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CUET Physical Education Syllabus 2024: Important Chapters And Topics

Author : Palak Khanna

Updated On : November 27, 2023


Summary: Every student taking the CUET exam may not belong to the same board of education and can be confused with the syllabus to study! That's why having a common syllabus for each UG program in place is necessary. This article walks you through CUET Physical Education Syllabus 2024 prescribed by NTA.

Bachelor of Physical Education has seen a recent spike in interest of students aiming to take their bachelor's course. Here's some good news! With the central university entrance exam, you can study this course at top colleges in the country. 

The physical education UG program admission is offered in several deemed, private, state and central universities based on CUET scores. 

In order to help students prepare for this exam, NTA has prescribed the CUET Physical Education Syllabus 2024 for interested applicants. 

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CUET Physical Education Syllabus 2024 Highlights

  • The National Testing Agency (NTA) has published the Physical Education curriculum based on topics of class 12.
  • There will be one question paper with 50 questions, out of which you must answer 40.
  • The highest possible score is 200, and you will lose one point for every incorrect answer.
  • The examination will last for a total of 45 minutes and will consist of objective multiple-choice questions.
  • The examination format will be a Computer-Based Test (CBT), which will be conducted online in the exam centres. 

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CUET Physical Education Syllabus 2024

The Physical Education/ National Cadet Corps (NCC) Syllabus for Class 12 has a single question paper containing 50 questions, out of which 40 must be answered. 

Unit I Sociological Considerations of Physical Education

  • (i) Games and sports are the cultural legacies of man.
  • A recognition that sports have been a part of our culture and heritage from the dawn of humanity.
  • (ii) Individual development through games and sports.
  • Understanding the numerous ways in which games and sports contribute to an individual's growth.
  • (iii) The function of physical education in fostering national unity.
  • How Physical Education contributes to the promotion of National Integration.
  • (iv) Physical Education and personality development
  • Physical education functions in the development of personal attributes such as an individual's attitude, discipline, helpfulness, team spirit, patience, unity, and friendship, among others.

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Unit II: Instructional Methods

  • (a) The significance and significance of Sports Training.
  • The significance of Sports Training is defined.
  • (b) Methods of instruction
  • Methods of Training: Repetition, Continuous & Fartlek, and Interval - Definition, function, benefits, and method for each.

Warming up, conditioning, and cooling/loosening up are advantageous.

  • (c) Isotonic and isometric exercises
  • Definition, benefits, and examples of each concept.
  • (d) Circuit Training
  • The definition and benefits of circuit training and the circuit training process.
  • (e)Weight Training
  • Definition and benefits of weight training

An understanding of how the above training methods help an individual in different sports and help develop strength, speed, stamina, skill, and endurance.

Unit III: Career Aspects in Physical Education 

(i) Physical education career alternatives.

Professional athletes, sports managers, teachers/lecturers, sports coaches, fitness instructors, sports officials, sports event coordinators, sports journalists and commentators, sports software engineers, and the marketing and manufacturing of sports equipment are all examples of careers in the sports industry.

(ii)Important Physical Education institutions in India.

Functions and goals of Netaji Subhash National Institute of Sports (N.S.N.I.S. ), Sports Authority of India (S.A.I. ), International Olympic Committee (I.O.C. ), Indian Olympic Association (IOA), YMCA College of Physical Education (Chennai), Lucknow Christian College of Physical Education (LCCPE), and Luxmibai National University of Physical Education (LNUPE).

Development of training facilities, coaching methodologies, media influence, and sponsorships.

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Unit IV: Physical Education Career Considerations

(i)Tournaments and tournament types.

Candidates should be familiar with: (a) the meaning of "tournament."

  • (a) The definition of ‘tournament’
  • (b) The competition types: Fixtures, Knockout, and league games (seeding and byes).
  • (c) The benefits and drawbacks of competitions.
  • (d) The goals and significance of intramural and intercollegiate competitions.
  • (e) The names of the national and international governing bodies for each tournament or competition.

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(ii) The distinction between professional and amateur athletes.

cuet online coaching

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Unit V: Health Education and Health Issues

(a) Definitions of the terms "Health" and "Health Education."

Meanings of the terms "Health" (mental and physical health) and "Health Education."

(b) The fundamentals and significance of Health Education. Health issues and the role of Health Education in their resolution.

The objectives and principles of Health Education. Importance of Health Education for adults and children through formal and non-formal education channels. Multiple prevalent Health Issues: Communicable illnesses — definition, illustrations, and frequent transmission methods. Epidemics – definition and instances; Water, noise, and air pollution – causes and control; Occupational Health Hazards – definition.

