Christ University Entrance Exam Question Papers

If you are aspiring to get admission to Christ University, let us remind you that solving a question accurately is as important as solving it quickly. Therefore, it is essential to work on your strong and weak areas to improve your speed and accuracy in the final exam.

As per the expert's opinion, solving previous year's papers is one of the best preparation methods to improve your speed and time management skills.

Try to solve as many questions as possible from previous papers and analyze your performance after the completion of the exam. Are you looking for the previous year's papers for CUET Exam?cool

Well, this post shall guide you through Christ University Entrance Exam Question Papers PDF, sample questions, and more.

CUET Question Papers PDF Download Here

Practicing previous year's papers will give you an idea about your Preparation levels for the CUET exam and focus on improving your weak areas.

Also, you will get an idea about the important topics from the exam point of view and how to plan your preparation better.

Download the previous year's papers by clicking the link below and start practicing from today for better results.

Download CUET Previous Year Question Papers PDF

Topic-wise Sample Questions for CUET Exam 2022

In the CUET entrance exam, you will be tested on logical reasoning, general knowledge & current affairs, English, data Analysis and interpretation, quantitative aptitude, and fundamental accounting.

To help you get an idea about the type of questions asked from these topics in the Christ University Entrance Test, we have provided a few sample questions for your reference here.

Try to practice these questions regularly to perform well in the upcoming exam.

General Knowledge

The following are some of the important GK Questions for the CUET Exam that you can practice regularly to stay updated about all the happenings around the world.

Q) Which of the following is NOT the language enshrined in the eighth schedule of the Indian Constitution as the language of the state?

(A) Nepali

(B) Kashmiri

(C) English

(D) Konkani

cuet mock test

cuet Mock test

Q) Which of the following represents the Finance Commissions that have been set up so far?

(A) 10

(B) 11

(C) 12

(D) 13

Q) World Trade Organization came into existence in

(A) 1992

(B) 1993

(C) 1994

(D) 1995

Q) ASEAN is headquartered at

(A) Male

(B) Kathmandu

(C) Jakarta

(D) Kuala Lumpur

Quantitative Aptitude

Q) Two trains start at the same time from two points P and Q proceed towards each other at the speed of 65 and 90 km/hr respectively. When they meet, it is found that the first train has travelled 225 km less than the second train. Find the distance between points P and Q.

(a) 1365km

(b) 1390km

(c) 1375km

(d) 1395km

Q) The average salary of all staff of a school is Rs. 10,000. The average salary of 20 teaching staff is Rs. 12,000 and that of non-teaching staff is Rs. 5000, the number of non-teaching staff will be:

(a) 7

(b) 8

(c) 10

(d) 12

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Q) The milk and water in two vessels A and B are in the ratio 4:3 and 2:3 respectively. In what ratio, the liquids in both the vessels are mixed to obtain a new mixture in vessel C containing half milk and half water?

(A) 7 : 5

(B) 5 : 2

(C) 3 : 11

(D) 1 : 2

Q) A and B run a 1,760 m race ending in a dead heat. At first, A runs 20% faster than B. B then quickens his pace, and for the remaining distance runs 20% faster than A. When B quickens his pace. B has already run

(A) 800m

(B) 1,000m

(C) 790 m

(D) 960 m

Logical Reasoning

Q) In a certain code ‘SEQUENCE’ is coded as ‘FDOFVRFT. How is ‘CHILDREN’ coded in that code?





Q) His frequent journeys are telling upon his health.

(a) affecting

(b) threatening

(c) informing

(d) improving

Q) In a row of boys. Srinath is 7th from the left and Venkat is 12th from the right end. If they interchange their positions. Srinath becomes 22nd from the left. How many boys are there in the row?

(a) 19

(b) 31

(c) 33

(d) 34

cuet online coaching

cuet online coaching

Fundamental Accounting

Q) When preparing a Bank Reconciliation Statement, if you start with a debit balance as per the Cash Book, then cheques issued but not presented within the period are __________

(a) Added

(b) Deducted

(c) Not required to be adjusted

(d) None of the above

Q) Sales for the year ended 31st March 2005 amounted to Rs. 10,00,000. Sales included goods sold to Mr. A for Rs. 50,000 at a profit of 20% on cost. Such goods are still lying in the godown at the buyer’s risk. Therefore, such goods should be treated as part of

(a) Sales

(b) Closing stock

(c) Goods in transit

(d) Sales return

Q) If the del-credere commission is allowed for bad debt, the consignee will debit the bad debt amount to:

(a) Commission Earned A/c

(b) Consignor A/c

(c) Debtors A/c

(d) General Trading A/c

Advantages of solving Christ University Entrance Exam Question Papers

Go through the following points to know the benefits of solving the CUET Old Papers.

  • Identify weaknesses and strengths: Question papers will help you identify your weak areas, work on them, and give you an idea of your strengths.
  • Understand paper pattern and syllabus: Previous year's papers will provide you with a better understanding of the important topics for the CUET exam and paper pattern.
  • Accuracy: Solving previous year's question papers will increase your efficiency and accuracy on exam day.
  • Time Management: Practicing Question papers in a time-bound manner will increase your speed of solving questions in a matter of seconds.
  • Predict Expected Questions: Checking the papers will also help you predict the expected questions in the upcoming exam.
  • Preparation Level in Check: It keeps your preparation level in check and helps improve in weaker sections.
  • Boost Confidence: Solving CUET Question Papers in an exam-like environment will decrease your exam fear and fill you with the confidence you need to clear the entrance exam.

How to Utilize Christ University Entrance Exam Question Papers PDF?

It is common that after downloading all the question papers, you might wonder how to solve these many papers and when to solve them. 

Here are a few tips for how to utilize the Christ University entrance test question papers efficiently.

  • Try to solve the question papers during your revision period.
  • You can also solve papers every week after completing each topic.
  • Keep a timer while solving the Christ University entrance test question paper so that you can know how to manage your time. 
  • You can also experience a real-time exam environment. 
  • After completion of solving, check all your answers, and allot marks yourself for each question.
  • Also, take up CUET Mock Tests every week to test your preparation levels and improve your time management skills.
  • Note down where you go wrong and improve in those areas.


Why should we solve CUET Previous Year Papers?

There are various advantages of solving CUET Previous Year papers such as-

You will know which of the topics are most important and can prepare accordingly. You will get to understand the question pattern which will help you prepare in the correct manner. Solving CUET Previous year question papers in a time-bound exam like environment will remove your exam fear and nervousness on the day of the real exam. It will increase your speed and accuracy on the day of the actual exam.

How can I download the previous year Christ University Entrance Exam Question Papers?

You can download the previous year Christ University Entrance Exam Question Papers by clicking on the direct link provided in the above post.

Where can I get last year Christ University Entrance Exam Question Papers PDF?

You can download the last year Christ University Entrance Exam Question Papers PDF by clicking on the direct links provided in the above post.

Can I clear the CUET Exam in one attempt?

Yes, with the right preparation and strategy you can easily clear the CUET exam in one attempt. Also, referring to the right books and study materials will help in clearing the exam with more marks

How can I better prepare for CUET Exam?

You have to follow expert preparation tips to score more marks in the exam. Before starting your preparation, go through the detailed exam pattern and syllabus for CUET Exam 2022 and make a proper study plan.

 Study each and every topic by referring to the right CUET Books and ensure to complete studying the topics planned for each day without fail. Take up Mock Test Series regularly to analyze your preparation and Solve previous year papers to know the difficulty level of the paper and estimate the different types of questions