

Let us look at the detailed PCS J Uttarakhand Syllabus for the Mains exam and plan your preparation accordingly.

Uttarakhand Judiciary Syllabus 2022 for Paper-1: The Present Day Based Topics

According to the Uttarakhand Judiciary Syllabus, this paper is designed to test your knowledge of the reactions to what is happening in India and the world generally in the present day, particularly in the legal sphere and his power of expression in English.

Questions, the answers to which should be in essay form, will relate mainly to

  • Jurisprudence
  • International law
  • Neutrality
  • Recent legislation (particularly Indian constitutional law and developments, especially on their legal aspect and so on)

UK PCS J Syllabus 2022 for Paper-2: Language

Solving Uttarakhand Judiciary Mock Tests will help you get an idea about the type of questions that can ask in the language paper.

The Mains Uttarakhand Judiciary 2022 Syllabus of paper 2 comprises three questions as specified below:-

Topic Marks
A passage in English will be set, and you will be required to translate it into the ordinary language spoken in the courts, using the Devnagri Script. Likewise, a passage of Hindi is required 30
The same is required to be translated into the ordinary English language. 30
There will be English Précis writing also. 40

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Uttarakhand PCS J Syllabus 2022 for Paper-3: Law- Paper I (Substantive Law)

The Uttarakhand Judiciary 2022 syllabus of substantive law covers the following topics:

  • The law of contracts
  • The law of partnership
  • The law concerning casements and torts
  • The law relating to the transfer of property, including the principles of equity especially applicable thereto
  • The principles of equity, with special reference to the Law of Trust and specific relief.
  • Hindu Law and Mohammedan Law.

judiciary online coaching

judiciary online coaching

UK PCS J 2022 Syllabus for Paper-4: Law: Paper-II (Evidence and Procedure)

Check out the important topics that need to be prepared under the syllabus of the Uttarakhand Judiciary for Evidence and Procedure paper.

Go through the detailed syllabus from the post below and enhance your mains preparation for the Uttarakhand Judiciary Exam.

  • The Law of Evidence
  • The Criminal Procedure Code
  • Code of Civil Procedure
  • The principles of pleading

Download Uttarakhand Judiciary Syllabus 2022 PDF

The questions set will relate mainly to practical matters, such as

  • The framing of charges
  • Issues the methods of dealing with the evidence of the witness
  • The writing of judgment
  • The conduct of cases generally

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Uttarakhand Civil Judge 2022 Syllabus for Paper-5: Law: Paper III (Revenue, Criminal and Local Laws)

This paper includes questions under the following topics:

  • P. Zamindari Abolition
  • Land Reforms Act (as applicable in Uttarakhand)
  • Indian Penal Code.

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Uttarakhand Judiciary Syllabus 2022 for Interview

A personal Interview or Viva-voce is the third and final stage in the selection process for judicial services examination. Your interview score cumulatively with the Mains exam decides your merit in the final list.

The interview is conducted to test your suitability for the civil judge post at Uttarakhand High Court. Authorities will test your suitability concerning your school, college, and university record and your personality, address, and physique.

Personal Interviews are conducted in high-pressure atmospheres. Practicing mock interview sessions in similar settings will help enhance your Uttarakhand Judiciary Interview Preparation.

  • The questions you may ask are of general nature and will not necessarily be of an academic or legal nature.
  • The exam conducting body will add the marks obtained in viva-voce to the marks obtained in the written papers, and the final selection will depend on the aggregate of both.
  • The Commission reserves the right to refuse to call for viva-voce and those who have not obtained such marks in the Law Papers to justify such refusal.

Uttrakhand Judiciary Syllabus 2022 for Basic Knowledge of computer Operation Practical Examination

This exam is conducted for 100 marks, and you need to secure a minimum of 40 marks to get selected for the exam.

The time duration of the exam is one hour. The paper shall be set from the given UKPSC Civil Judge syllabus, broadly taking one question from each, i.e.,

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  • Windows and internet
  • S. - word
  • S. - Access
  • S. - Excel
  • S. - PowerPoint

Each question shall have five actions to be performed on the system, each having four marks.

Best Books for Uttarakhand Judiciary Exam Preparation 2022

Referring to the Best Books for Uttarakhand Judiciary will help boost your preparation levels and help you perform well in the exam.

You can refer to the following books and start your preparation well in advance to score the highest marks in the exam.

  • U.P. Zamindari Abolition and Land Reforms Act
  • Uttarakhand P.C.S Prarambhik Pariksha Samanya Adhyayan by T.S. Jain
  • Uttarakhand: Nature, culture, biodiversity by Chandra Singh Negi
  • Uttarakhand Samagra Gyankosh by Dr. Rajendra Prasad Balodi
  • Uttarakhand P.C.S Prarambhik Pariksha Aptitude Test (Paper 2) by Editorial Board: Pratiyogita Darpan

Frequently Asked Questions

The UKPSC Syllabus for the prelims exam consists of two papers: Paper 1 and Paper 2. The paper 1 covers the syllabus of general knowledge while paper 2 covers topics related to acts and laws.

The essential topics that need to be prepared under UKPSC Syllabus include International law, the Transfer of Properties Act, the Evidence Act, and Law & development.

No. There are no changes in the Uttarakhand Civil Judge Syllabus 2022. 

No. The syllabus varies for prelims and main exams of the Uttarakhand Judiciary.
The law of contracts, the law of partnership, and the law concerning casements and torts are some of the essential topics of paper 3 of the Uttarakhand Judiciary mains syllabus.
Uttarakhand Samagra Gyankosh by Dr Rajendra Prasad Balodi is one of the best books for preparing the Uttarakhand PCS J Syllabus.
Yes. With the right preparation strategy, you can quickly complete the UK PCS J syllabus in 6 months.


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