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AIBE Exam Answer Key 2023 (RELEASED)

Author : Tanya Kaushal

Updated On : April 17, 2023


Reader’s Digest - Ah, the AIBE Exam Answer Key 2023... it's finally here! After months of anticipation, sleepless nights, and gallons of coffee, we can finally see the fruits of our labour. 

Are you ready to test your legal knowledge? The All India Bar Examination is a certification exam held twice a year by the Bar Council of India for law graduates who wish to begin practising as lawyers.

All those who filled out the AIBE 2023 Application Form appeared for the AIBE XVII (17) held on 5 February 2023. Soon after the exam, the Bar Council of India released the AIBE Exam Answer Key 2023.

However, BCI removed the AIBE Exam Answer Key 2023 after receiving multiple complaints from students that it contained incorrect answers. So, a fresh answer key will soon be released on the official website.

With the AIBE Exam Answer Key 2023, you can start preparing for the AIBE and understand the questions that may be asked during the exam. 

AIBE Exam Answer Key 2023 - Important Dates 

AIBE Events Dates
Date of Examination 5th February 2023
Preliminary Answer Key & Question Paper Release Date  5th February 2023
Revised AIBE Answer Key  9 February 2023
Objection Window of AIBE Answer Key 13 February - 20 February 2023
AIBE Final Answer Key Release Date  14 April 2023
AIBE 2023 Result Date To Be Notified 

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Year Question Paper Answer Key
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AIBE 4  AIBE 4 Question Paper AIBE 4 answer key

CLAT PG Online Coaching

CLAT PG Online Coaching

Steps to Download the AIBE Exam Answer Key 2023 PDF 

Are you ready to check your AIBE Exam Answer Key 2023? If yes, then you must be wondering how to download it. 

Here is how you can check the AIBE Exam answer key:

  1. Visit the website of the Bar Council of India (BCI), i.e. www.bci.gov.in
  2. On the homepage, search for the AIBE Exam Answer Key 2023 under the 'Notifications' section.
  3. Click on the AIBE Exam Answer Key 2023 link.
  4. Read the instructions and click on 'Download' to start the downloading process.
  5. Once the download is complete, open the answer key in your preferred PDF viewer and match your answers.

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How To Calculate Scores Using AIBE Answer Key 2023?

Candidates can utilise the answer key of AIBE 17 in three ways:

A) Check the Total Score

Go through the below steps to know your total score for AIBE 2023:

  1. Download the AIBE Answer Key 2023 from the official website.
  2. Compare the answers marked in the answer key with your answers.
  3. Calculate the number of correct answers and note it down.
  4. For every correct answer, add one mark.
  5. Calculate the number of incorrect answers and note it down.
  6. Calculate the total score by adding the marks obtained for the correct answers and subtracting the marks obtained for the incorrect answers.
  7. The total score is your AIBE Score.

B) Check the Qualifying Scores

  • After calculating the total score, candidates must check whether or not they satisfy the minimum qualifying score set by the Bar Council of India.
  • The qualifying score is as follows:
  1. General Category - 40%
  2. Reserved Categories - 35%

C) Check the Number of Attempts 

  • Candidates must check the number of attempts by downloading the AIBE Question Paper and the Answer Key.
  • Hence, there is no negative marking. 
  • So, the total number of attempts is the questions attempted by the candidate, regardless of whether it is correct or incorrect.
  • Count the number of questions attempted according to the AIBE Exam Pattern. 

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How to Raise an Objection on AIBE Exam Answer Key 2023?

The All India Bar Examination (AIBE) is a comprehensive legal exam conducted annually to assess the legal knowledge and aptitude of practising lawyers in India. 

Every year, the Bar Council of India releases an answer key for the AIBE exam. 

However, if a candidate believes that some of the answers in the answer key are incorrect, they can raise an objection against it. 

Here is a step-by-step guide to raising an objection against the AIBE Exam Answer Key 2023:

  1. Check the Answer Key Carefully: The first step to objecting to an AIBE Exam Answer Key is carefully checking the answer key. Ensure all your answers are correct and there are no discrepancies in the answer key.
  2. Contact the Bar Council of India: If you find any discrepancies in the AIBE Exam Answer Key, the next step is to fill in the discrepancies once the objection link is active. 
  3. Provide Documentary Evidence: When objecting to an answer key, select Paper Code (A, B, C, D), and add the question number and objection details, including documentary evidence to support your claim. This could include court rulings, legal journals, or other legal evidence that will back up your objection.
  4. Submit the Objection: The final step is to submit the objection to the Bar Council of India. Make sure that your objection is clear and specific.

The AIBE exam answer key objection window is open for about seven days. As a result, if there is any objection, complete the objection form as soon as possible. After the objection window has closed, no requests for new objections are considered.

The BCI's monitoring committee will review all of the objections and make the necessary corrections. The revised answer key will be made available on the AIBE official website.

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We hope this blog solves all your doubts about AIBE Exam Answer Key 2023. Happy Reading!

AIBE Mock Tests

AIBE Mock Tests

Frequently Asked Questions

Visit the official website and check the notification on the homepage. Click on the notification reading “Notification for AIBE XVII Answer Key”. If a new answer key is updated, you will find it in a separate, new notification. You can also find the answer key to all the previous AIBE exams in the table above.

Yes, check the official website for AIBE 17. There are multiple sets of question papers so you have to find the key for your respective question set.
There is no negative marking for the AIBE examination. Each right answer will account for one mark and no mark will be awarded for the wrong answer.
The AIBE 2023 exam will be conducted online and offline at various centres across India.
Yes, you can raise objections to any wrong answers in the answer key. AIBE will give you a window of time to raise any objection, and you can do so by filling out the given objection form. Make sure to have a satisfactory proof for your claim. Once you submit the objection application, it will be reviewed, and if a mistake is found in the Answer Key, AIBE will release a new, updated Answer key.


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