(c) Disability and Rehabilitative Services.

Reasons for disability. General principles for the prevention of disability; The definition and extent of rehabilitation; rehabilitation services available; the involvement of community and government organisations in rehabilitation programmes.

(d) Posture

Definition of posture

The definition and significance of right posture (standing, sitting, walking). Common postural deformities: kyphosis, scoliosis, lordosis, flat foot, knock-knees, bowlegged, hunch back, and round shoulders — definitions, causes, and treatments for each.

(e) Personal hygiene and sleep requirements.

Personal hygiene means personal hygiene and the significance of personal cleanliness for a healthy lifestyle. Eye, ear, foot, skin, oral hygiene, nose, and garment care.

Foot care: causes of corns and damaged nails owing to tight shoes; causes of infections such as ringworm and athlete's foot due to walking in moist locations; adequate foot care.

Sleep requirements: Sleep requirements for different age groups. Effects of little sleep on the human body

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(f) Substance Dependence.

The effects of alcohol and tobacco consumption on the individual and society.

Definitions of "drugs" and "drug abuse"; Stimulants, narcotics, and analgesics. Awareness of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) and the National Anti-Doping Agency (NADA) have banned certain medicines and the reasons for this.

cuet mock test

cuet mock test

Unit VI: Sports-Related Injuries and First Aid

(a) Sports-related injuries.

Different types of sports injuries: Soft tissue injuries (contusion, abrasion, strain, and sprain), bone injuries (fracture), and joint injuries (dislocation): cause and prevention of each 

(b) Athlete's role in preventing sports-related injuries.

Injuries caused by: rapid movement; environment (hot, cold, wet, dry); lack of preparation (warm up, cool down); inadequate clothes, body protection; failure to follow directions; unsafe surface, facilities, and equipment. Individual responsibility in preventing sports-related injuries

(c) First aid care.

Definition and significance of "First Aid" First aid for a variety of sporting injuries.

First Aid for cuts, scrapes, strains, sprains, cramps, blisters, bruising, and bone injuries (fracture and dislocation); application of splints and Thomas splint; First Aid in drowning; Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR); and Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation (RICE).

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Unit VII: Testing and Measuring in Sports

  • Motor Fitness Test – 50 Meters Standing Start, 600 Meters Run/Walk, Sit & Reach Partial Curl Up, Push-Ups (Boys), Modified Push-Ups (Girls), Standing Broad Jump, Agility – 4x10 Meter Shuttle Run
  • General Motor Fitness — Barrow three-item general motor skill (Standing Broad Jump, Zig Zag Run, Medicine Ball Put – For Boys: 3 kg & For Girls: 1 kg)
  • Measurement of Cardiovascular Health – Harvard Step Test/Rockport Test - Fitness Index Calculation:

Duration of the Exercise in Seconds multiplied by 1005.5 x Pulse count 1-1.5 Min following Exercise

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Rikli & Jones - Senior Citizen Fitness Test

  1. Lower body strength is measured by the Chair Stand Test. 2. Arm Curl Test to evaluate upper-body strength 3. Lower body flexibility Chair Sit and Reach Test 4.Back Scratch Test for upper body range of motion 5. Eight Foot Up and Go Agility Test 6. Aerobic Endurance Six-Minute Walk Test

Unit VIII Biomechanics and Sports

  • Meaning and Importance of Biomechanics in Sports 
  • Movement Types (Flexion, Extension, Abduction, and Adduction) 
  • Application of Newton's Law of Motion in Sports 
  • Friction and Sports

Unit IX Psychology and Sports

  • Personality; its definition and types – Traits and Types (Sheldon and Jung Classification) and the Big Five Theory • Motivation; its types and strategies
  • Exercise Adherence; Reasons to Exercise, Benefits of Exercise 
  • Strategies for Increasing Exercise Adherence 
  • Meaning, Concept, and Types of Sports Aggressions

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Physical Education is an important domain subject for those who want to pursue education in fitness etc.The CUET Physical Education syllabus is designed to assess a student's knowledge and understanding of physical fitness, wellness, sports psychology, and various other aspects of physical education. Make sure you thoroughly prepare for Sociological Aspects of Physical Education, Training Methods, Career Aspects in Physical Education, Health Education & Health Problems, Sports Injuries and First Aid, Test & Measurement in Sports, Biomechanics & Sports, Psychology & Sports, and more. 

After completing each unit solve mocks and sample question papers. 

Although NCERT books are sufficient for Physical Education preparations, you can also refer to Health And Physical Education By V K Sharma For Class 12 and Arihant CBSE Physical Education Class 12. 

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