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Uttarakhand Judiciary Preparation Tips 2023

Author : Tanya Kaushal

Updated On : December 15, 2022


The Uttarakhand Judicial Services Examination is widely regarded as one of India's most challenging legal exams.

However, cracking the exam is not tough if you maintain consistency, hard work, and proper guidance through preparation.

You may require at least six months to one year before the exam to complete the syllabus. Also, planning your preparation smartly and efficiently for better results is essential.

As the UKPSC mains exam was scheduled for 02 August 2022-05 August 2022, most of you might be worried about how to cover all the topics in such a short period. Well, no need to worry!

To help you ease your preparation, this post includes detailed Uttarakhand Judiciary preparation tips and strategies for prelims, mains, and interviews.

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When to Start Preparing for the Uttarakhand Judiciary Exam 2023?

The exam pattern of the UKPSC exam comprises three stages: Prelims, Mains, and interview. All three phases of the exam are qualifying in nature.

Therefore, you need the best study plan to clear the exam in one go. Each of you may have a different way of studying, depending on how quickly you grasp things.

Here are a few suggestions on when to begin the preparation for the upcoming exam:

  • Generally, it is suggested to begin the preparation at least two years to 1 year before the exam.
  • This depends on your ability. Some may require just 3-4 months, while others require more. 
  • Make sure to prepare a proper study plan and follow it accordingly. 
  • Try to complete the planned daily task without fail, as per the Uttarakhand Judicial Exam Syllabus
  • There is nothing to be worried about if studied regularly from the recommended books or materials. 
  • Allot at least 2 hours for each subject. Try to study at least four subjects per day.

Uttarakhand Judiciary Preparation Tips 

An aspirant for the UKPSC Civil Judge Exam but do not know when the right time to start your preparation is? Well, don't get panic!

If you decide to appear for the Judicial Services Exam, you need to devote time, put in the effort, sacrifice many things, and have to convince your mind of the long battle ahead.

Go through the tips below to help you better understand how to start preparing for the Uttarakhand Judiciary Exam:

  • To start your preparation, you should consider the Reverse way of studying method, i.e., you should start preparing for Mains which will automatically cover your Prelims syllabus too.
  • People usually make the mistake that they start preparing for prelims and even clear prelims but are not left with much time to prepare for their mains examination.
  • You should not make that mistake.
  • Check out the detailed syllabus to know the subjects involved, as the subjects vary for each state.
  • The UKPSC judiciary exam syllabus for the main exam is vast.
  • Thus, when you start preparing for the mains, it will be beneficial for you to crack prelims easily.
  • Prepare a question bank for every major and minor subject for the prelims and main exams.
  • While studying, you should prepare notes in your language for all subjects, minor or major.

Uttarakhand Judiciary Preparation Tips to Make the Best Study Plan 

The UKPSC exam primarily tests your concepts and knowledge of the law. A sound understanding of the concepts makes it easy to retain important sections more effectively.

You have to keep in mind that many people say that the Uttarakhand Judicial Services Exam is all about how much you can remember sections and language of Bare Acts. However, this is a common misconception among aspirants.

There may be very few direct questions on a Bare Act in the prelims exam. Therefore, only mechanical reading of Bare Acts will not suffice.

Here are a few points to keep in mind while you prepare a study plan:

  • Try to include topics from various subjects in each day's schedule. 
  • Don't include all tough subjects, as you may not be interested in studying. 
  • If you prepare for a year, you have a lot of time to learn all the topics. 
  • Keep at least two months before the examination for revision and solving Uttarakhand Judiciary Question Papers
  • If you are going to college, you can plan your study plan by giving at least 2 hours each day on Uttarakhand judiciary exam preparation. 
  • If you are preparing six months before the exam, you should study at least 4-5 hours daily. 
  • Also, make sure to take breaks while studying. Don't study continuously as you may forget what you have learned in a previous subject.  

Judiciary online coaching

Judiciary online coaching

Uttarakhand Judiciary Preparation Tips 2023 for Prelims Paper 

As said earlier, don't prepare separately for prelims and mains. Begin with the mains preparation, and automatically, you are preparing for prelims.

As the preliminary section includes multiple-choice questions, you must improve your speed to attempt all 150 questions. 

