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Top Private Law Colleges in India Through LSAT 2023 - Courses, Fees, & More

Author : Tanya Kaushal

Updated On : April 26, 2023


Reader’s Digest - If you plan to pursue a career in Law post-qualifying LSAT. Then, this blog is the best space for you. Here, you will find details on Private colleges accepting LSAT India grade cards for admission purposes.  

In India, more than 25 private colleges are validating the LSAT score as an acceptable parameter for catering admission to law aspirants. 

The best part about these colleges is that they don't fall short compared to India's top government law institutes. They have planned tie-ups with foreign universities and launched a student exchange program, and these colleges' quality of education and amenities are outstanding.  

However, many of you must have some bias against the private law colleges in India LSAT. Before conducting thorough research regarding the college infrastructure and the values, it can add to your life. You focus on its high fees and private status. It leads to missing the best opportunities.  

That's why before you completely deny admission into a private college because of its private status. Read the blog below and learn about some of the top private law colleges offering you a law course for laying a strong foundation for your career in legal studies.  

Top Private Law Colleges in India Through LSAT 2023 - Overview 

In India, some of the Top Private colleges are associated with the LSAT to cater to the requirements of law aspirants. More than 20+ participating colleges/Universities are opening admission for mainstream law courses like LLB, LLM, and Integrated Law programs for LSAT candidates like you.

Ensure you find your opportunity with these Globally recognized law colleges in India.  

List of Top Private Law Colleges in India Through LSAT 2023 

In this section, you will discover the top-ranking private law colleges and their respective cities, which welcome LSAT Qualified individuals for admission.  

College Name  City/State  
O.P Jindal Global University   Sonepat, Haryana 
Faculty of Law, MIT-World Peace University (MIT-WPU)  Pune. Maharashtra 
School of Law, Jagran Lakecity University (JLU)  Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh 
Indore Institute of Law   Indore, Madhya Pradesh 
The University of Petroleum and Energy Studies (UPES)  Dehradun, Uttarakhand 
Vellore Institute of Technology  Vellore, Tamil Nadu 
Asian Law College  Noida, Uttar Pradesh 
International School of Business and Research (ISBR) Law College   Bangalore, Bangalore 
Hindustan Institute of Technology and Science (Deemed to be University)  Chennai, Tamil Nadu 

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Courses Offered by Top Private Law Colleges in India Through LSAT 2023 

Gather exclusive information about the courses. Duration of the courses and the total number of seats available for that particular course in the colleges/Universities listed below for your reference.  

College Name   Courses Offered  Duration of Course 
Vijay Bhoomi School of Law, Vijay Bhoomi University  B.B.A. LL.B.  5 years  
IFIM Law School   B.B.A. LL.B.  5 years  
SVKM’s NMIMS Kirit P. Mehta School of Law  B.A. LL.B. (Hons.), B.B.A. LL.B. (Hons.)  5 years 
Adamas University   B.A. LL.B. (Hons.)/B.B.A. LL.B. (Hons.)/B.Sc. LL.B. (Hons.)  5 years 
Faculty of Law, Manav Rachna University  B.A. LL.B. (Hons.)/B.B.A. LL.B. (Hons.)/B.Com. LL.B. (Hons.)  5 years  
School of Law and Constitutional Studies, Shobhit Deemed University  B.A. LL.B./B.B.A. LL.B. (Hons.)/B.Com. LL.B. (Hons.)/LL.B/LL.M  5yrs (Integrated) 3 years (LLB) 2 years (LLM)  
School of Law, Vivekananda Global University (VGU)  B.A. LL.B./B.B.A. LL.B./LL.B/LL.M  5yrs (Integrated) 3 years (LLB) 2 years (LLM)  
BML Munjal University   B.A. LL.B. (Hons.)/B.B.A. LL.B. (Hons.)  5yrs (Integrated) 3 years (LLB)  
Kalinga University   B.A. LL.B. (Hons.)/B.B.A. LL.B. (Hons.)/LL.B/LL.M  5yrs (Integrated) 3 years (LLB) 2 years (LLM)  

Curriculum at Top Private Law Colleges in India Through LSAT 2023 

The segment syllabus provides an overview of the topics you must cover for your semester examination and to complete your Law degree. We have listed the syllabus for all the mainstream law degrees you can pursue.  

