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Himachal Pradesh Judiciary Salary 2023

Author : Tanya Kaushal

Updated On : December 20, 2022


Reader's Digest - While looking for a job, salary is a primary factor that acts as a catalyst for deciding whether you want to take up that job. Similarly, When you are looking forward to becoming a Judge in Himachal Pradesh, you must have contemplated the salary and the allowance you will receive while serving as a Judge. To answer the same queries, we have created this blog for you. Read it through and find your answers. 

In a job, irrespective of its nature (Government or Corporate), salaries or monthly wages, whatever you like to call them, play a pivotal role. It is the critical element that determines your performance within a job.

Salary is also directly proportional to the performance and motivation of an individual who has taken a specific job.

Zeynep Ton, an MIT Sloan School of Management professor, believes that if a firm pays a good sum of money as the reward for the service someone provides in the form of work, then the Individuals are likely to perform better than those who get minimum wages. 

Some exciting facts about the position of a judge:

  • The High Court judge clasps the opulent role in the bench. The selection of high bench magistrates is brought in by the tribunal instead of the legislature or the executive.
  • To become a judge, you must be well-educated and experienced and retain outstanding communication skills.
  • Following the enactment of the 7th pay grant for the bench, the rudimentary compensation of a civil magistrate has been boosted.
  • In India, the starting lineup stipend for a Civil Judge meanders from INR Rs. 24,000 to INR Rs. 80,000/ month. With their basic earnings, arbiters are privileged to additional advantages such as house rent, dearness, trip, and many others.

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Himachal Pradesh Civil Judge Salary 

Acquiring the position of judge in civil, criminal, or family court is a matter of prestige, and it is also the most sought-after job among the millions of advocates. Also, it is one of the most valuable and beneficial careers in terms of the payment you receive for your service.

The role of Judiciary is  considered higher even than the IAS officer; that's why most law aspirants take the pathway of the judiciary domain. 

In 2022, the second National Judicial Service Commission issued a revised pay policy under which all the judges (even from the basic Judiciary units) are entitled to receive a salary three times their current payment. 

However, there are multiple factors affecting salary increments. Those factors include educational qualification, experience, etc. Also, it depends primarily on the state under which you are employed as a judge. 

What is the Expected Salary Civil Judge in Himachal Pradesh? 

The salary of a judge can be divided into four segments, basics, allowance, study expenses, and allowances for additional facilities. Also, according to the new salary policy, Judges are entitled to salary increment and grade pays, which makes it one of the highest paid Government jobs in India.

Among different states, the basic pay and allowance amount may vary based on the economic graph of that state. However, they all receive similar facilities.

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Himachal Pradesh Judiciary Salary - Basic pay 

Given that basic income in different states differs according to the financial condition of those states. However, the basic pay ranges between Rs. 25000 to Rs 27,700.

Although this might seem very regular to you, this salary package comes with some allowance, making it a perfect package to receive. 

Himachal Pradesh Judiciary Salary - Allowance 

The first allowance given to the judges in addition to the basic pay is DA. it is given to you according to the inflation in the economy so that you can sustain an increased market rate. With the addition of these allowances, the package goes high at Rs. 85000/month. That allowance includes the following:

HRA (House rent allowance): If you choose to move to the private quarters Instead of the allotted one. Then you will be given the house rent allowance to cover the expenses of rent and electricity of your rental home. 

Newspaper and Magazine:  A monthly newspaper and magazine allowance is provided alongside the salary. It varies between 300-500 according to the state's cost of the newspaper and magazine. 

Petrol and Diesel Allowance:  If you travel a reasonable distance between your office and your residence. Also, if you move to complete any official work using your private vehicles, then you will be reimbursed for the petrol/diesel expenses. 

Furniture and Home Office Allowances:  Also, you will be given around 95,000 to 1 lacs for setting up and renovating your home office once every 5-6 years duration. 

Himachal Pradesh Judiciary Salary - Study Expenses

Judges who wish to continue their education and pursue LLM or PhD are awarded additional perks.

It means that the government will reimburse the full course fees for the individual, and you will be liable to pay not a single penny for acquiring these degrees. 

Himachal Pradesh Judiciary Salary - Additional Facilities 

Alongside these facilities, you will also receive additional perks to elevate your experience. You will get a clerk/peon on your call, and a driver.

Also, you will get well-trained security personnel to help you dodge risky situations.

Similarly, you will get free electricity, landline, and fiber connection on the Government expenses. Lastly, provide health insurance coverage to you and your immediate family members.

How to Become a Judge in Himachal?

Acquiring the position of a judge can be a long and fateful journey full of challenges. But one common thing you will find across all the states is the appointment process as a Judge.

You must go through the 3 step recruitment process to finally gain your position as a Himachal Civil Judge. But before that, you need to have a few things. An LLB degree and the prerequisite skill sets to set your mast in the roaring sea.

Via Exam

In Himachal Pradesh, the HPPSC conducts its step examination to select the best candidates out of thousands of applicants looking for the position of Judiciary or High Court judge.

You need to appear for the first round, which is also called the prelim examination. The preliminary exam is a 150-point computer-based screening test.

In the second round, you will be moved to Judiciary Mains exam, a descriptive and critical thinking-based paper. Your questions will be subjective here, and you must clear this round to move to the next round. 

The final round includes a face-to-face interview where you will be evaluated based on your decision-making skills, communication skills, and personality.

Via Direct Promotion 

In this, you must be very careful because one wrong move and your chances of promotion can get ruined. 

In this mode, you are entitled to receive a direct promotion based on your performance for all the years you have worked as a Judicial lawyer. Also, you must have been a part of the Indian judiciary department for a minimum of 5 years. 

Here you will be allocated the promotion based on your experience and performance in the Personal Interview (PI) of Himachal Judiciary conducted by a bench of senior judges. If you manage to clear this round, you will get your promotion. 

Summary: We have enlisted all the perks you will receive as a Judge in Himachal Pradesh and additional bonuses. It must have become clear how rewarding a judge's career is in monetary terms. Also, with the implementation of 7th Grade pay, judges are entitled to a salary increment according to their position and number of service years. Hence, if you are in the judicial domain, you must aim to acquire the role of a Judge in Himachal Pradesh. 

Judiciary Mock Tests

Judiciary Mock Tests

Frequently Asked Questions

The basic salary of a judge in Himachal Pradesh ranges somewhat between 25,000-28,000, depending upon the state policy. 
Alongside basic pay, a dearness allowance, house rent, and petrol expenses are given to the judges to cover all the basic requirements. 

Yes, Judges are allowed a residential bungalow to reside in without going through the hardships of finding quarters for themselves. 

In 2020, the States and the federal government passed the 7th-grade pay increment proposal for the judges. So, yes, they will receive a raise in their salary accordingly. 

The Government has a provision of reimbursing the fees for judges who want to pursue higher degrees like LLM or PhD in law. 
After adding up all the allowance, the salary goes as high as 85,000 to 90,000 monthly. However, this differs from state to state. 


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