  • Keep in mind there is no negative marking in the prelims exam, so attempt all the questions. 
  • Since you are doing your prelims preparation along with the mains, you don't have to prepare separately for all the topics again. Instead, you can do a lot of revision. 
  • Make notes while you are studying any topic. This can help in remembering concepts for a long time and also help during revision. 
  • Some of the major topics you should study first and thoroughly are - the Code of Civil Procedure, the Indian Evidence Act of 1872, the Indian Penal Code of 1861, and the Code of Criminal Procedure 1973.
  • Read at least 12 months of current affairs for the general knowledge section before the exam.
  • Prepare short notes on each crucial topic, outlining the relevant legal provisions, their content, prominent cases, and exceptions.
  • Try to keep it as concise as possible.
  • These notes will be the most helpful tool for quick revision during the entrance and main exams because as you browse through these short notes, you will recall almost all the relevant information you have studied before.
  • You should prepare a question bank of 25 questions from the previous year's question paper and create 25 HOTS questions from the last year's question papers to help you at the time of your revision.

Judiciary Mock Tests

Judiciary Mock Tests

Uttarakhand Judiciary Preparation Tips 2023 for Mains Paper

As you have done your one round of preparation during your preliminary exam, this shall be your second round.

During the Uttarakhand Judiciary Mains Exam Preparation, your first focus should be on the primary laws, i.e., Constitution, IPC, CrPC, Evidence, and CPC, as the majority of questions are asked from these subjects.

  • After getting thoroughly familiar with these, focus on minor subjects, i.e., the Indian Contract Act, Specific Relief Act, and Transfer of Property Act.
  • While preparing notes in your language, focus on Bare Acts, Commentaries, and Leading Case Laws.
  • After studying all the subjects, start solving the previous year's Judiciary question papers and do as many mock tests as possible. Make sure you do not answer the questions subject-wise and do it as a whole.
  • You should develop a habit of studying law primarily from Bare Acts.
  • Take the help of text/reference books to note the essentials of legal provision and the leading cases, if any, for each essential. Read carefully the explanation and provision attached to the primary provision.
  • Illustrations appended to the Sections are fundamental for clearly understanding the provision and exceptions, so never miss them.
  • Simultaneously, try to memorize 'which Section deals with what'; this is very important for cracking prelims. However, it may be a difficult task, but it must be done at least for all the essential provisions.
  • Remember that the mains Examination is subjective, and you need to concentrate on your answer writing skills.
  • Also, start practising answer writing for the UKPSC exam in a time-bound manner; the answers should be to the point and not vague.
  • And do not forget to practice Judgment Writing and translation, as many tend to ignore that, but it is essential to clearing your Exam.

Uttarakhand Judiciary Preparation Tips 2023 for Interview 

Have you reached the last stage of the Uttarakhand Judicial Services Exam?

Here are a few tips to crack the Uttarakhand civil judge interview:

  • The first step you should remember is that the interview round is not to check your knowledge regarding the law; it is to check your personality, manners, and behaviour.
  • You should be confident, and your attitude should be positive and correct.
  • Understand your strengths and weaknesses and try to work on them.
  • Prepare a list of FAQs that are commonly asked and revise them regularly
  • You can also attend mock interviews, as they clear all your doubts and eliminate the fear of an actual interview.

English and Essay Writing Preparation Tips for UKPCS Exam 2023

English is one such subject in which students can score more marks. There are many cases where the overall score has been increased due to the marks in English.

So, here are a few expert tips and suggestions for better preparation and scoring more marks in the English Language. 

Prepare the list of critical essay topics for the Uttarakhand Judiciary Exam and start practising them regularly.

Improve your General Knowledge and English Vocabulary by reading news and watching any news channel for at least 30-35 minutes daily.

This helps in coming across new words and improving your vocabulary. Later, you can find these words' meaning and their usage in daily life.

Best Books for Uttarakhand Civil Judge Exam Preparation 2023

Referring to the best books covering the entire syllabus is one of the most important things during the Uttarakhand Judiciary exam preparation.

You can include the following Uttarakhand Judiciary Books during your preparation, as these books cover all the topics and include practice question papers:

  • Textbook on Indian Penal Code by K D Gaur
  • R.V. Kelkar’s Criminal Procedure by Dr. K.N. Chandrasekharan Pilla
  • Constitution of India by M.P Jain
  • Transfer of Property Act by Poonam Pradhan Saxena
  • CPC by Takwani

How to Prepare for Uttarakhand Judiciary Exam along with College?

Planning is most important for judicial services exams to maximize the benefits of your study.

If you were studying in college and worried about managing UKPCS judiciary exam preparation along with college, here are a few tips to crack the exam on the first attempt:

  • The first thing to remember is to plan your schedule for preparation and study accordingly.
  • Ensure not to get tense while preparing after coming back from college. Relax and begin to study the topics after college.
  • Practice previous year's papers during the weekend to analyze your preparation and know which questions can be asked.
  • Also, another best way to prepare is to take up a mock test series regularly. 
  • You might get exhausted after college, so make time and study accordingly. 
  • Also, waking up early and studying late at night can help better prepare.

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