BBA LLB Syllabus for Top Private Law Colleges in India Through LSAT 2023

  • The Bachelor of Business Administration and Bachelor of Legislative Law, abbreviated as The BBA LLB, is an integrated course for a span of 5 years providing a professional degree with diverse career opportunities.
  • A Dual Degree combining mainstream Law with  aspects of Management and Business subjects gives a person ample knowledge and sound understanding of legalities, varied career possibilities, and opportunities to start a law firm.
  • For a candidate aspiring to be eligible for this all-around law degree, you must study the vast syllabus for a duration of 5 years with 10 semesters (2 semesters each year). 
BBA LLB Course Subjects 
English Language & Communication Skills/ Other Elective Subjects  Business Economics  Constitutional Laws  Agreements & Tariffs 
Management Principles/ Marketing Practices  HRM & Quality Management  Family Laws  International Trade & Economics 
Company Laws  Organisational Étiquettes  Taxation Laws  Other Model Codes/Limitation Acts 
Property Laws  Criminal Laws  Civil Acts & Procedures  Accounting 

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BBA LLB Semester-wise Syllabus for Top Private Law Colleges in India Through LSAT 2023 (First Year)

First Year Subject
Semester 1 Management Principles-I
Law of Torts including Consumerism & Road Crashes
Marketing & Management Étiquettes
Law of Indenture-I
Financial Accounting
Legal Communicative & Integrative Skills- I
Business Economics-I
Semester 2 Management Practices & Principles-II
Research Operations
English Language & Communication Skills-II
Contract/Agreement Laws-II
Managerial Economics/Business Economics-II

BBA LLB Semester-wise Syllabus for Top Private Law Colleges in India Through LSAT 2023 (Second Year)

Semester 3  Semester 4 
Law of Indenture-II  Managerial Statistics/Cost Accounting 
Legal Family Matters-I  Legal Family Matters-II 
Business Ethics  HRM 
Business MATHS  Legal Communicative Skills-III 
Business Economics-III  Laws of Constitution-I 

BBA LLB Semester-wise Syllabus for Top Private Law Colleges in India Through LSAT 2023 (Third Year)

Semester 5  Semester 6 
Criminal Laws-I  Criminal Laws-II & Procedure Codes 
Laws of Administration  Civil Codes & Dispute Alternatives 
Legal & Judicial Theories and Concepts  Fundamentals of Legislative Principles 
Laws of Constitution-II  Environmental Laws 
Marketing Practices & Procedures  Labour-Oriented Laws 

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BBA LLB Semester-wise Syllabus for Top Private Law Colleges in India Through LSAT 2023 (Fourth Year)

Semester 7  Semester 8 
Civil Codes & Limitations  Laws of Evidence 
Industry Laws-I  Corporate Laws 
Legal System for Land Tenures & Tenancy  Practicals for Legal Document Drafting, Legal Pleads & Granting  

BBA LLB Semester-wise Syllabus for Top Private Law Colleges in India Through LSAT 2023 (Fifth Year)

Semester 9  Semester 10 
Laws of Insurance  Taxation Law Fundamentals 
Laws over Creations of Mind/Intellectual Laws  Banking Laws & Laws and Practices for Human Rights 
Laws for International Public  Internship Activities for real-life court experiences with moot court exercise 

BA LLB Syllabus for Top Private Law Colleges in India Through LSAT 2023

  • An amalgamation of dual degrees of Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Legislative Law abbreviated as BA LLB, is an integrated 5-year programme that combines legal notions with socio-political and economic aspects.
  • A study of Arts stream subjects is inculcated with the study of Legalities and Legislature.
  • The course syllabus is designed to balance integrated learning of both fields, covering interdisciplinary topics of Law and Arts, and the subject subjects throughout the course vary across universities.
  • After completing the course, students could opt for job opportunities as legal advisors, advocates, and other legal services in various sectors.

The syllabus for different semesters is divided in the provided table:

BA LLB Syllabus for Top Private Law Colleges in India Through LSAT 2023 (First Year)

Semester 1  Semester 2 
Political Science-I  Political Science-II 
English Language-I  English Language-II 
General Economics-I  General Economics-II 
Law Introduction  Contract Laws-I & Philosophy of Laws 
Sociology-I  Sociology-II 
History-I  History-II 
Methods of Law  Infringement Laws 

LSAT Mock Tests

LSAT Mock Tests

BA LLB Syllabus for Top Private Law Colleges in India Through LSAT 2023 (Second Year)

Semester 3  Semester 4 
Political Science-III  Labour & Industry Laws-I 
Sociology-III  Law of Environment 
Contract Laws-II  Law of Property 
Law of Crimes-I  Laws of the Constitution-II 
Family Laws-I  Family Laws-II 

