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Linear Seating Arrangement Preparation Strategy for Design Entrance Exams

Author : Reeshav Guha

Updated On : October 14, 2022


Summary: In this article, we bring you a brief discussion on Linear Seating Arrangements for your design entrance exams. We hope you find our tips and tricks useful while preparing for these questions in the Design Entrance Examinations. We hope you get the best from this blog for your further preparations.

Linear Seating arrangements Reasoning is those gems that you will surely come across while dealing with any design entrance examination. Although questions based on linear Seating arrangements are an inevitable part of reasoning segments, they are particularly important for design entrance examinations. Students appearing for NIFT, NATA or Private Architecture Colleges require to rehearse it meticulously. 

Acquiring Linear seating arrangements questions is no big deal, you can happen on plenty of them in any of the reasoning books. However, for NIFT, NATA, and other equivalent examinations you need to concentrate mainly on two types.

  • The seating arrangements are in parallel rows or a direction.
  • Question-based on candidates arranged in ascending order or descending order.

For discovering these respective questions you can refer to the coaching notes and PDFs carrying problems based on analogous concepts. Also, Sample Questions and Previous year questions from the above-mentioned examination will minister to your preparations and practice.

In this blog, we have discussed a few tips and tricks to keep handy while you are attempting these questions. It will not only reduce your efforts but will help you in enhancing your accuracy while attempting questions in the Examination hall. 

"Linear Seating arrangements Reasoning is those gems that you will surely come across while dealing with any design entrance examination. Although questions based on linear Seating arrangements are an inevitable part of reasoning segments, they are particularly important for design entrance examinations. Students appearing for NIFT, NATA or Private Architecture Colleges require to rehearse it meticulously."

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Kinds of Linear Seating Arrangements

When we are discussing linear arrangements then how can we not shed light on its types? This section will discuss the major types of linear questions and how to design examination has reinvented them. So the primary kinds of linear arrangements which often surface in various competitive examinations are:

unidirectional single row: This arranges candidates in 1 Single row in 1 particular direction with no diversions.

bidirectional 1 row: In this group, although people are arranged in one line they will face 2 different directions. 

Linear arrangements in a dual row: arranged in a straight line like the above ones but there will be 2 different rows arranged separately. 

In design examination, these questions came either in the traditional row arrangements format or in Vertical - linear arrangements format where objects are placed in a building on separate floors either in ascending or descending order. You. I encountered such questions while preparing for NIFT or NATA. That's why you have to focus on clearing concepts about the application of different methodologies to solve such Linear arrangements questions. 

NIFT Online Coaching

NIFT Online Coaching

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Linear Seating Arrangements Tricks 

As we have promised to share with you some of the tricks for solving linear arrangements questions. We are keeping our word. In this section, you will find some of the practical and most applicable tricks for dealing with linear arrangements questions. Let's see what they are. 

Formulate structure based on particular information: Read the directions carefully and create a structure based on the instructions listed in the question. It will help you develop an Outline of the question. 

Discover inklings and relate the information: Once you are done creating an outline then look for the related information which will help you to understand the Fundamentals of the Question. 

Look and use supplementary data to fill in the voids for eliciting answers: As soon as you arrange both the information in a sequence but are still unable to find the answer then go through the passage for some additional data. There is always tricky data given in the question. You can find them and incorporate them into the equation. You will find your answers. 

In this way, you can easily deal with every sort of linear arrangement question without much struggle. 

Some additional tips include practicing questions from previous year questions and also attempting online mock tests from students' forums or online coaching classes. It depends on your choice. Also, rigorous practice and application of concepts should be present to further strengthen your preparations for NATA and NIFT. 

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nift mock test

nift Mock test

Linear Seating Arrangements Questions with Solutions

Question 1: 6 folks are sitting in a row. They are A, B, C, D, E, and F. C isn't sitting beside D who's sitting on the intense proper. E is among A and C. A isn't sitting beside F and D. B is among F and D. Who is instantaneously proper of A?

Solution: If we examine the provided linear arrangement, then we can notice that E is sitting to the on-the-spot proper of A. 

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Q2: The alphabets A, P, R, X, S, and Z are categorized in a row. The letters S and Z are withinside the middle. The letters A and P are at the exceedingly rear. To the left of A, R is placed. Who is on P’s right side? 

  1. A
  1. X
  1. S
  1. Z

Option B is the applicable response.


The following is the seating interpretation:

P, X, S, Z, R, A

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Yes. You can check the list of Previous Year Paper Books for Design Entrance Exams from the above post.
Linear arrangements refer to a particular form of pattern where objects are placed in a straight line.

Linear arrangements most encountered questions given in competitive examinations are based on a unidirectional single row, bidirectional 1 row & Linear arrangements in a dual row. 

There are a few tricks that can come in handy while attempting linear seating questions. They are:

  • Structure developments
  • Clue connection 
  • Additional information

You can apply these techniques to deal with your questions without struggle.

Yes, you can get the top-notch quality Linear arrangements questions alongside the solution in pdf form. These are offered by the leading coaching centers to assist their candidates in practicing such questions. It also helps in understanding the concept of the questions and in turn boost candidates' score in the examination.
Yes, for the design entrance examination Linear arrangements are considered vital. So you must practice rigorously for enhancing your score in examinations like NATA and NIFT.


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