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Mistakes to Avoid During CUET Application Process

Author : Palak Khanna

Updated On : August 2, 2023


Summary: Since the CUET exam is relatively new, students might face issues while filling out the CUET application; therefore, you must be vigilant and here is a list of mistakes to avoid during CUET application process!

The exam was earlier known as CUCET, which changed to CUET in 2022. The exam name, pattern, admission policy, and syllabus of almost everything about the examination have changed now. 

While scrolling through the Quora platform, it was sadly surprising to see many students facing issues while applying for courses in participating universities.

Many students did not fill in the correct course details or were unaware of the list of CUET colleges or courses, exam patterns, etc., and had to wait to correct them during the correction window period. To avoid such situations, here is a list of mistakes to avoid during CUET application process! 

Mistakes to Avoid During CUET Application Process

With closely helping CUET students willing the application form, we have curated a few mistakes you might want to avoid while filling out your application. 

Our expert from SuperGrads has explained the detailed CUET Application process you can follow to fill out the form. We would highly suggest you watch it. 

Mistakes to Avoid During CUET Application Process - 

1 - Not checking the Application Guide on the official website.

  • To make your life easier, NTA has already curated a set of guidelines you must follow before you fill out the application form. 
  • Visit the official website of CUET UG to read through the information from the "Application Guide".

2 - Not having a clear idea of the course and college to study

After uploading your Educational documents, you will be asked to fill in the university name and program, as shown below. Not having a clear idea of the course you want to study and if it's offered in the college you desire, you study can put you in a pickle. 

  • To fill this correctly, know which stream you prefer to continue your studies and if the college you apply to offers it.
  • You will have to pay extra charges to apply for extra courses, but it's highly suggested you add as many courses and colleges in order of priority; this can help you understand the exam pattern, which you will need to fill later in the application form.
  • This is how to add the university and preferred course of choice.
  • Your choices must be made as per preferences of your choices in chronological order. 

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3 - Not knowing the CUET exam pattern

Know the exam pattern in advance once you have decided on the course and college you wish to study.

  • You MUST take a look at the exam pattern as it differs for each course in each college. 
  • As per the college and course, you have chosen to fill out the option correctly.
  • Remember, if this step is filled incorrectly, your candidature will be rejected without a doubt. 

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4 - Blindly copying your friend's application

While most of the application forms can be filled out commonly for other entrances, CUET is quite different. Your choice of college and course plays can majorly change your application entries. 

So take help from experts and don't blindly follow the colleges, exam patterns, and courses from your friend's application. 

5 - Not knowing the course offered in the participating university 

  • Did you know JMI had opted for CUET entrance only for 10 UG programs offered by the college?
  • So if you want to study a program not offered through CUET, you must know another admission process is followed for admission, not CUET. 
  • Ensure you visit the CUET official and college websites to learn accurate information before filling out the application. 

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6 - Not knowing the seat matrix to estimate admission to the desired college

Let's face the truth! Not everybody can study at Delhi University, right? So it's better to be reasonable with yourself and understand each college and its seat matrix.

Only after performing this research should you fill the college/ course as per the priority of your preference.

cuet online coaching

cuet online coaching

7 - Filling CUET applications without verifying the 10 and 12th scorecard

Students do not often commit the mistake of incorrectly filing important particulars. However, note that there is a limitation to the fields you can correct during the correction window. 

You can have different names filled incorrectly in your documents, but the particulars in your 10 and 12 certificates will be affected. 

Therefore, be sure to fill in the particulars as per the 10 and 12th scorecards uploaded earlier in the application. 

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8 - Not having the important document handy

Not having the important document handy. Luckily, most documents have been received online, so losing the certificates is unlikely. 

However, ensure you place everything in one folder so you don't have to keep looking for the documents. 

Keep all these documents handy, and only then sit down to fill out the application. 

The important documents to keep handy are as follows: 

  • Photograph
  • Signature 
  • Migrant Certificate
  • Class 10 scorecard
  • Class 12 scorecard
  • Caste certificate
  • Adhar Card
  • Caste Certificate
  • Other Certificates like Sports Quota, Minority Quota, Army Quota, Special Provision, etc. 

Check: CUET Colleges

These documents must be uploaded in the correct size, between 50 kb–300 kb.

Preview your document, and look out to correct the errors (if any) before the final submission. 

cuet mock test

cuet mock test

Other Mistakes to Avoid During CUET Application Process

The above section mainly covered the technical aspects of incorrectly filling out the form.

Here are a few other suggestions for mistakes to avoid during CUET application process -  

  • Not knowing if you satisfy the eligibility and still proceed to apply. 
  • Do not be in haste to fill them almost immediately. There will be many updates following the release of the application; you can note, make an informed decision, and then fill in the applications. 
  • Choose centres carefully; choose the closest exam centres, so at the last moment, you can avoid travelling to unknown locations and avoid uncertainty. Check out NTA CUET Exam Centers List 2024
  • Having a good internet connection and speed is important so you do not lose the information half the way while filling out the application. 
  • Have your payment methods ready if you do not have a bank account. Ask your parents for the information and seek their help while using it. Have more than a single payment method to avoid any payment hassles. 
  • Have a functioning and correct contact information and Email address. 
  • Don't wait until the last day to fill out your application. To your bad luck, traffic on the page can be high and not let you enter the page and fill out the application. 

In case of any queries related to the application or CUET exam, do not hesitate to contact us at 7676564400. We are here to help you and address all your concerns about the NTA CUET Exams. 

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In conclusion, being clear of Mistakes to Avoid During CUET Application Process is important for aspiring candidates. Using this, applicants can ensure a smooth and error-free submission, positioning themselves as strong contenders for admission to their desired courses. A well-organized and meticulous application process lays the foundation for a promising academic journey for CUET, opening doors to a world of opportunities and unlocking the path to a successful and rewarding future.

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