BA LLB Syllabus for Top Private Law Colleges in India Through LSAT 2023 (Third Year)

Semester 5  Semester 6 
Law of Crimes-II  Dispute/Conflict Laws 
Company Laws-I  Corporate Laws 
Laws for International Public  Civil  Codes & Procedures 
Philosophies/Theories of Law  Law for Creation/Intellectuals 
Law of Administration  Human Rights 
Law of Evidence/Proof  Law of Crimes-III 

BA LLB Syllabus for Top Private Law Colleges in India Through LSAT 2023 (Fourth Year)

Semester 7  Semester 8 
Labour & Industry Laws-II  Creative Property Rights 
Law of Environment-II  Ethics in Profession 
Taxation Laws-I  Taxation Laws-II 
Optional Papers-I & II  Optional Papers- III & IV 
Law for Agreements, Pleadings & Granting Conveyances  Intellectual Properties 

BA LLB Syllabus for Top Private Law Colleges in India Through LSAT 2023 (Fifth Year)

Semester 9  Semester 10 
Laws for Mergers/Acquisitions & Competitions  Law of International Trades 
Optional Papers- V & VI  Law for Equal and Trustworthy Evaluation & Registration  
International/Private Laws  Seminars & Moot Court Exercise for Internships 

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BSc LLB Syllabus for Private Law Colleges in India Through LSAT 2023

  • BSc LLB is also an undergraduate 5-year course programme integrating Science stream subjects and Subjects relating to Legislative Laws.
  • The course aims to teach the technical aspects of legal methods and a professional degree with career opportunities with the principles of Law and Science.

The varied semester-wise syllabus for the course is provided in the table below: 

BSc LLB Syllabus for Private Law Colleges in India Through LSAT 2023 (First Year)

Semester 1  Semester 2 
Contract Laws-I  Contract Laws-II 
Biotechnology Lab & Introduction/ Cell Biology  Biotechnology Tools & Techniques/Lab 
Methods of Law  Legal History 
Concepts of Chemistry & Chemistry Lab  Chemical Techniques/Chemistry Lab 
Legal Communication Language  Communication Techniques, Interviewing & Counseling Clients 
Integrated Circuits; Electronic Devices & Technology  Microprocessors & Interfaces 
Electronics Lab  Digital Electronics/ Lab 

BSc LLB Syllabus for Private Law Colleges in India Through LSAT 2023 (Second Year)

Semester 3  Semester 4 
Constitutional Laws-I  Constitutional Laws-II 
Criminal Laws-I  Law of Administration 
Business Laws  Criminal Laws-II 
Law Skills/Advocacy  Biotechnology/Chemistry/Electronics Lab Practices 
Fundamentals of Telecom Engineering & Wireless Communication  Infringement Laws & Consumer Protection 
Polymer Chemistry/Chemistry Lab  Physical Pharmaceuticals 
Molecular Biotechnology/Lab Practice  Fundamentals of Programming Languages & DBMS 
Genetics and Immunology  Technology of Fermentation & Microbial Biotechnology 
Family Law-I  Family Law-II 

BSc LLB Syllabus for Private Law Colleges in India Through LSAT 2023 (Third Year)

Semester 5  Semester 6 
Legal Philosophies and Theories-I  Laws for International Public/Property Laws 
Civil Codes & Procedures-I  Civil Codes & Procedures-II 
Criminal Codes & Procedures  Criminal Codes & Procedures-II 
Biotechnology Relating Flora & Fauna  Law of Investment/Competition 
Law of Evidence/Proof  Legal Philosophies & Theories-II 
Human Rights & Corporate Laws  Coding & Network Programming/IT Theory 
Synthetic  Organic Chemistry  Pharmaceutical Chemistry 

BSc LLB Syllabus for Private Law Colleges in India Through LSAT 2023 (Fourth Year)

Semester 7  Semester 8 
Labour & Industrial Laws-I  Law for Poverty & Development 
Innovative & Intellectual Property Rights  Women Laws 
Land & Property Laws  Laws for International Trade 
Genomics & Genetic Engineering  Dispute Resolution Alternatives 
Laws & Technology  Laws of Air & Space 
Lab Practice for Biotechnology  Commercial Laws(International) 

BSc LLB Syllabus for Private Law Colleges in India Through LSAT 2023 (Fifth Year)

Semester 9  Semester 10 
Agreements Drafting, Pleads & Granting Conveyances  Internships as Lawyers in Law Firms 
Legal Writings 
Court Crafts & Legal Ethics 
Internal Research Papers & Seminars 

