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May 23 CUET Exam Analysis 2023

Author : Palak Khanna

Updated On : May 25, 2023


CUET Exam Analysis 2023 for Physics: May 23 (Day 3; Slot 2) 

CUET Physics paper analysis gives you a gist of the type of questions that appeared in the 2023 paper. 

The difficulty level of physics was "easy-moderate" since many theoretical questions were asked. 

Watch the student's reaction to their performance in CUET 2023. Watch the video attached below! 

The table below gives a list of Chapters, Topics and Number of Questions: 

Chapters Number of Questions Important Topics
Electric charges and fields 5 Coulomb's Law, Gauss's Law, Lines of Force, Electric Dipole, Charge Density
Electrostatics potential and capacitance 3 Potential energy, Potential difference between plates, potential and electric field
Current electricity 3 Potential of a point, internal resistance and colour
Magnetic effects of electric current 4 Magnetic force on moving charge, force acting, magnetic fields
Magnetic effects of electric current 2 Match the column
EMI and alternating current 4 Lens law
EM Waves 2 Match the column
Ray options 2 Diagram based questions
Wave optics 2 Fringe Width
Dual nature of Radiation and Matter 3 Wavelength, Graphs
Atoms 2 The radius of Nth Orbit, Series, Wavelength
Nuclei 3 Decay reaction, the radius of Nuclei
Semiconductor 3 PN Junction Diode, Reverse Bias curve
Communication system 1 Modulation Index

To get a gist of the other major topics and more on actual questions asked in the CUET Physics exam 2023, click on the video below!

CUET Exam Analysis 2023 for English: May 23 (Day 3; Slot 2) 

  • Day 3 (shift 2) of the English paper for the CUET (UG) 2023 was considerably easier than the day's first shift. The majority of students gave the paper an easy rating.
  • There were three passages for the Reading Comprehension questions. Each of the paragraphs was the subject of five questions. The passage was simple for the students to understand. The questions were simple to answer and were taken directly from the passage.
  • Synonyms and antonyms, paraphrases, identifying the elements of speech (in a sentence), spotting faults (in a sentence and spelling), filling in the gaps, and other important English topics were also covered.

CUET Exam Analysis 2023 for Hindi: May 23 (Day 3; Slot 2) 

  • The Hindi paper on Day 3 (shift 2) was simple, much like the English paper was. The question paper was rather easy to understand, which delighted the students.
  • Two reading comprehension excerpts were provided; one was a passage, and the other was poetry. The author's identity and the meaning of a line were among the queries. Overall, the extracts were simple to understand, and the questions were straightforward.
  • Match the following (opposite terms & meanings), Antonyms & Synonyms, Paragraphs from Text and Questions from It, etc., were some of the other key Hindi themes.

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CUET Exam Analysis 2023 for Chemistry: May 23 (Day 3; Slot 2) 

Solid State 2 Unit Cell, Defects, Crystal System
Solutions 3 Numericals on the colligative property, Simple Numerical on Molarity
Electrochemistry 3 Representation of cell, NERNST EQ
Kinetics 3 First order, Half-life numerical
Surface Chemistry 3 Absorption, Gold No., Property of Colloid
Metallurgy 2 Purification, Zinc Extraction, Concentration of Ore
P-Block  5 Oxo-acids, Hybridization, case study, complete the following reaction
Alcohol Phenol Ethers 5 IUPAC names, test to distinguish, complete the following reaction
Haloalkaline Haloaerene 5 Case study on SN1 SN2, Benz to Benz Chloride Reagent

To get a gist of the other major topics and more on actual questions asked in the CUET Chemistry exam 2023, click on the video below!

CUET Exam Analysis 2023 for English: May 23 (Day 3; Slot 1) 

  • The exam conducted on 23 May 2023 for English was relatively easy. 
  • All questions asked were from the syllabus (NCERT).
  • 3 reading comprehension with 15 questions were asked. RC was from topics like net banking, the use of the internet, literature and the importance of English. 
Topics Number of Questions
Noun, Adjective 2
Sentence Rearrangement 3-4
Antonyms and Synonyms 1-2
Spotting error 2
Active - Passive 2
Indirect - Indirect 3
Preposition 1
Idioms and Phrases 1
Foreign Language 2

Safe Attempts for English on Day 3

38 questions out of 40 is a good number of questions to have attempted for this session of the exam.

CUET General Test Paper (May 21, 2023)

CUET Exam Analysis 2023 for Political Science: May 23 (Day 3; Slot 1) 

Every question from the political science exam was taken from the NCERT curriculum. It is definitely possible for students to pass the exam with good scores if they have studied from the NCERT textbook.

Topics Number of Questions
Parties, Leaders and Symbols (in Chronological order) 4
Dates of Iran invasion (Match the following) 2
Paragraph based questions 3
Important Organization, roles and Dates 4

Safe Attempts for English on Day 3

38 questions out of 40 is a good number of questions to have attempted for this session of the exam.

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CUET Exam Analysis 2023 for History: May 23 (Day 3; Slot 1)

The Day 3 (shift 1) history exam was assessed as easy by the exam-takers.

The questions majorly appeared in the table below. 

Topics Number of Questions
Imperial Capital: Vijayanagara (Proto Shiva) 4-5
Framing the Constitution: The Beginning of a New Era 2-3
Rebels and the Raj: The Revolt of 1857 and its Representations 2-3
Thinkers, Beliefs, and Buildings Cultural Developments 2-3
Bhakti-Sufi Traditions 2-3

CUET Current Affairs and GK Analysis (May 22, 2023)

CUET Exam Analysis 2023 for General Test: May 23 (Day 3; Slot 1) 

More Maths questions were asked in the General Test section. Generally, the reasoning section had 20-25 questions, the Quant section had 10-15 questions, and GK and current affairs had 5-10 questions. 

Topics Number of Questions
Work and Time 2
Simple Interest - Compound Interest 2
Coding-decoding 1
Series 1
Mensuration Question 3-4

Get live updates of CUET exam analysis from May 21st - June 6th using the link below. 

CUET 2023 Exam Analysis by SuperGrads


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