BCom LLB Syllabus for Private Law Colleges in India Through LSAT 2023 (First Year)

Infringement Laws and Consumer Protection  Contract Laws-I 
English Language-I  English Language-II 
Accounting Principles  Managerial Accounting 
Foundation of Social Science-I  Foundation of Social Science-II 

BCom LLB Syllabus for Private Law Colleges in India Through LSAT 2023 (Second Year)

Market Management  Family Laws-I 
Economics-I  Economics-II 
Contract Laws-II  Law of the Constitution-I 
Audit & Secretarial Practices  Property Laws 
Financial Institutions & Services  Corporate Financing 

BCom LLB Syllabus for Private Law Colleges in India LSAT (Third Year)

Civil Codes & Procedures/ Limitations  Administrative Laws 
Law of the Constitution-II  Law for the International Public 
Elective Course  Moot Court Exercise/Advocacy Trials 
Law for Companies-I  Law for Companies-II 
Society & Gender  Law of Evidence/Proof 

BCom LLB Syllabus for Private Law Colleges in India Through LSAT 2023 (Fourth Year)

Banking Laws  Interpretation of Statutes 
Creative Property Rights  Labour Laws-I 
Taxation Laws-I  Taxation Laws-II 
Resolution Alternatives  Elective Courses 
Law of Environment 

BCom LLB Syllabus for Private Law Colleges in India Through LSAT 2023 (Fifith Year)

Elective Courses  HR Laws & Theories 
Pleading, Granting & Agreement Drafting  Profession Ethics 
Labour Laws-II  Different Elective Courses 
Bar-Bench Relations 

LLB (Hons) Syllabus for Private Colleges in India Through LSAT 2023

  • Bachelor of Law, abbreviated as LLB, is a 3-year degree course with Law Subjects after completion of 12th standard, and a 3-year course is followed for undergraduate students as Double-Graduates.
  • The semester-wise description of the syllabus for the 5-year course with different topics  is provided here.
  • The course also moots court exercises for practicals.  
3-year Syllabus for LLB Hons. 
Infringement Laws & Consumerism  Criminal Codes & Procedures 
Labour & Industrial Laws  Civil Codes & Procedures 
Arbitration & Conciliation/Alternatives  Company Laws 
Legal Philosophies & Theories  Land & Property Laws 
International Economics  Law of Administration 
Criminal Laws  Legitimate Writings 
Contract Laws  Statures 
Human Rights  International Laws 
Aids in Law  Insurance Laws 
Law for Creative & Innovative Property  Law of Environment 
Law of Disputes  Laws for Women 

 LLM Syllabus for Private Law Colleges in India Through LSAT 2023

  • LLM Hons. is a 2- year Master's Degree Programme pursued by undergraduate professional law-degree-holding persons.
  • For opportunities in Government and private jobs, A master- Degree acts as an enhancing role for Legislative Law Students.

A list of subjects that are described as the course's syllabus in various Colleges and Universities throughout the 2-year period of study is provided in the table below:  

1st & 2nd-year LLM Syllabus  
Comparative Theories & Philosophies of Law 
Specialization Areas (Papers- I to VII) 
Optional Specialization Papers 
PIL (Public International Law) 
Comparative Laws of the Constitution 
Teaching Methods/Teaching Assignments 
Research Methodology 
Vivas & Other Formalities 

Notes: These syllabuses might differ in topics covered in different semesters at different Universities. But overall, these are all major topics addressed in the particular law program (depending on your course choice) at every University/College. 

LSAT Online Coaching

LSAT Online Coaching


We have listed the highly reputable and prestigious Private Law Colleges accepting LSAT India. These colleges are known for their quality and holistic approach toward enhancing the educational standards for your growth. So, now you can make a mindful decision before you select your college. We wish you to keep learning and keep growing with us.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Undoubtedly, they rank amongst some of the best law colleges you can ever find. Although the fees are a little costlier, they don't fall short in the quality of education. 
These colleges release their Merit lists for LSAT participants. Keep a sharp eye on them and apply accordingly. 
 There are no restrictions in terms of courses. You will find all integrated courses as well as LLB (Hons) and LLM at these colleges. 
To be honest, the fees are more than your expectations. The average payable amount varies between 5,00,000 INR to 8,00,000 INR, depending on your course. 
The best part of joining a law college is avoiding a drop year. Also, you get exposure to a new environment where you learn and grow and it is no different from a government college in terms of amenities and faculties. 


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